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elton john medallion up for charity auction

Music lovers and numismatic collectors have once again come together for a new collaboration. The Royal Mint has announced the beginning of another partnership with Elton John, famous British musician and singer, to create a beautiful special edition medallion. The Mint first collaborated with Elton John to release a coin as a part of the Music Legends Collection. The Music Legends Collection includes special edition coins in honor of some of the most iconic stars that have originated in Great Britain. So far, the collection includes Queen, Elton John, and David Bowie. This new medallion will be auctioned off as an extension of Elton John’s coins for a charity auction. Proceeds will be given to Elton John’s UK Charitable Foundation. The foundation is an organization that raises money and donates to…

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classic horror coins to collect

Is it true the U.S. Mint at New Orleans struck coins for Mexico just before the mint shut down? The New Orleans branch mint closed permanently in 1909. During 1907, the facility struck Mexican silver 20- and 50-centavos coins that can be differentiated from those struck at the Mexico City mint by the Curved 7 in the date. Those 20-centavos coins struck at Mexico City have a straight 7, although the jury is out on the 50 centavos. Both varieties of each denomination carry the Mexico City o over large M mint mark. Are there coins from Frankenstein to be collected? When a coin collector thinks of Frankenstein the collector is likely thinking of the 2018 British coins honoring Mary Shelley, the author of the book Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus or any…

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india encourages buying cold coins

The Indian Gold Coin Scheme was launched in 2015 to encourage investing in gold and to use the metal to the benefit of the nation’s economic growth by reducing the amount of the metal being imported. Due to decreased demand, further encouragement is now being given. The government passed several amendments to the scheme during March, hoping to make India’s gold coins popular and to make them available directly to buyers. India uses the term ‘coin’ loosely. Most coin collectors will likely term these bullion pieces as precious metal tokens since they are identified by weights rather than by denominations. According to the March 30 Financial Express newspaper, “The central government recently approved several amendments to the Indian Gold Coin Scheme. The change in rules is expected to popularize Indian gold coins…

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lost city of gold

At the time of the Pharaoh Amenhotep III “the Magnificent” (1391-1353 BC) the ancient Egyptian religion included the god Aten. Aten appeared as a falcon-headed human similar to Ra. Amenhotep IV, Amenhotep III’s successor, made Aten the central god of the Egyptian religion. Aten is also the name of an ancient Egyptian city on the left bank of the River Nile near Luxor. Aten was built by Amenhotep III. Aten became a major industrial and administrative center by the time of Amenhotep III’s grandson Tutankhamun, remembered to history as King Tut. Tut’s tomb was discovered in 1922. Due to the splendor of the tomb, including much gold found undisturbed in the tomb, the find was hailed as a major archeaological discovery. The location of the city of Aten, like with Tut’s tomb,…

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paper addresses legal status of digital currencies

Ever since specie was replaced with fiat money during the 1960’s circulation strike, coins have been relegated to be nothing more than small change. Bank notes became increasingly important to physical currency systems all over the world as coins no longer represented significant values. Due to challenges to our physical currency systems brought on in more recent years through various forms of electronic transfers and cyber money, just how much bank notes play a part in our payment systems has come into question. Are bank notes, as with coins, becoming something to be used merely as part of small change transactions? The United States, as an example, doesn’t issue bank notes in denominations exceeding $100 and has placed limits on the value of cash transactions above which the individual involved in…

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are they serious?

Coins have never had a monopoly on being the only form of tangible cash. Intrinsic value or specie coinage has always had strong acceptance. Fiat money, not so much. Paper money, backed by something physical or not, has continued to be accepted as a form of currency since it was first introduced in China in the 11th century (Maybe as early as the 7th century). In more modern history, checks, credit and debit cards, and finally electronic transfers have entered the mix. Each of these can be argued to be a form of fiat money. What makes electronic transfers including Bitcoin and other nebulous unbacked forms of fiat cyber cash different is that they don’t exist physically. Well, they haven’t existed physically until now. Physical rather than digital Bitcoin-backed ‘bank’ notes are…