Wordpress Genius Guide

WordPress Genius Guide 7th Edition

WordPress is one of the most advanced content management systems on the planet, giving you the opportunity to work with pre-built themes and customise them to suit your needs and desires. This book will help you build on the basics, with expert recommendations, step-by-step tutorials and customisation projects to help you take your blog or website further. Featuring: Master the new update - Get to grips with the newest version of WordPress, including the 4.4 update. 20 best WordPress themes - Tour the best themes available right now to help you make your selection. Pro guide to plugins - Take your site to the next level with plugins and add-ons recommended by the experts. Practise with projects - Try your hand at a selection of customisation projects to build on pre-built themes.

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genius guide welcome to wordpress

WordPress is one of the most advanced content management systems on the planet. Not only does it offer simple ways to maintain your website, but endless customisation options mean you can add plugins and widgets to fantastic pre-built themes. What’s more, with WordPress you don’t have to stick to what they give you, it’s possible to buld your very own theme framework – and this book will walk you through how. Inside you will find in-depth guides to essential settings, recommended themes and plugins, and loads of tutorials for personalising your blog or site. WordPress is a treasure trove of goodies and it’s amazing what you can achieve with the assistance of CSS, HTML and Photoshop. This newly revised edition will help you build on your existing knowledge, so you…

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wordpress: a new era

WordPress 4.4: What’s new? AS VERSION 4.4 IS THE NEXT MAJOR RELEASE OF WORDPRESS, THERE ARE MANY NEW FEATURES. FIND OUT WHAT YOU NEED TO IMPLEMENT NOW THE NEW RELEASE of WordPress 4.4 is nicknamed ‘Clifford’, after the jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown. Each major release of WordPress comes with a new default theme. This new theme Twenty Sixteen offers a fluid grid design, flexible header, optional sidebar, selection of colour schemes and more. Some exciting changes and improvements and some noticeable new features are also in the latest update. WordPress users will be happy to hear images will now be responsive out of the box. You will no longer need to crop images or supply mobile-friendly images. As soon as you upload images in WordPress, it will automatically crop them to size. All images…

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the settings

CONFIGURING YOUR WORDPRESS website correctly is vital to getting your blog working effectively. Options for discussion, managing media, specifying a home page and managing permalinks and much more can be accessed via the Settings screens. Need to determine how comments are displayed, or how avatars appear? Want to specify how many blog entries should appear on a single page? All of these options, and more, can be managed in the Settings menus, which is split into six sections: General, Writing, Reading, Discussion, Media and Permalinks. If you are able to achieve mastery over the settings and their options, you will be halfway there in terms of turning your blog into a success. Name your blog Writing Settings WANT TO UPDATE YOUR BLOG VIA EMAIL? CONFIGURE WRITING SETTINGS! THE WRITING SETTINGS page covers a range…

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using widgets in wordpress

WIDGETS ARE NOT the most well-known feature of WordPress, but you will likely see them in action every time you visit a WordPress powered site. A selection of useful examples is built into the platform by default and these can be customised in limited ways, but you can also use the text widget as a method of quickly adding your own code to the home page. Whether you want to show the latest posts or display a gallery of images, carefully placed widgets can act as a gateway to what would otherwise be hidden areas of your site and you can also download specialist widgets on almost any topic. The main point to remember with widgets is that overuse can lead to an ugly interface so try to limit their…

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get to grips with plugins

IT IS EASY to be all too consumed by web design and producing quality content when setting up a WordPress blog, but plugins should never be ignored because they are the jewel in the crown of the platform and can help to make any WordPress site unique, intuitive and a generally better experience for the reader. Used wisely, they can add useful features, but you should be careful to not use too many as this can lead to slower performance and a bloated design which does little more than confuse. Each plugin is different and each will come with its own set of instructions so we will concentrate on giving advice on the best ways to use individual plugins and the system as a whole. If you use them for…

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manage wordpress comments

TUTORIAL OBJECTIVE Efficiently manage WordPress comments, block spam and make changes based on site policy TIME REQUIRED 30 minutes Top tip Allowing the use of avatars in comments will allow for you to identify different users more easily. Which is great for being user friendly as well as adding a splash of colour to the page. WITH A POPULAR blog you should be attracting at least a couple of comments per post. It’s great to engage with your readers, but sometimes they can prove problematic, leaving links to unsavoury sites, being aggressive to other readers or simply spamming. Fortunately, WordPress offers a collection of tools that you can use to deal with bad comments, such as marking them as spam (in conjunction with the Akismet plugin that installs with WordPress), viewing the history of your commenters and…