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Women's Health UK October 2018

Women’s Health is the first UK magazine to bring you health, beauty, fitness, fashion, weight loss, food & sex, all wrapped up in one super-glossy lifestyle title

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One of my biggest responsibilities as Editor-In-Chief of this brilliant magazine is deciding who to put on the cover. There are so many incredible women to choose from, and they all need to have a few things in common: to be utterly inspirational, proud of who they are and the type of gal I’d like to knock back a cocktail or two with. I reckon I’ve hit the jackpot this month. Let’s all take a moment to bow at the altar of Katie Piper. She blows my mind. Her positivity, kindness, intellect, sheer bloody-mindedness, work ethic, how she’s utterly in love with her partner and their two young daughters… I could go on. She endured the most unimaginable of horrors, yet there’s not an ounce of bitterness in her. She’s thankful for…

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the faces from the issue

THE WRITER On p124, Gemma Askham asks if next-gen sex tech (robots included) could actually be good for women My fitness motivation comes from… Doing exercise I actually like. I’m no runner or yogi but love Pilates and spin. I am low-key obsessed with… Plants. If I didn’t ‘do’ words I’d retrain and spend my days adding greenery to small, uninspiring urban spaces. THE DIETITIAN Clinical and sports dietitian Rick Miller puts his expertise to use judging the WH annual Food Awards on p113 If I wasn’t a dietitian, I’d be… A doctor. I’ve always wanted to work in healthcare. When I’m indulging, I treat myself to… A glass of cola on ice. I love the taste – shame it’s loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients. THE PERSONAL TRAINER Head to p108 for celebrity PT and Roar Fitness founder…

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lay off the lemon water

It’s a wellness ritual as seemingly mandatory as a self-deprecating caption on a laughing-in-activewear-during-golden-hour Instagram snap. But if you’re regularly starting the day with hot water and lemon, drink this in. In a study in the British Dental Journal, King’s College London researchers found that those who drink acidic bevvies are 11 times more likely to suffer tooth erosion. The worst effects were seen when drinks were hot or sipped between meals. So, if you’re not up for your gnashers acquiring a nice yellow tinge or translucent patches, or even cracking apart, maybe tweak your routine. If you’re juicing half a lemon, calm down – reduce to a small slice and drink through a reusable straw. Or lose the fruit entirely – according to KCL researcher Dr Megan Rossi, there’s…

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in the know

GUILTY AS CHARGED If you often look like a puppy who’s been caught tearing up the loo roll, and your guts tie themselves in knots when you think you’ve done something wrong, it probably means you’re actually a pretty decent person. US researchers* found ‘guilt-proneness’ to be the strongest indicator of how trustworthy a person is. So find out if your pal feels responsible for her own behaviour before sharing your phone’s unlock code. The reduced risk you have of developing breast cancer if you eat five and a half pieces of fruit and veg a day, compared with a woman who eats fewer than two and a half pieces*. Another reason, should you require one, to hotfoot it to the fresh produce aisle. ‘Know your worth, ladies, stick to your morals and…

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the to-do list

READ What A Time To Be Alone Chidera Eggerue (£12.99, Quadrille) If all you’ve heard about Eggerue is her #saggyboobsmatter campaign, dive into these pages for more of her wisdom, humour and insight. LISTEN The Three-Day Effect podcast Science journalist Florence Williams finds out if just three days in the great outdoors can really make you happier. GO Science Museum – 10 years of Lates, 26 September An antidote to the doom and gloom in the news – the tenth anniversary special event at the Science Museum Lates is all about the science of celebration.…

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the big question

Q Coconut oil – is it really worth the high sat-fat content? In a word, no. It’s easy to get sucked into nutrition fads when every day brings a new superfood, but it’s time to knock coconut oil off its pedestal once and for all. ‘Coconut oil is made up of a type of fat called medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs),’ explains Harley Street nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert. ‘These MCTs have a relatively simpler digestion and absorption process than their longer-chain counterparts, which is why it has been suggested that the body burns more fat when you include them in your diet – but it’s not that simple.’ Well, what of its much-lauded bacteria-busting lauric acid content? ‘There is no strong scientific evidence to support health benefits from cooking with coconut oil,’ says the…