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Yachting Monthly Nov-2018

Published by Time Inc. (UK) Ltd Yachting monthly is at the heart of the British yachting market and is for people who actively sail their boats - whether cruising across the channel, around the coast or further a field in blue waters. It provides an entertaining mix of vital information for cruising yachtsmen with all levels of experience, which maximises their enjoyment, increases their skills and gives them the confidence to broaden their horizons.

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the best skippers

No male sailor, as far as I know, has ever had petrol poured on their lawn for simply entering a yacht race. But this is exactly what Tracy Edwards endured 30 years ago when she announced her all-female entry into the Whitbread Race. That level of hostility may now seem unthinkable, but Tracy still had to fight apathy towards women’s sailing to raise funds to rescue her iconic Maiden. Perhaps the causes are different – sponsors looking for exposure, rather than establishment animosity – but these antiquated attitudes should have been ditched long ago. Not only are women competing at the top level; they are also winning. Australian Wendy Tuck recently led her crew to victory in the Clipper Race, followed in second place by British skipper Nikki Henderson. It…

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If you have a news story to share, contact News Editor Katy Stickland Email Katy.Stickland@ti-media.com Tel 01252 555 166 CO alarms to be mandatory for some cruisers Sailors using certain waterways and harbours in the UK will have to fit a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm on their boat from next year. The Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) is currently consulting on new requirements to install a mandatory CO alarm onboard and has said it will come into effect from January 2019. It will apply to all classes of boat with accommodation. This will affect boaters using the Scottish Canals, BWML marinas, Bristol Harbour, all Canal & River Trust waterways, The Broads, the rivers Medway, Thames, Blackwater, Chelmer, Cam, Dee, Wey, and other waterways run by navigation authorities that apply BSS regulations. The BSS said it would be…

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news in numbers

10 After 10 years at the helm, the RNLI’s chief executive, Paul Boissier, has confirmed he will retire in 2019. 87 The world’s biggest operational offshore wind farm at Walney Extension off the coast of Cumbria has been officially opened. It has 87 turbines. 86 Robin Walters, the pioneer of floating, concrete pontoons, which led to the creation of leisure marinas, has died at the age of 86. 1,773 Imerys Clean Energy skipper, Phil Sharp and his crew have officially entered the record books for the fastest Round Britain and Ireland circumnavigation in a boat of 40ft or under. They sailed 1,773 miles in 8 days, 4, hours, 14 minutes and 49 seconds.…

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this month’s big question

Should I replace my teak deck with the real deal? Q I have been kidding myself for the last couple of years that there’s life left in my rather tired Swan 43’s teak deck. However, this season it’s become clear the time has come to make a decision and perhaps remortgage my house to bring it to fruition. The deck must be replaced one way or another, but what with? Whilst some Swan owners might call me a philistine, I’ve been impressed by how artificial teak seems to fare over time when I’ve seen it on well-used Amel yachts. It would be great to hear the opinion of someone that specialises in refitting decks. Perhaps they could tell me the pros and cons of each? In short, it’s a big job…

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GOLDEN GLOBE RACE What a brilliant challenge. The thing I’m enjoying is that they are averaging the six or so knots that I normally seem to get when trundling around. capnsensible It will be interesting to see how the attrition rate compares to modern boats doing this same route dunedin STUDLAND SEAHORSES In my local pub a non boater revealed his view that boaters have virtually destroyed the sea horse habitat at Studland. Seems the protagonists for getting boating banned is, sadly, gaining momentum. superheat6k DEFRA say that they will make a decision ‘within the next 12 months’ so the waiting game continues! oldharry INSTRUMENTS ON OR OFF? When anchoring and staying on board, I leave instruments on. I know others simply turn everything off. Am I being overly cautious? tudorsailor I turn all the instruments off. Anchor…

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LETTER OF THE MONTH Emergency stop If I recall correctly there was an incident a few years back where a husband and wife team were both badly injured during a tack on a boat fitted with powered winches. For some reason during the tack, the winch started but would not stop. It was an awful moment when a crew member’s hand was dragged into the winch by the rope and her arm twisted from the shoulder. The helm, who came to help, similarly become entangled losing two fingers in the process. Powered winches are clearly potentially hazardous; for instance, I never let children operate mine or anyone else who is not familiar with the mechanics of using ropes and winching during sailing. However, I wonder why emergency stops, operable from the helm, are not…