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more than chair designers

Furniture may have made them famous, but Charles and Ray Eames put their creative talents to use across a dazzling array of disciplines. For more than 40 years, the Eames office worked extensively in graphic design while also creating toys, textiles, furniture, and houses. They also wrote books and produced films. To learn more about this unique couple, visit eamesoffice.com. One of the goals the Eames tried to achieve in their design and manufacturing work is also a tribute to their success: “The best for the most for the least amount of money.” Photos: Pilot seat, Kazam! Machine, and Eamses at work © 2019 Eames Office, LLC (eamesoffice.com)…

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a bridge-building craft

We woodworkers have perhaps more opportunities than any other craft aficionados to mingle our myriad interests. Woodworking itself is vast and varied, with many branches stemming from the craft’s great trunk, including furniture making, carving, and turning, among others. And we can intertwine these offshoots to create projects limited only by our imagination, as we hobnob with a host of companion métiers like metalwork, carpentry, and upholstery. But it doesn’t stop there. A trade like ours can bridge the gap to virtually any other pastime. The things we make find their way into shops, libraries, living rooms, gardens and the hands of all manner of humans for all manner of motives. As for me, I’ve made a number of kitchen implements for gracious cooks, thanking them with spoons, spatulas, and stacks…

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dicey vise tip?

Senior editor Paul Anthony replies: Tila, if you’re concerned that the tool might jump from the vise, you can safely assure yourself that it won’t by testing the setup first with an unarmed router. Then exercise the same safety precautions that you do when using a table-mounted router. The small work surface is obviously not meant to support large work nor, of course, would you use this setup to make heavy cuts with big bits. This is really an impromptu configuration meant for small cuts on small pieces. That said, you are being sensible in avoiding any woodworking procedure that makes you nervous. There is almost always an alternative approach to something. And, as every woodworking publication points out somewhere: “Woodworking is inherently dangerous. Please exercise caution… etc. etc.” I applaud…

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Edwards Smith is a retired physician and academician with a lifelong interest in wood. He started in furniture but soon developed a distaste for measuring, and found woodturning more palatable. At 81 years old, Edwards sells his creations at craft shows (See his tips for selling your work at crafts shows on p. 32) and art galleries near his hometown. He’s active online and writes a blog about his woodworking exploits, and has no intention of retiring. Edwards works in an unheated barn in Williston, Vermont. Craig Bentzley has never been on the cover of Rolling Stone, but we think his reputation in the woodworking world approaches rock star status. Craig, usually accompanied by projects designed for our readers, has appeared on our cover five times. Over the span of his…

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rockin’ record storage

We’re calling this cool cabinet a “Basic Build,” but with a few caveats. As you can see from the drawing, this retro record stand has only a few parts, and is fairly simple in its overall construction. However, before you drop the needle and get started on this project, be aware that a few of the procedures require careful attention to stay in the groove. Take the joinery, for example. Grain-wrapped case miters are a clean and classic way to join panels at corners, but done sloppily, they can introduce sour notes in a piece. Routing perfectly fitting dadoes for hardwood plywood can be tricky, and assembling a cabinet like this definitely requires rehearsal. Likewise, applying and trimming hardwood edging, making solid drawers, and fitting inset false fronts all require finesse.…

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basketball cutting board

A cherry blank, commercially available wood balls, and dyed epoxy are the sum ingredients for a cutting board that sports lovers will crave during the NCAA March Madness and NBA playoffs. This iconic design, complete with grooved “seams,” offers fans a fitting place to slice and serve cheese and meats when knocking down game-time hungries. It’s made with a $35 laser-cut plywood template set (see the Buyer’s Guide, p. 70) that ensures accuracy and makes for efficient work when creating boards for family members, sports fan pals, or even an entire high-school team. Order of Work • Prep blank and apply template• Rout grooves• Cut out circle• Fill grooves• Attach feet• Apply a food-safe finish Apply the template and rout the grooves Use a stable wood like cherry to minimize seasonal wood movement and…