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June 2021- DIY
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Each issue of North American Whitetail brings you effective techniques for outsmarting monster bucks. You'll learn the success secrets of North America's most accomplished, most knowledgeable whitetail hunters - riflemen and bowhunters alike.

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get your dvrs ready

Tune in every Wednesday at 8:00 PM ET on Sportsman Channel and Thursday at 8:00 AM ET on Outdoor Channel to catch episodes of NAW TV presented by Wild Tree Nursery. This month, we’re excited to present the following programs: WEEK OF MAY 10-16 “Sooner Double”: Stan Potts takes us to Oklahoma for a tale of two bucks. In “On Target” we discuss scouting tactics for road trip hunts. We kick off a new “Build Your Own Deer Factory” series at Dr. James Kroll’s research facility. Gordon Whittington profiles Brad Jerman’s world record typical by crossbow from Ohio. WEEK OF MAY 17-23 “Kansas Plains & Lone Star Dreams”: Dr. James Kroll battles a Kansas windstorm during bow season, and Gordon Whittington hunts the Texas panhandle with a Browning lever gun. Food sources are the…

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once in a lifetime

It’s a phrase associated with legendary whitetails and epic hunts, as it’s most commonly used in the pages of North American Whitetail magazine. “Once in a lifetime” trophies and moments of hunting fortune have filled the pages of this deer hunting tribune since 1982, the year the first issue rolled off the press. Sure, the old adage is a cliché. But it’s one that’s relevant to me right now. And not because I killed a record buck. You see, God blessed me beyond measure in January 2021. It happened when NAW’s 36-year Editor in Chief, Gordon Whittington, announced his transition to Editor Emeritus. My one moment in time came next — when my great friend and boss became my predecessor, and his job became mine. It’s surreal to write my first editor’s…

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deadly deer predators

The first deer-like species appeared in tropical Asian forests about 24-25 million years ago, during the Miocene period. From these ancestors, deer radiated east and west into Eurasia and North America. The first whitetails appeared along with mule deer and blacktails around 4 million years ago. The Pleistocene period, 1.8 million years ago, was the “Golden Age” of mammals, and gigantism was present in almost every mammalian genus. Giant sloths, rhinoceros, mammoths, antelope and a host of “megafauna” existed at that time. Along with them, extremely large predators co-evolved to take advantage of the large packages of protein. Then the world changed dramatically during the last “global warming” cycle, significantly altering Ice Age habitats. By 12,000 years ago, at least 90 genera of these large mammals became extinct; and along with them…

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wild weather hits texas wildlife

Winter storm Uri swept southward from February 12 to 16, 2021. The storm’s frigid temperatures took the Gulf Coast by force, leaving 80 percent of Texas covered in snow. Because of that direct hit, the Lone Star state felt the brunt of the wildlife impact. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department officials were not as concerned about the impacts of whitetails and mule deer. These native species grow winter coats and are more resilient to weather abnormalities. Older animals and those in poor condition may have succumb to the storm’s effect, but that is expected according to TPWD. Hardest hit were the exotic species having evolved elsewhere. They are not as prepared physically for extremes, but the weather event could have a good side, explains white-tailed deer program leader Alan Cain. “For some landowners…

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deer apps for the win

I’ll admit no one has praised me for being highly adept at using technology. I’m sure North American Whitetail Publisher Laden Force will smirk when he reads this, and he’ll probably have flashbacks to all the times he’s had to train me on “easy to use” new publishing software. I’m in the minority of my generation when it comes to lacking tech skills. After all, us millennials (a word I cringe to even write) were raised in a modern world — one where electronics play a major role in daily life. Now everything from education, business and even leisure is influenced by digital devices. If you’re like me though, you have enough trouble remembering your email password. That usually means I’m hesitant to adapt to anything new or trendy. And at first…

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map apps that work

BASEMAP Hold the power of GPS navigation and deer data-keeping in your hand with the proven BaseMap hunt app. This powerful tool can be used to access information like wind direction, temperature, barometric pressure, moon phase and more. Plus, it can provide parcel ownership intel and clearly marked hunting land boundaries. The app also provides users the capability to download detailed satellite maps for offline use in areas without cellular service. (basemap.com) onX HUNT The onX Hunt app is an intelligent and highly-efficient GPS satellite software with detailed maps of 975 million acres of public land, 10,688 unique hunting units and over 400 map overlays. The app can be used to set waypoints, draw lines, shapes and tracks, and data is now sharable with family, friends and hunt companions. If network service isn’t available…