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no more for me

Like nearly everyone else this past year, I’ve had a lot on my plate and am just now getting around to reading the June/July 2020 issue of Woodcraft Magazine. What a hoot on page 64, “There’s always one more” I’d bet just about every reader has experienced this same thing. How many times I’ve gone scavenging for a nut, bolt, screw, drawer pull or knob…I don’t know! But it’s been more than a few times. I would need, for example, four screws, just alike…you guessed it, there were only three, only three! There’s gotta be one more. Unfortunately, in my case, there seldom was. —Jack W. Stanford, via email…

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robust, wall-mounted shop vacuum companion

Oneida recently came out with a wallmounted version of their popular Dust Deputy dust separator. I’ve been a fan of these small portable cyclone systems since they appeared about 15 years ago. They do a great job of separating out debris before it has a chance to clog my vacuum’s filter. My only complaint with mine is that it is one more object to drag around the shop—admittedly a small price to pay for not having to clean the filter as often. However, when given the chance to test one of the new wall-mounted units, I jumped at it. Gaining that bit of shop real estate back was most welcome. Once I settled on a location (perhaps a challenge in a crowded shop), installation was straightforward. The supplied template made it…

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best bars for fast, accurate tool setup

Before I bought these brass bars from Whiteside, tool setups were slow and tedious. Now, I use them to quickly set my handheld router for accurate plunge cuts. At the router table, I can position the bit as well as locate the fence. I’m also a fan of using these gauges to set my blade height at the table saw. After sawing a test rabbet, dado, or groove, I drop in the appropriate bar to gauge the depth or width. The brass is easy on bits and blades, and I’m always finding new uses for them. The pack includes five precisely machined 4"-long bars perfectly squared to ⅛", 3/16", ¼", ⅜", and ½". Of course, you can also combine them to create additional dimensions; for example stacking the ⅛" and…

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tips & tricks

TOP TIP A Yorkie brush While my wife was away on business, I decided to make her a new jewelry box as a return surprise. Things went well until it came time to finish, when I discovered that my only brush was fouled with hardened varnish from my last job. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to get a new one. I was pondering my predicament when I remembered I needed to feed my wife’s Yorkshire Terrier. As I entered the kitchen, there sat the solution. I grabbed a pair of scissors and got to work making myself a custom doghair brush. I trimmed off a handful of belly fur and secured it between two handle-shaped scraps of wood as shown, applying hot-melt glue to each half to keep the bristles in place.…

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a cause for celebration

Woodcraft Magazine is proud to present its 100th issue! Much has changed since we embarked on this adventure 16 years ago, but our dedication to producing accessible woodworking content has endured. The team here delights in delivering knockout projects, valuable woodworking advice, honest tool reviews, and shop-proven tips. In general, we just flat out love woodworking and want you to, too. To that end, we went all out for this issue. To start, Woodcraft Supply and a few top-notch toolmakers have joined us in creating the 100th Issue Giveaway Sweepstakes, offering you a chance to win a shop full of tools! You’ll find all the details on page 25. Then, if you’re reading this, you already know about the 6 Best Boxes magazine bundled with the issue. Plucked from our previous…

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great innovations in woodworking

Here at Woodcraft Magazine, we’re big believers in credit where credit is due. So we thought that our 100th issue should include a salute to some of the best tool innovations in woodworking’s recent history. Some of these ingeniously designed tools provide better ways to join workpieces, some expedite cutting and smoothing, some offer great versatility for holding workpieces, and some have broken ground in terms of health and safety. We even give a tip of the hat to design software that’s proved to be a boon to woodworkers. It’s a good bet that you’ve seen a number of these products in the press, at stores, and in online videos. However, without actually putting a tool through its paces yourself, it’s hard to know whether to believe whatever sales hype may…