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coty ceremony available online

Due to travel and event restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 Coin of the Year awards ceremony was conducted virtually from COTY headquarters in Stevens Point, Wis., with masks and social distancing precautions in place. It is traditionally held in conjunction with the World Money Fair in Berlin, Germany. “Coordinators, participants, nominators and judges all put forth the added effort required to keep the annual COTY awards at its traditionally high level of excellence,” said Tom Michael, senior market analyst, World Coin News contributing editor and COTY co-coordinator, who hosted the virtual ceremony. “We are all very pleased to have put forth such a marvelously diverse array of 100 nominees and to select from those coins the 10 best in specific categories of competition.” The ceremony presents awards for 2019-dated…

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the coinage of russia 1375-1547

IN ABOUT 1375, Moscow Great Prince Dmitry Ivanovich (1359-1389) ordered the striking of the first Russian silver coins since early in the 11th century. These had a Cyrillic legend on the obverse and one in the Tartar language on the reverse. Although coinage is an act of sovereignty, Dmitry had tempered this by the Tartar inscription naming the current Khan as overlord. At this time the Tartars were all-powerful to the east of Moscow and it was a calculated move on the part of Dmitry to strike silver coins at Moscow. It was, in effect, an open challenge to Tartar control of central Russia. In September 1380, Dmitry’s army defeated the Tartars at Kulikovo on the River Don. In 1382 the Mongols counterattacked with superior force and, although they destroyed much of…

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norway moves cashless

Norges Bank, the central bank of Norway, recently reported it calculated Norwegians are using coins and bank notes for about three to four percent of their financial transactions. This makes Norway the most cashless society in the world, ahead of neighboring Sweden. While cashless society proponents may be celebrating, the central banks in these two Scandinavian countries are not. According to an April 23 Bloomberg News report, this situation has “sounded the alarm amid concerns that the complete disappearance of paper money would pose a number of risks.” Ida Wolden Bache is the executive director for monetary policy and vice president at Norges Bank. On November 11, 2020 Bache said, “Only four percent of payments are now made using cash. This share is approximately the same as in spring, and considerably lower…

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coin superstition grounds plane

“We are told that it is the superstitious belief of the time that wearing a bent coin afforded protections against the power of witches.” Okay, so Donn Pearlman’s comment about the Tooth Fairy using MasterCard rather than coins rings true about what could happen to one superstition in a cashless society (see the previous article), but coins and superstition can go together in many other ways as well. In recent years China has had a rash of cases in which one coin superstition has been interfering with airplane transportation. Yes, here we go again. Guangxi Beibu Gulf Airlines was recently forced to cancel a flight due to someone trying to wish the flight well by throwing coins at the engines just prior to takeoff. According to a posting on the Chinese microblogging website…

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royal mint issues gigantic gold coin

“It is the largest coin ever created by the Royal Mint, and is testament to the expertise, craftsmanship, and skill of our team.” Coins aren’t always meant to be spent. Coins have been issued to commemorate or memorialize something. Coins have been issued to be traded as bullion. Coins have been issued as a store of value. It is both for the purpose of commemoration and as a store of value that the Royal Mint in Great Britain has recently issued as a huge 2021 £10,000 Queen’s Beasts 22-pound gold coin. The face value of the coin has a face value equal to nearly $14,000 U.S. It is the largest coin ever issued by the Royal Mint. The new coin’s 200-millimeter diameter dwarfs the 130mm diameter of the famed 19th century Royal Mint’s…

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frankish coin find in poland

A find of coins can often help archaeologists identify and date dig sites as well as help explain mysteries. A find of Carolingian coins found in Poland rather than in Frank occupied Western Europe may raise more questions than answers. The find of 118 silver denarii and their fragments took place in November 2020, however the discovery didn’t draw much attention until recently when the local museum in Ostróda announced the coins would be put on display in May. Ostróda is the site of a settlement of Old Prussians, a Baltic rather than Germanic tribe. They likely occupied the site through the 13th century. The Old Prussians settled on an island near the Drweca River where the river feeds into Lake Drweca. The settlement eventually became the town of Ostróda due to…