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Women's Health UK April 2019

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welcome to women’s health

Here’s something to think about: evidence shows that a woman’s account of pain is more likely to be discounted by medical professionals than that of a man. In an example of gender bias at its worst, the female sex is more likely to be deemed hormonal, prone to histrionics or exaggerating – fantasists, even. Because of this, millions of women are putting up with debilitating conditions; suffering in silence because internalised misogyny, the medical profession, or both, have them convinced that their daily pain is acceptable; or shouting loud but not being heard. All are enduring life-altering symptoms because they can’t get the help they need. Perimenopausal and menopausal women are being prescribed antidepressants because some doctors are failing to link their low moods with dropping oestrogen levels; women with endometriosis…

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embrace altruism for more orgasms

The term ‘warm fuzzies’ takes on a whole new meaning once you know that a key consequence of showing kindness is getting laid. A study by psychologists from the universities of Nipissing and Guelph in Canada found that those who demonstrated altruism were more likely to have better sex lives. Participants answered questions on how frequently they engaged in activities such as giving blood, donating monetary winnings and helping to dig a stranger’s car out of the snow (#canadianproblems). Those who scored higher on acts of altruism reported having more sexual partners, more casual trysts and more sex within relationships, even after controlling for narcissism. The findings led researchers to conclude that altruists have higher ‘mating success’ than non-altruists. Win-win.…

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keep calm and carry on

Want the latest health intel? Here it is – served up on a plate MOOD FOOD The impact of food on your mood is well documented, but new research from Australia* suggests that proximity to fast food outlets is enough to affect your mental health. In one experiment, researchers found that islanders living with easy access to fast food were more likely to suffer with depression than inhabitants of a neighbouring island, who ate a seafood-based diet with no access to fast food. Unhappy meal. 657 The number of vulvas scientists studied to conclude that no two look the same*. So don’t feel self-conscious about yours – you’re one of a kind. DOWN TIME Yet another reason to nix the after-hours emails. According to a new study*, you’re more vulnerable to stress in the evening, as your…

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the to-do list

TRY | WONKY CRISPS Ethical start-up Spare Snacks is on a food-waste-reduction mission, turning unloved wonky produce into air-dried fruit and veg crisps. Look out for Pear & Ginger, Apple & Cinnamon and Beetroot & Apple Cider flavours. They’re un-beet-able. READ | THE GYNAE GEEK by Dr Anita Mitra (£14.99, Thorsons) The NHS gynaecologist is taking her no-nonsense down-there advice from Instagram (@gynaegeek) to print in this, her first book. Make womb on your bookshelf, it’ll have you pelvic-floored. GO | THE LONDON COFFEE FESTIVAL For those who know their moka pot from their cezve, this hipster Mecca is returning to the Old Truman Brewery in London’s Shoreditch (where else?) from 28 to 31 March, welcoming coffee lovers from all over the world. Have you bean?…

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ask wh

Q Why do I sweat buckets, even during a short workout? First of all: it’s not an indicator of fitness. ‘Perspiration is simply a function of your body’s heat-regulating system,’ explains human performance coach Tom Middlebrough. ‘The more you sweat, the more physiologically efficient your body is.’ In fact, sweat is an indication that you’ve triggered excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), which is the process of restoring your body to its resting rate of metabolic function, ensuring you continue to torch calories after you’ve exercised, according to the journal Sports Medicine. Hair flick. So, you’ve lost the internalised sweat stigma, fist bump. Still, dripping on to your keyboard post-run ain’t ideal. To stay hydrated, swig water before and during your workout and make time for a 10-minute cool-down. ‘Stop abruptly and your…

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The fitness world is flooded with unwavering spirit-level-worthy planking but, try as you might, your bum is sagging, your arms are trembling and you’re hitting the floor after all of 10 seconds – on a good day. But mastering the plank is well worth it. Renowned for sculpting six-packs, it also works a wealth of muscle groups – including the hard-to-reach deeper abs – and improves balance and posture. Plus, a plank puts much less strain on your lower back and neck than sit-ups, strengthening the muscles that make holding a neutral spine possible and reducing the stress to your back even when sitting. Good news: this is a pose to work your way up to, so there’s no need to spend hours pretending to be an ironing board. Pilates instructor…