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How many times a day do you ask someone how they are? And how often do you get the stock response, ‘Fine thanks, you?’ fired straight back? This exchange is as much a staple of the British social interaction script as talking about the weather or complaining about Christmas songs being played in November. Because what you mean when you ask, ‘How are you?’ is actually rarely more than a simple hello; it’s a greeting wrapped up as a question. You’d be pretty taken aback if the bloke behind the counter at Co-op or the colleague you only ever see in the toilets responded by opening up about the way they truly feel, be it happy or sad. The latter especially, would make me – and I’m guessing the majority…

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the faces from the issue

THE AUTHOR Matt Haig, bestselling author of Reasons To Stay Alive, shares his mental health learnings on p97 For me, self-care is… Dog walks, running, switching off my phone and watching Mission Impossible. I’ve recently understood… The power of good-quality sleep, when you spend the evening winding down and give yourself space to relax. THE YOGA TEACHER Wellness guru and entrepreneur Julie Montagu shares her week in food on p138 Best thing about autumn? I’m finally able to wear cosy cashmere jumpers again. Top tip for keeping fit when travelling? The moment I step off the plane, no matter where I am, I find a yoga class, always. THE WRITER Nicola Twilley reports on the science informing a drug that could replicate the benefits of exercise on p108 When I’m not writing I’m… Podcasting. I host a podcast called Gastropod…

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have a brain orgasm

Slime. If the stuff makes you think of Noel’s House Party (ah, simpler times), it’s time to get your head in the here and now – quite literally. We’re talking about autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) videos. Type the term into YouTube and, among the clips of slime being prodded and fondled, you’ll find videos of towels being folded, dough being kneaded and lipsticks being squashed with a red-hot knife. Watching them is thought to deliver a warm, head-tingling feeling devotees describe as a ‘brain orgasm’, typically accompanied by feelings of calm and relaxation. The tingles have thus far been anecdotal, but new science is now in. Researchers from the University of Sheffield studied the physiological changes in participants as they watched two ASMR videos and one non-ASMR video in…

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in the know

PUMP IT UP If Halloween induces nothing but an eye-roll, here’s a fun little fact to bring to the fancy dress party. Research has found that consuming pumpkin – packed with potassium, vitamin C and fibre – is as effective at reducing blood pressure as cutting your salt intake. And if nutritional knowledge bombs don’t win you friends, this will: hummus brand ChicP is launching a spiced pumpkin blend, so maybe bring that to the party instead. 27 The average age at which women start developing back or neck pain*. Part of the problem? Carrying the weight of the world (or, you know, your gym kit, laptop, packed lunch, water bottle, post-workout smoothie, make-up bag – need we go on?) on your shoulders. The fix: get up and walk around every 30 to…

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to-do list

READ Cravings: Hungry For More by Chrissy Teigen (£16.99, Michael Joseph) The model, mum and your fantasy BFF serves up her recipes for ‘lighter, brighter, healthier(-ish) living’. Featuring her internet-breaking banana bread. WATCH Maniac Just dropped on Netflix, Maniac follows the fallout of a mysterious pharmaceutical experiment gone awry. Expect plot twists and dark wit from Emma Stone and Jonah Hill. SWEAT Our favourite Aussie export – F45, not Margot Robbie – has launched a new class called Brixton at its studios nationwide. Inspired by boxing, MMA, combat and self-defence, it really packs a punch.…

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the big question

Q Is sweet potato actually better for you than white potato? The pale spud has fallen out of favour in recent years thanks to its trendier orange counterpart – if sweet potato fries are on the menu, you’re ordering them. But dig this: ‘Sweet potatoes and white potatoes are surprisingly on par in pretty much every nutritional aspect, including vitamin B6 and iron levels,’ says Jo Hollington, registered dietitian and founder of Nutrition Me*. Interestingly, regular potatoes ever so slightly trump their sweet cousins on vitamin C and calorie count – 130 cals per an average 170g serving, compared with 146 cals – although sweet potatoes are packed full of vitamin A, whereas white have none. There is, however, a clear winner. After giving the facts a good grilling, Hollington would…