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July 14, 2020

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pittsburgh png day show canceled

Citing pandemic-related restrictions imposed by the Governor of Pennsylvania, the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) has canceled its planned 2020 PNG Day Show that was scheduled for Aug. 3 in the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, Pa. The announcement came in a news release sent June 17. The 2020 PNG show had been conveniently set to be in the same location as the American Numismatic Association’s World’s Fair of Money, which now has also been canceled. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s latest coronavirusrelated proclamation continues to impose limits on the number of people who can gather in one location, such as a convention or coin show. “Because of the health and safety concerns, PNG is canceling its planned 2020 PNG Day show, and the PNG awards banquet that was to be held…

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No Coin Shows for California For the first time in many years, California does not have a single coin show in the listing section of Numismatic News. This happened in the June 23 edition. All shows this summer have been canceled amid dim prospects that public gatherings of over 10 people will be allowed by local governments. What had started out as a 14-day stay-at-home quarantine has grown to over three months as citizens refuse to abide by simple Health Department requests such as wearing face masks in public. New cases continue to predictably pop up. With good deals virtually non-existent on the internet, the advertisers in Numismatic News seem to offer coins at relatively reasonable prices these days. Local coin dealers are mostly open, some only by appointment. They continue to offer…

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coin lots make collecting fun

I may be an atypical collector; I may even suffer a bit from ADD when it comes to collecting. Some collectors focus on a certain type or series of coin, or even certain metal content such as gold or silver. Some focus on completing an entire set, putting together a registry set, or completing a BU or MS type set. Not me. My collecting habits wander back and forth. I will get “hooked” on a certain type of coin and pursue that avenue for months or even years. But then, my mind wanders and I start looking at other types of coins. Sometimes my wanderings occur quite by accident – from articles I see in this magazine or its sister publication, some coins that someone asks me to examine for them,…

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salt river bay set for july release

More dates have been added to the U.S. Mint’s product release schedule, the first being the Weir Farm National Historic Site 2020 3-Coin Set, which was set for a June 29 release as of press time. The next release to watch for is the Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve 2020 3-Coin Set. This product is scheduled to release at noon EST July 10. The Salt River Bay National Historic Park and Ecological Preserve is the third of five sites to be honored in 2020 and the 53rd overall in the America the Beautiful quarters program. It has an archaeological and historical heritage of more than 2,000 years that exists within a dynamic ecosystem that supports threatened and endangered species. In 1992, Congress created Salt River Bay to…

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types of deteriorating die doubling

Is there more than one type of deteriorating die doubling? Inside Abraded Die Doubling is caused by wear at the edges and inside the design detail. It appears as an enlarged, irregular outline overlapping the original design element. Outside Abraded Die Doubling is caused by wear at the edges and inside actual detail. OADD does not overlap the original design. Is the 1955 Poor Man’s Doubled Die Lincoln cent a result of hub doubling or deteriorating die doubling? The Poor Man’s 1955 doubled die cent, as well as doubling encountered on many other Lincoln cents after that date, is a result of deteriorating die doubling. Would you clarify what is improper cleaning? Any cleaning to which a coin is subjected is improper cleaning. There is no upside to it. It will decrease the…

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do you think it’s a good idea for the ana to relocate the 2020 world’s fair of money to another state?

Yes, they should move it if they can have a show this year. Lee Quast High Ridge, Mo. No, it’s not a great idea. I believe 2020 coin conventions and many other social activities should just be written off entirely. Name and Address Withheld Well here we go again. Since some major dealers within the American Numismatic Association (ANA) have another missed business opportunity, they are offering “straws.” It is no different than career politicians with ifs, ands, maybes and buts. Accept the reality of a damaged present society struggling with the twin crises: the pandemic and the breaking down of civil order. Poll your memberships – lest the elites within the ANA forget that the ANA is a membership organization – and inquiry their observations. As for relocating: Where? When? How soon? What arrangements…