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nyinc board cancels 2021 event

THE NEW YORK International Numismatic Convention Board of Directors has canceled the 49th NYINC event, according to a Sept. 25 press release. The event was scheduled to be held at the Grand Hyatt New York from Jan. 8-17, 2021. In a joint statement, NYINC board president Mike Dunigan and bourse chairman Kevin Foley said, “In reviewing the unprecedented environment that would have been faced by our convention in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, including travel restrictions faced by foreign-based participants, as well as quarantine requirements that would have affected the overwhelming majority of both our public and booth-holding participants on arrival in New York, our board concluded that we simply had no viable option other than to cancel the 2021 NYINC.” They continued, “Moreover, our board concluded as well that in light…

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chihli specimen dollars drive sarc auction 38

STEPHEN ALBUM RARE Coins Auction 38 featured an exceptionally rare pair of Chinese specimen dollars from the Province of Chihli in the name of Kuang Hsu. Struck at the Peiyang Arsenal mint both pieces are the Y73 dollar type but they exhibit all the important characteristics of early specimen strikes. The SARC 38 catalog descriptions elaborate as follows; “The very bold striking quality is distinctly different especially in the detail in the design elements, lettering and denticles from other Peiyang year 29 dollars we have encountered. The concentric circular die tooling marks [on] either side are indicative of very early strikes from fresh dies as one would expect with Specimen strikes.” We should consider these two silver dollars as discover pieces in the sense that they “are the first of the…

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around the world

Two Extraordinary Kievan Rus Finds In Two Days WHAT COULD BE considered to be finds of the Holy Grail of eastern European numismatics took place twice recently, one in Ukraine and the other in Ireland. Kievan Rus is the birthplace of what today are Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine. According to the Primary Chronicles, the Rurik dynasty believed to be of Viking or Varangian origins ruled the predominantly Slavic populated state by the ninth and 10th centuries, likely from CE 879. Kiev, one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe, today is the capitol city of Ukraine. Kievan Rus controlled the trade route between the Baltic Sea and Volga River, the trade route between the Khazars and Germanic regions, and across the Caspian Sea towards Baghdad. Following Rus attacks on the Byzantine Empire’s capitol…

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local coinage sparse and crude under the shaybanids

WE ARE DISCUSSING Central Asia in the 16th century, from the viewpoint of the Tajiks, if not exactly Tajikistan. What is now the Republic of Tajikistan was the back country of Samarkand and Tashkent; Samarkand was the sun and Tashkent the moon, as it were, of the Tajik people even though both cities lie today in Uzbekistan. The Timurids had had their run, their territories all broken up in little pieces ruled by petty princes. The last of them were conquered by the Shaybanids. To the west were the Safavids of Iran and to the south were the Mughals in India. The Shaybanids traced their line back to a grandson of Chingis Khan the Great Mongol. Most of the ancestors were Turks who spoke Persian. They got their start in what is…

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heritage modern chinese closes strong

LAST ISSUE WE covered a quiet Heritage Auction containing a surprisingly interesting selection of Modern Chinese coins. Popular with collectors the coins of the People’s Republic of China can be difficult to find, even with larger mintages, simply because there are so many people collecting these coins in their home country. The sale closed on Sept. 13, so for this issue we thought a bit of highlight coverage was in order. The Kiau Chau 1909 5 cent grading an impressive MS-65 by NGC closed for an incredible price of $5,400. Over 400 of this type have been certified by NGC and PCGS combined and this piece is currently tied for the second finest, with only five pieces grading higher. The coin has amazing eye appeal and very subtle toning to go…

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world coin clinic

When was zinc first used for coinage? Zinc is a terrible choice as a metal for coinage. When was it first used as such? Zinc coins appeared in Vietnam and other Asiatic countries during the 19th century. Czechoslovakia issued zinc composition 2-haleru coins in 1923 to 1925, followed by countries overrun by Germany and Japan during World War Two. It was during that war the United States issued zinc 1-cent coins in 1943. The now defunct British currency system used prior to decimalization was based on the pound equal to 20 shillings or 240 pence. Where did such an unwieldy system originate? The French system of a livre equal to 20 sols or 240 deniers, Italian system of the lira equal to 20 soldi or 240 denari, and English system of the pound equal…