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Issue 331

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coming of age

I’m not quite sure how the 996’s twenty-fifth anniversary has crept up on us. It only seems like yesterday the model was revealed as the bringer of a new era in Porsche production, not only for the 911, but for all models to wear the Stuttgart crest. And yet, here we are, celebrating a quarter-century of Porsche’s somewhat controversial water-cooled flagship, a model representing the most significant move away from the original 911 concept to date. I’m sure it’s not just me who views the 996 as a modern sports car. For insurers, parts manufacturers and even Porsche itself to label the model as a classic seems perplexing, considering the first water-cooled production 911 continues to exude an image of youth, vitality, excitement and adventure to this day. You only have…

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bring into question

It’s all too easy to feel conflicted about the Macan. For some time, this compact sports utility vehicle has been one of the main breadwinners for Porsche, a company now building more SUVs than sports cars. Many of you will consider those words gut-wrenching. At the same time, it’s impossible not to acknowledge the Macan’s brilliance. Ever since the model arrived back in 2014, it has been the best medium-sized luxury SUV money can buy. It has also been the most exciting to drive. Put simply, no other compact SUV has mixed the Macan’s practicality and quality with such impeccable dynamic ability. The Macan is, however, getting long in the tooth. Moreover, its rivals are becoming ever more talented. For example, Jaguar has made enormous progress with the latest-generation F-Pace, while…

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the bulletin

HOTLY ANTICIPATED 718 CAYMAN GT4 RS AND RS CLUBSPORT REVEALED Presenting serious questions to anyone currently thinking about buying a new 911, the Cayman GT4 RS is the new flagship of the 718 family and was unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show shortly before this issue of 911 & Porsche World went to print. The model’s naturally aspirated flat-six, familiar from the 911 GT3 Cup race car and the GT3 production model, forms the centre piece of a mid-engined Porsche designed for maximum driving pleasure. Three grand cheaper than a 992 Carrera GTS, the 718 Cayman GT4 RS is yours for £108,370. The engine revs as high as 9,000rpm. Compared to the 718 Cayman GT4 (note: no RS badge), the GT4 RS boasts almost eighty extra horsepower, resulting in 493bhp from…

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GAZ SHOCKS COILOVER SUSPENSION FOR 996 British performance suspension manufacturer, GAZ Shocks, has released details of its new 996 coilover kit. Offering adjustable height and damping rates – the latter by way of convenient on-body adjuster rotary dials, allowing you to configure each damper without having to remove it from the host 911 – and shortened body and stroke lengths, these high-quality dampers enable a drop in ride height between 25mm and 55mm, with a coarse acme-formed thread promoting ease of adjustment. Each unit is zinc-plated with a classic black finish to minimise corrosion and to ensure the height adjusters perform free of fault. The dampers are also individually tested before leaving the GAZ Shocks factory and are provided with a two-year warranty. Priced competitively, these excellent coilovers are supplied with…

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tim harvey

There really is only one topic of conversation in motorsport right now: the dramatic conclusion to the Formula One World Championship in Abu Dhabi. Whilst ongoing legal moves from Mercedes threaten to challenge the outcome, at the time of writing this column, Max Verstappen remains the winning driver. Let me be clear: I’m a neutral in the debate and think both Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are worthy champions. Both drivers have been a class above everyone else on the grid and have pushed each other – literally and figuratively – to new heights this season. When two exceptional drivers come up against each other in similar but quite differently performing cars, we have the potential for exciting racing and drama in equal measure. It’s safe to say we’ve seen plenty of…

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chris lansbury

The 996 is the 911 which launched Porsche’s GT3 line with a bang back in 1999. Regarded as a street-legal race car, the 996 GT3 continues to be one of the few Porsches enthusiasts agree should be included in every discerning collector’s garage, much like the 968 Clubsport. Until relatively recently, however, the 996 GT3 was widely overlooked, buyers preferring to hold out for a 997 GT3 or even a 991 GT3. What this means for those in the know is that the utterly brilliant 996 GT3 is a bit of a bargain right now, though quite how long this will remain the case is anyone’s guess. The 996 GT3 is a hidden gem in a sea of motorsport oriented 911s. Only 1,868 examples were produced between 1999 and 2005, making…