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Artist Profile is a leading quarterly journal taking its readers into the studios and minds of contemporary artists across Australasia and beyond. Industry professionals engage leading practitioners and emerging talent in conversations about their art, in their own words, while our exclusive photo shoots provide intimate access into artists’ personal and working lives. Readers gain knowledge of artists’ methods, preview works in progress and discover the life experiences that ignite artistic imaginations.

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THE AP TEAM EDITOR Kon Gouriotis artistprofile@nextmedia.com.au ART DIRECTOR Kim Gregory kgregory@nextmedia.com.au WRITER Lucy Stranger artistprofile@nextmedia.com.au SUB-EDITOR Jamie McIlwraith CONTRIBUTORS CHLOE MANDRYK is a Sydney based writer and curator. She is Art & Australia’ Publication Manager and the ‘Art, Not Apart’ festival Head Curator, Canberra. ELIZABETH GERTSARKIS is a Melbourne based artist, curator and writer. GUNN is a Melbourne based historian, art curator and critic. JOE FROST is a Sydney based painter. He is a National Art School Teacher. JUDITH PUGH is a Regional NSW based writer. She is completing a doctoral thesis on Commonwealth visual arts funding. LUCY STRANGER is a Central West, NSW based arts journalist and Artist Profile Writer. MAGGIE BAXTER is a Western Australian based artist, writer, curator and public art coordinator. MICHAEL HAGEDORN is a Hamburg based freelance Photojournalist, specialising in arts, health and age issues. OWEN CRAVEN is a Sydney based freelance writer. He is a Curator at Urban Art Projects. He is a…

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editor's note

IT IS WELL KNOWN that living artists are the core of Artist Profile. We have presented the work of about 500 Australian and international artists since Artist Profile was established over eight years ago. Our commitment has been dedicated to artists at all stages of their practice. We talk to artists rather than about them. Our writers are invited to use various approaches, from previews and conversations to stories, essays and reviews. The artist’s authentic environment is what we endeavour to bring to you through these pages with the support of the artists, their galleries, collectors and the public museums and galleries that curate and also collect their work. Expanding on our dedication to artists, for my first issue of Artist Profile as its new editor, I have included two new…

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residencies and reality: bad business in the visual arts

INCREMENTAL CHANGES over time, together with the latest de-funding of the Australia Council, have seen the international residency program begun by the inaugural Director of the Visual Arts Board (recently disbanded), Leon Paroissien, effectively destroyed. To those outside the art world, at a time when costs are examined and margins shaved, when visual artists struggle for space and materials to work with at home, the new Australian Council for the Arts International Residencies Program announced last September, a program that provides travel to and studio space in two major capital cities, might seem a luxury. But the program, one of the most costeffective uses of Australian Council for the Arts funds, has been cut to pieces. We all know that the Australia Council, like all government-funded instrumentalities, must budget wisely and increase…

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monica rohan

I UNDERSTAND YOU grew up in a rural area in Queensland? My dad’s a dairy farmer so I grew up on a property in the Kerry Valley in the Gold Coast hinterlands. I spent a lot of my childhood and teens just wandering around the hills, having free rein there. My parents let me go to art lessons, and I was always pretty focused. I could spend hours and hours drawing all the time. I was also the youngest; my siblings are quite older than me so I had a lot of time left to my own devices. Who has influenced your practice? Particularly one painting, Édouard Vuillard’s ‘Interior, Mother and Sister of the Artist’, 1893. In the work there are two figures, especially the sister who is standing and stooping, and blending…

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nusra latif qureshi

NUSRA LATIF QURESHI, an artist from Lahore, Pakistan, now living in Australia, studied at the National College of Arts in Lahore, undertaking formal studies in Pakistani miniature painting, which included Western and Eastern art history. Qureshi’s artistic directions continued her investigations of 18th-century Pahari paintings from the sub-Himalayan mountain ranges. Pahari imagery is said to be more spacious than that found in Mughal miniatures, the Pahari focus being the subtle complexities of human relationships, often between couples. The ethos of the National College of Arts was profound for Qureshi because of its disciplined training in traditional methods but also because of its emphasis on the “inner self” in an environment of equality, irrespective of social or financial circumstances. Entry into the National College of Arts in Lahore was based on high entry…

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joanna braithwaite juggling reality

Joanna Braithwaite’s paintings present juxtapositions of reality and the absurd. Her painting style is imbued with traditional techniques – richly layered oil paintings, with loose brushwork reminiscent of the Dutch masters of the 17th century. While the subject matter contained in her paintings diverges from that of the traditional, characters from the fringe of society who capture Braithwaite’s attention fi ll the canvas. They are engaged in unusual acts that are normalised by the artist’s rendering of them – a circus clown with a half a dozen dogs bulging out of his over-sized novelty pants, a donkey balancing an impossible amount of fruit in baskets on its back, Catholic nuns zooming through the street on mobility Segways … ARTIST PROFILE spoke to Braithwaite in her Sydney studio about all that which…