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Larissa Huff has secrets to share. As an instructor at the Lohr School of Woodworking, she recently designed a course in “concealment furniture making” that yielded the Top Secret Table on page 34. We’re not saying anymore, except to note that she can be trusted to help you if you have something to hide. For more on her adventures in furniture making and classes, visit lohrwoodworkingstudio.com. Bill Schneider has more time for woodworking these days since retiring from teaching photography at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. When not in his shop, you can find Bill under the stars with his telescopes. Building a new telescope led him to construct the circle-cutting jig on page 52 as an easy way to make round parts. Bill and his wife inhabit an area of…

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ingenuity in woodworking

I recently had occasion to refer to the dictionary definition for “woodworking.” What I found was a disappointing snooze: Merriam-Webster’s defines woodworking as “the act, process, or occupation of working wood into a useful or desired form.” Well, true enough. But that doesn’t begin to hint at the elaborate, complex heart of our craft. The beautiful stuff we’ve chosen to work with can also be pretty troublesome and idiosyncratic. Success at executing joinery, managing seasonal movement, wrangling countless cutting tools, applying finishes, and a million other challenges require patience, understanding, and perseverance. And that’s just for starters. As I leaf through this issue of Woodcraft Magazine, I realize that there’s another intrinsic element to good woodworking: Ingenuity. Webster’s defines the word as meaning “Skill or cleverness in devising or combining; inventiveness;…

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share your ideas.

We love hearing from readers! And there are all kinds of reasons to get in touch with the crew at Woodcraft Magazine. Check out the details below. General information: 4420 Emerson Ave., Suite A P.O. Box 7020 Parkersburg, WV 26102 800-542-9125 Share a slick tip to win cash or a prize. Here’s your chance to help someone become a better woodworker and get rewarded for the effort. The winner of next issue’s Top Tip award will receive a Woodcraft Gift Card worth $250. All others will receive $125 for a published illustrated tip or $75 for a non-illustrated tip. Published tips become the property of Woodcraft Magazine. Email us at tips@woodcraftmagazine.com and put “Tips & Tricks” in the subject line or visit woodcraftmagazine.com, and click on Contact. Important: Please include your phone number, as an editor may need to…

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news & views

Well seated Thanks so much for the Art of Seating article in the Aug/Sept issue. Not only was it beautifully done and highly informative, but it also revealed that the exhibition was in my town. I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise. I was able to visit the gallery and show off to my friends a little of what I learned from the article. —Betty Miller, Omaha, Nebraska The right tool for the job Well done for highlighting the shoulder plane in last issue’s Great Gear column. That’s one tool that doesn’t get its due, as far as I’m concerned. Too many woodworkers don’t understand how important it is for creating precise mortise-and-tenon joinery. —Kathryn Gale, Ottawa, ON Purpose through woodworking Disabilities do not define the individual. JCDC Woodworks in Ravenswood, West Virginia, is on a mission…

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reader showcase

DAN MARTIN, GALENA, OHIO Box and cart. This Gerstner-style machinist’s chest is built from walnut, with poplar drawer sides and solid brass hardware. The roll-around cart is constructed using ¾" maple plywood with walnut accents and soft-close, full-extension drawer slides. PATRICK SCHMITT, STREATOR, IL Barrel chest. A few friends gifted some old whiskey barrels to Patrick on the condition that he make something cool from them. The result is this 171⁄2" × 32" × 19" rolling chest with a barrel lid inset in the top. The chest’s bottom is raised to conceal casters underneath. PAUL BLACKWELL, MACEDON, NY Almost done. Blackwell built the Storage Ottoman from our June/July 2019 issue using walnut, with stained oak plywood for the panels. He finished the piece with polyurethane and paste wax. Blackwell’s upholstering pal has agreed to make…

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at-the-ready air filtration

Ceiling-mounted air filters can help control airborne dust, but the microscopic particles posing the greatest risk to your health reach your lungs before the ceiling. Axiom’s freestanding Stratus air filter reduces dust at the source. Unlike wall or ceiling mounted units, this portable, 3-foot tall chimney-looking device slides where it’s needed. A 360° filter draws in dust from all directions and then a central fan propels clean air upward into the shop. The Stratus stands tall in the dust-busting arena with its two-stage filter. A ½"-thick open-cell foam pre-filter catches larger particles. (Clean this sleeve with a vacuum or a quick water rinse.) The second filter is a 1-micron cylindrical-pleated canister offering 15x more surface area than a standard box-style air filter. When this filter eventually clogs, clean out the caked-in…