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Your Home and Garden April 2021

Your Home and Garden shows you how to create a home that reflects your personal style. From decorating tips to easy DIY craft projects and expert gardening advice, it is packed with inspiring and affordable ideas for when you are renovating, building or simply updating your home.

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rock the block

While repainting the entire interior of her home, Danelle Kendrick learnt a couple of things about colour. Firstly, how effective warm neutrals can be in turning a plain room into a welcoming one. “Resene Sandspit Brown or Resene Sour Dough are probably my favourites because they’re so calming and warm. They make the rooms feel homely and are easy to tie into the decor,” she says. The second thing she’s learnt is that colour doesn’t have to cover a whole wall. “I started colour blocking in the kids’ bedrooms,” Danelle explains. “I wanted to give them a space that was a bit more fun than just white walls.” She picked out a selection of testpots and the boys chose their favourite. For Reeve that was Resene Duck Egg Blue and for Finn,…

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to the lighthouse

With no windows you can casually peer into from the road, Tim and Polly Dagg’s home is a mystery by day. “One of my pet hates is having big windows facing the street and looking into someone’s bedroom or having the curtains permanently pulled,” explains Tim, architect and partner at Sheppard & Rout. Come night, it’s a different story altogether. The front facade of the mostly brick, cedar and steel-clad house in the Christchurch suburb of Strowan can, and often does, light up and change colour due to the LEDs behind the polycarbonate covering the front bedroom window and successfully obscuring the view. The illumination has been a hit with neighbours and passers-by. “We have it red at Christmas and green for St Patrick’s Day,” says Polly. “And we have special requests. One…

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social club

WE LOVE Kiwi project manager Jen Jones shares her wisdom on everything renovation – budget, timing, plus all the bits and bobs. @nineyardsconsulting Interesting tidbits and reno facts interlaced with gorgeous interior shots. This ’gram is here to inspire and educate. @reno_notebook PET OF THE MONTH Before joining the Hall Collins family, Georgy, the Siberian forest cat, had to spend time in the car with highly allergic Michael. Luckily, he passed the test. CONNECT WITH US We love seeing images from our #yourhomeandgarden community. WOULD YOU RATHER...? This month we asked our followers the hard questions! Would you rather...? Here are the results: @yourhomeandgarden CHARACTER VS MODERN 56% Preferred classic details over modern digs. WHITE VS PINK 80% Agreed white bathrooms rule. PANTRY VS BED 78% Chose a perfect pantry over a self-making bed. SLIDE VS BAR 70% Wanted a bar more than an indoor slide. FLOWERS VS PLANTS 71% Picked…

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There’s no putting it off any longer. Autumn is here and it’s time to stow the sun umbrella, stash the gauzy muslin curtains and commit to some serious velvet cushions. This seasonal soft furnishings edit will be a welcome silver lining for the shorter days and distinct nip in the morning air. Just as you would with your wardrobe, it’s really just a case of making a few clever switches with colours and textures that will help you create a warm and welcoming retreat now that we’ll be spending more time indoors. We have the lowdown on page 28 and can I say I’m super keen about adding some olive into my living space. While reporting about incoming interiors trends and the homes we feature may not seem particularly dangerous compared to…

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back to nature

The significance of Easter means something different to each of us, but its universal themes of renewal, fertility, nature and the continuity of life remain a time-honoured cause to celebrate with family and friends (and of course, eat copious amounts of chocolate). The festival also ignites creativity: a beautifully set table, handmade crafts and conversation-starting displays bring a fresh, seasonal charm to one’s home. While bunnies and eggs – the customary symbols of Easter – will always have a place on the decorating checklist, the mood has turned from pastels and bunting to a more authentic, serene aesthetic inspired by natural curiosities, desaturated colours, personalised vignettes and the spirit of hunting and gathering. Set the stage Following hot on the heels of Christmas, Easter is the next big festival to gather family…

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new chapter

Author Alice Nelson used to write in cramped studios and at noisy public libraries, always dreaming of having a library in her own home. It would be a peaceful space, where her favourite books would be to hand and creativity would come easily. Except it didn’t quite work out like that. When Alice settled into the writing desk built into the steel-framed bay window of her freshly renovated home, she found herself feeling quite daunted. “I now had such a lavish and beautiful room to write in I thought, ‘Wow, the pressure’s really on to write a book worthy of this space.’” She needn’t have worried. Most of her novel The Children’s House (published by Random House) was composed at her new desk and upon release was lauded by the critics.…