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Your Horse

Your Horse

Issue 463

Your Horse inspires its readers to enjoy every second in the saddle. Written by a team of passionate equestrian experts, Your Horse magazine helps you improve your riding, care for your horses and stay up to date on the latest gear. We also encourage you to try new and exciting adventures! Our three main areas of content are: Riding advice: From the best riders and trainers in the world Horse care advice: Expert tips and advice on all aspects of horse care Buying Advice: Helping you spend your money with confidence Your Horse magazine: share our passion for horses.

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WHEN YOUR HORSE presents you with a challenge and you’ve exhausted all the skills you have, it’s time to think outside the box and try something different. This is just what I did when I felt I’d hit a bit of wall with my training — that was until I started training with Jenku Dietrichsen at the start of 2019. Jenku’s Modern Horsemanship methods made me completely rethink how I do things. With a better understanding of how horses learn, my training and my relationship with my horse have been transformed. I want to share more about this unique method and what it can do for you and your horse — see page 34. When I learnt to ride (many, many years ago!) there were no all-weather arenas — we were…

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a word from the team...

Features editor Stephanie Anthony: Put your horse’s balance and canter rhythm to the test with counter-canter. Whether you’re a novice or a dressage wiz, follow our expert’s exercises to hone your skills. Page 50 Freelance features writer Julie Brown: I love shopping — well, what horse owner doesn’t! I so enjoyed working on the ‘Spring buyer’s guide’, but it didn’t help my addiction much — so many lovely things to buy. Take a look and get that shopping list started. Page 120 Veterinary physiotherapist Sammy Finnemore: Polework grids are a great way to help your horse maintain normal mobility and performance. Try my suppleness and strengthening grid and you’ll find he will soon start to feel the benefits. Page 48 Equine podiatrist Emma Burston: Are you thinking of letting your horse go barefoot? There are many benefits…

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your horse challenges you to... ride bareback

RIDING BAREBACK IS an excellent way to develop your strength as a rider. Many riders use their saddle and their reins as a crutch. However, with the saddle gone — which normally supports you and helps to hold you in the correct position — you have to rely on the strength in your legs and in your core to keep yourself upright and on your horse. Removing the saddle can reveal flaws in your riding position that you may not have even realised were there. Removing your stirrups is also a good way to test this. When you ride bareback, without several inches of leather, stuffing and saddle pad in the way, a channel of communication opens up between you and your horse. You will be able to feel his every movement.…

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horse talk

FUNDRAISING SKYDIVE Swapping ponies for parachutes Ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games British riders are swapping saddles for parachutes to raise vital funds for Team GBR eventing. Organised by the Horse Trials Support Group (HTSG), a number of brave equestrians, including Tina Cook, Spencer Sturmey, Alice Fox-Pitt and Ibby Macpherson, will be skydiving on 22, 24 and 29 April at Skydive Netheravon in Wiltshire. The HTSG supports talented eventers, providing them with the resources to reach the top of their sport. This year’s main fundraising aim is for Team GBR and the campaign for success at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. HTSG members and the general public alike are invited to come along to support the riders taking on the challenge. For more about the HTSG, visit htsg.co.uk Donate at gofundme.com/f/htsg-skydive PULLING POWER Horsepower triumphs over machines A…

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this month we love...

PERFECT PICK Hand-forged from recycled horseshoes, this hoofpick has been lovingly crafted to provide you with a fabulous robust tool that will last for years. RRP £13.95 etsy.com CASE CLOSED Charming watercolour horses decorate this pencil case illustrated by Elena O’Neill. Perfect for storing stationery, makeup or anything else you might fancy. RRP £12 etsy.com WHAT’S IN A NAME? This colourful ID tag is practical and pretty. It features a fun illustration of your horse as well as his name and your contact details on the reverse. RRP £10.95 etsy.com…

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rescue update

Patchwork was rescued in 2009, along with 10 other cobs who had been abandoned on a site in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. The group was spotted straying into the grounds of a local school and were in very poor condition. On arrival at Redwings they were all treated for worms and lice. Patchwork’s blood tests also showed that she had problems with her liver and intestines. Happily, the mare made a full recovery and in 2012 she was rehomed to Yvette in Norfolk. In 2019 they were crowned Reserve Rescue Champions at the Royal Norfolk Show. “Patchwork is my best friend and has such a loving, cheeky, sassy character,” says Yvette. “I can kiss and cuddle her for hours and she will happily snooze loose in the field with her head in my lap. “She has…