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Volume 1, Issue 11 November 2021

ACP will provide a desire for Bowtie fans to immerse themselves into the technical aspects of vintage-to-modern Chevrolets, whether it be a muscle car or restomod.

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firing up editor’s letter

After being holed up for the past year or so and only being able to attend a few local car cruises, it was refreshing to get back on the road and head out to Louisville, Kentucky, for the 52nd NSRA Street Rod Nationals this past August. Now, if you’ve not been to this event, do yourself a favor and put this one on your bolt bucket list. If you are not familiar, this is no longer just a street rod event but is a mega car show that includes tons of great muscle cars. In fact, there are more muscle cars from the Chevy world here than any other brand. Yep, the massive Louisville Exposition Center is loaded with Camaros, Novas, Chevelles, Tri-Fives, and just about everything in between. And,…

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parts bin

1. FULL STOPPAGE Strange Engineering’s Pro Series II Stainless Rear Brake Kit is in a league of its own, advancing the two-piece design by manufacturing the floating rotor out of stainless steel. These brakes are corrosion-resistant, able to survive under elevated temperatures with zero warping or distorting, and thermally relieved to enhance material stability. To put it plainly, you can stop on a dime and have change left over. For more information, contact Strange Engineering by calling (847) 663-1701 or visit strangeengineering.net. 2. SPACERS FOR RACERS Summit Racing Tapered Carburetor Spacers smoothly transition from a four-hole design at the carburetor to an open plenum at the intake manifold, creating four venturis to increase airflow through the carburetor boosters and improve air and fuel distribution to the intake manifold runners. And that means more horsepower.…

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chevy concepts

@TavisHighlander TavisHighlander.com Vehicle Build by: Gap Racing, Hockley, Texas Gap Racing has tackled a wide range of full-vehicle builds, ranging from street cruisers to Great 8 show cars. Their depth of fabrication knowledge is significant; that will come in handy with their latest project, a ’67 Camaro. Sitting on an IRS-equipped Roadster Shop chassis, the Camaro will receive some fab-heavy mods. A lower chin and splitter assembly was designed first and set the tone for many other pieces. The grille will feature a stretched hexagonal design with custom-made turn lenses nestled between the headlight buckets. Heat extractor vents in the hood will mimic racing stripes but will serve a functional purpose as well. Out back, the taillights are aftermarket ’67 Camaro but are bordered with thinner bezels than stock. There’s bound to be…

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1969 camaro ss

Since the eighth grade when my Pop’s business partner rolled up to their tire store in a dark blue with white stripes ’69 Z/28 Camaro, the thought of owning a car just like that became my dream–more like an obsession,” Doug Renner vividly remembers. “That car was the catalyst to how this whole thing started with my ’69 SS. Like many of us who grew up in the ’70s, playing with toy and model cars were the gateway to one day having the real thing. “As a kid, I loved playing Hot Wheels with all the neighborhood kids and my two brothers,” Doug recalls. “We’d play with those cars all day long.” That passion was confirmed when Doug took on an after-school gig at his dad’s shop as an environmental presentation engineer…

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small-block build

When we left off last month, our short-block Chevy engine was assembled and we had determined what we needed to look for when it came to cylinder heads (67cc combustion chambers). Half the valvetrain components were also in place (cam and lifters) but we still had yet to choose rocker arms and measure for pushrods. In addition to determining those components, we also needed to check the piston-to-valve clearance once the cylinder heads and related valvetrain components were on-hand. To top off our budget build, we chose a pair of Summit Racing cast-iron Vortec cylinder heads due to their reputation for being a great out-of-the-box design at an even greater price. The Vortec cylinder head design dates back some 30 years, but its cutting-edge design (for the time) still retains great…

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1964 impala

For many years Paula Lewis had a problem—and it was one that she was desperate to fix. You might be asking what possible problem could she have had? She explains, “Since the first day I got my license I have always been a Chevy girl. My first car was a Camaro and as most who love Camaros, I always wanted a ’69.” While that might not seem like a problem, when she tied the knot, her husband, Matt, didn’t share in her appreciation for anything with a Bowtie. He was—and is—a hard-core Mopar guy and for her she states that “it was not a car that I was really into.” As the family grew, going to car shows became a problem for her because Matt’s ’67 Belvedere was tubbed and…