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Women's Health UK May 2019

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welcome to women’s health

Is it wrong to be envious of a three-year-old, especially when the child in question is your own? Maybe it is, and yet sometimes I can’t help feeling a little jealous watching my daughter – my spitting image in both looks and personality – tear around the house, with her blonde hair flowing behind her and a gleeful smile pasted across her face. From the moment she wakes up at 6am until we put her to bed each evening, she lives at full throttle, a Tasmanian devil-like ball of energy that will bulldoze anything, or anyone, that gets in her way. This constant energy (which makes long car journeys an experience, believe me) is something I don’t have, but desperately want, so I can’t help envying my daughter for the…

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women’s health uk

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take the stairs to boost your fitness

The very definition of an oldie but a goodie. We know you know this, but now there’s yet another reason to actually follow through and bypass the lift. It’s called exercise snacking, and it’s got nothing to do with getting Wotsit dust on your yoga mat. According to a new study*, short, sweaty workouts done throughout the day are sufficient to boost your cardiorespiratory fitness. Participants were asked to do a quick warm-up (10 star jumps, 10 squats and five lunges on each side) before climbing three flights of stairs as quickly as possible (one step at a time, using the rail for support, please) three times a day, on three days a week. Doing this for six weeks improved participants’ VO² max (the optimum rate at which your body…

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news you can use

Keep it clean We’re talking teeth – but not for the reason you think. A new study published in Science Advances posits that the bacteria responsible for gum disease could play a key role in the development of Alzheimer’s. At the very least, damage to your gums allows mouth bacteria to enter the bloodstream, which could be bad news for your overall health. Get flossing – and we don’t mean the dance. MIND GAINS A new study* suggests aerobic exercise is more effective than flexibility and core moves at sharpening your mind. Walking, cycling or using an elliptical machine four times a week was found to improve executive function – your ability to concentrate in meetings – twice as much as stretching or toning exercises. Reason enough to get on the treadmill. REJIG YOUR…

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ask wh

I eat well during the week but fall off the wagon every weekend. Am I kidding myself that I’m healthy? It depends what you mean by ‘eat well’ and how far you’re falling off this wagon. Spend five days mainlining kale for the sake of Friday night pizza washed down with a bottle of wine? Let’s see. If, by ‘healthy’, you mean you’re trying to get lean to reach a healthy weight range, ‘you’re simply adding upwards of a few thousand calories to your weekly intake and may be taking yourself out of the calorie deficit you’ve created during the week,’ says registered nutritionist Dr Emilia Thompson. If gut health is your goal, a weekend binge is doing you no favours, either. In a recent rodent study, the gut bacteria of…

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medicine ball slam

We get it: packed commute, broken bag strap and your favourite lunch option sold out just as you got to the canteen. Handily, there’s a way to get it all out of your system and work your arms, bum and core at the same time. Appealing? We know. There’s a reason medicine ball slams make for the perfect combination of cardio and multi-targeted toning. The rapid movement – faster is better – gets your blood pumping, and the lift-and-slam motion uses your whole body. ‘This multi-joint exercise is a dynamic way to build full-body explosiveness,’ explains muscle physiologist Tayla Faulmann. Because you’re controlling contraction and producing force in your hip flexors, abs and obliques, you’ll notice results whether your workout is focused on improving power, motion or strength. Out of breath?…