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Women's Health UK December 2018

Women’s Health is the first UK magazine to bring you health, beauty, fitness, fashion, weight loss, food & sex, all wrapped up in one super-glossy lifestyle title

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As my second year of being Editor-In-Chief of this awesome magazine and brand comes to a close, I want to take a look back at all of the amazing things we’ve achieved together – that’s you, Women’s Health’s devoted and wonderful readership, and my hard-working, dedicated team. We’ve set the agenda on important issues, broken down barriers in wellness and I know, from the hundreds of messages I receive, that we’ve helped many of you get through tough times, be more confident and own your destiny. Here’s an incredible stat for you. Our annual In Shape My Shape body-confidence campaign, where we ask you to share empowering slogan cards online, has reached more than 98 million social media users in just two years. To put this into perspective, the population of the…

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the faces from the issue

THE CHEF Detox Kitchen’s co-founder Lily Simpson whips up four ways to make nut butter better on p36 Store-cupboard essential? Marmite. I’m a diehard fan. Favourite thing about winter? Christmas! I love the lead-up, the lights, the festive dinner parties and the madness of Christmas with two big families. THE COACH CrossFit head coach Lee Steggles takes you through how to get the most out of the barbell on p70 I suffer from the worst DOMS… After I do heavy lunge workouts. Those are the ones that make sitting down really uncomfortable. Spirit animal? A bear – loves to eat, takes winter naps and is generally pretty sociable. THE DOCTOR On p95, Dr Ravi Jain uses his medical and aesthetic expertise to judge the annual WH Beauty Awards Favourite festive film? I never tire of watching Love Actually. There’s something…

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wear your positive pants to have a better day

‘Think positive.’ Ugh. No two words have more power to induce both an eye-roll and a longing to punch the provider of such perky advice in the face. Well, actually, we hate to say it, but those glass-half-full types? They might be on to something. Research published in The Journals Of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences found that merely expecting a day to be stressful is enough to make you less productive – regardless of how it actually turns out. For two weeks, participants responded to questions about their stress levels and completed memory tasks throughout the day. Researchers found that greater stress anticipation in the morning was associated with poorer working memory later in the day. And we’re not just talking about a hampered ability to recall what happened in the…

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in the know

HONEY TRAP While 10,000 tons of manuka honey are sold on these shores every year, only 1,700 tons are actually produced in New Zealand for UK consumption. While the authentic stuff – which can only be collected from manuka flowers growing in remote parts of New Zealand – has been proven to protect against several strains of bacteria, the fake stuff is just regular honey with a hefty mark-up. Look out for ‘UMF’ – meaning unique manuka factor – stated clearly on the label. SNOOZE OR LOSE It takes just one night of poor sleep to trigger loss of the muscle you’ve lifted so hard for. A study by Uppsala University in Sweden found that after a single sleepless night, muscles show signs of protein breakdown. Eesh. Ready for some good news? Other…

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to-do list

LISTEN Health And Property, propertyradio.co.uk A new radio show about wellness in the home is launching on new online station Property Radio on 11 November. The show promises a holistic approach to your home and health. READ Clean Enough by Katzie Guy-Hamilton (£12.99, The Experiment) Seeking to throw out the old connotations of ‘clean’, this book brings you over 100 no-nonsense, back-to-basics nourishing recipes. DO Greenwich Park 10k At a loose end on 22 December, with access to a Santa suit? Run a festive 5k or 10k. Fancy dress not compulsory, but strongly encouraged. Enter at runthrough.co.uk.…

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the big question

Q Why do I crave stodgier food in winter? Rainbow, schmainbow. When Strictly is back on TV and it gets dark outside 20 minutes after your lunch break, only beige food will do. First, let’s debunk the myth that this is your body’s way of fattening you up for winter – you’re not a hibernating woodland creature. So, what is going on? Blame your hormones, says registered dietitian Jo Hollington (nutritionme.co.uk). ‘They’re strongly influenced by sunlight, so when it begins to get dark earlier, your levels of serotonin (the happy one) start to fall,’ she explains. ‘Eating foods high in carbs gives them a boost.’ They trigger the release of insulin into the bloodstream, which helps covert the amino acid tryptophan into serotonin. ‘This explains why you unconsciously – and consciously…