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Now 28-Jan-2019

Published by TI-Media When it comes to celebrities, Now magazine has the full who, what and wear on the stars you care about. Who they're dating and hating, what they're really feeling and all the details on what they're wearing. Every week we deliver breaking news and exclusive stories that will make you gasp. And, with new Now celebrity columnists and Dan Wootton's weekly showbiz interview we get readers even closer to the stars than ever before.

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it was the week that...

Piers ‘popped the question’ to Susanna Good Morning Britain viewers caught a glimpse of Piers Morgan’s romantic side when he ‘seized the moment’ by presenting Susanna Reid with one of Poundland’s new engagement rings. ‘Poundland is not a place I normally frequent, but they’ve decided to bring out engagement rings,’ he said. ‘So I just thought, if the world is about to end, it is that moment that you turn to the one you secretly love and you present to her – what more could a woman want – a £1 little tinny ring to show the real depths of my feelings for you.’ Obviously, we weren’t surprised when his co-host declined the proposal. Plus, the fact Piers is already married – his poor wife, LOL! Katie finally tidied up her messy mansion After months…

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pete ‘i thought i was going to die’

They say money can’t buy you happiness and that’s something Peter Andre knows all too well. The pop star has opened up about his battle with crippling anxiety, which left him hospitalised and fearing for his life. ‘I went through it for years,’ Pete confessed. ‘It was a moment, it was in 1998. I was at the top of everything and all of a sudden it just hit me like a tonne of bricks. ‘I couldn’t function. I couldn’t think straight. I was having panic attacks. I ended up in all sorts of hospitals, on medication, different therapists.’ ‘I descended further into a very dark place’ Pete – who was at the height of his career at the time, after his hit Mysterious Girl peaked at number two on the UK singles chart – was having…

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body talk

Parents-to-be the Duke and Duchess of Sussex pressed ahead with their official duties, squeezing not one but four visits into their day in Birkenhead. With Harry reportedly finding it hard to say no to his wife, we asked Judi James to analyse these snaps to see if Meghan is indeed the one in control. ONE WILL WAIT Meghan is dictating the pace here, pulling back and stopping to take a flower from a girl while Harry stands a pace away looking rather wary. The way Meghan bends to focus on the girl suggests she’s quietly determined to get the crowd contact right. DELICATE NOT DOMINEERING Meghan’s wide open-mouthed smile and puckered brows show she’s confident and comfortable with some spontaneous laughs with the people there to see her. As Harry walks on she grabs…

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what’s really going on with zoe and sara?

They’ve gone from partying ladettes to career-driven women and have been through pretty much everything together over the past two decades. But it’s been reported Sara Cox and Zoe Ball have been ripped apart by the very thing that brought them together. Last year they were both in the running to replace Chris Evans on the BBC Radio 2 breakfast show – with Zoe, 48, coming out on top. It’s never easy going up against a pal, and a well-placed source tells Now , ‘Sara was gutted. There’s always been a healthy rivalry between her and Zoe, but she really hoped she had this one.’ Throughout their 20 years of friendship – during which they were even bridesmaids for each other – it’s fair to say Sara, 44, has always been one…

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brian and kerry are whole again (kind of)

When it comes to rocky relationships, Kerry Katona and Brian McFadden are one couple who have struggled to keep things amicable – even for the sake of their two children. But last week, some 15 years after her heart was broken, Kerry showed a change of tune when she vowed to support ex Brian, 38, in the audience at Dancing on Ice , telling fans how she is impressed with his skating. And the former Westlife singer has also been messaging Kerry, 38, who starred on the show back in 2011. ‘I’ll be going down to watch my ex-hubby Brian McFadden on DOI this year’ said Kerry, 38. ‘Brian sent me a video of one of his skating routines and I was really impressed! That man has no fear. [Their daughter] Lily’s…

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from then till now

2002: MARRIED ‘He was the love of my life, Brian... It was the first time I had a baby with somebody, the first time I got married.’ 2004: THEY SPLIT Kerry and Brian split in 2004, after he quits Westlife to spend more time with them. They divorce in 2006. 2004: BRIAN DATES DELTA GOODREM ‘This one time Brian said to me, “I am going to record a new single with this girl called Delta Goodrem, will you come with me?” I said, “I can’t I’m doing Loose Women .” Can you imagine, if I hadn’t come on this show I’d still be married.’ 2006: KERRY BEGS BRIAN TO TAKE HER BACK ‘The night before Mark proposed, I was on the phone to Brian begging him to take me back.’ 2007: KERRY AND MARK She marries Mark Croft in…