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reader showcase

Show off your work! Email editor@woodcraftmagazine.com Direct Mail Woodcraft Magazine, 4420 Emerson Ave., Suite A, Box 7020, Parkersburg, WV, 26102-7020. Go to woodcraft.com/gallery for submission instructions.…

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the solace of the shop

Standing in my back yard, I’m struck by the beauty of spring. Winter’s dismal grey has finally yielded to vibrant tulips, peonies, and wild violets. Bees buzz around my feet, birds soar overhead, and squirrels scurry across rooftops. This Spring’s symphonic bloom is all the more pronounced because it’s not competing with the usual hum and bustle of modern life. Instead, darkened buildings, vacant parking lots, and the occasional lonely car cruising the road evoke an eerie post-apocalyptic flick. Under quarantine, many of us are unable to go to work, enjoy a meal out, or simply gather with friends and family. The COVID-19 crisis has upended our normal lives and overwhelmed us with the loss of certain freedoms, jobs, and sometimes loved ones. The pandemic seems to have the planet wobbling…

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tip addendum

I enjoyed Edwards Smith’s 12 Tips for Success at Craft Shows (issue 93). I’ve been in the craft show circuit for the last few years, and Mr. Smith’s tips are right on. I would offer only the following addendum to Tip #11 – Provide Printed Material: I issue a Certificate Of Authenticity with each item I make. The certificate states details about the item such as the type of wood, finish etc., and is signed and dated. It’s well received by my customers, and adds to the value of their purchase. —Gene Rugh, Wright City, MO…

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dead simple dovetails

For many woodworkers, cutting a perfect through dovetail joint is a rite of passage. Now, for an investment of about a hundred dollars and a couple of hours, even a budding woodworker can show off their dovetail skills to friends and family. Canadian toolmaker Leigh Tools makes it stone simple with their new through dovetail jig. Veteran woodworkers will find a lot to like, too. Leigh provides a through dovetail template, the necessary bits and bushing, and a couple of stops - everything you need except for a couple of minor items: some clamps and a simple shop-made MDF beam. Some assembly is required, but it’s easy to do and goes a long way in helping you understand how the jig works. To start, fasten a test board in your vise,…

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tips & tricks

TOP TIP Flush-routing risers I recently built a large slab table that required a lot of epoxy filling. I devised this router jig to help with the leveling of the hardened epoxy. The jig consists of four polycarbonate pieces screwed to a couple of maple risers as shown, creating a 1½ × 6" opening in the center. To use the jig, I first outfit my router with a ¾" -diameter straight bit and a 1"-diameter guide bushing. Then I position the jig over a lump of hardened epoxy and place the router atop the jig with the bushing corralled by the polycarbonate. After adjusting the bit to just skirt the surface of the work, leveling the epoxy is a simple matter of pushing the router back and forth, moving the jig, and…

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choosing the right table saw blades

Ever wonder if your table saw blade does what it’s supposed to? Sure, it “cuts,” but is it costing you needless aggravation and added machining? Are you becoming a master at fixing poorly fitting joints and cleaning up rough, burned cuts and tear-out? If so, you’re developing the wrong kind of woodworking habits and wasting valuable shop time. The problem may well be that you’re using the wrong blade. There’s an enormous selection of saw blades out there, and picking the right ones for your particular needs can be confusing. But don’t worry, the choices aren’t as difficult as you might think, and you won’t have to cut back on groceries to get the blades you need. Basic blade types Table saw blades come in an astonishing array of configurations. But know that,…