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Artist Profile Issue 41

Artist Profile is a leading quarterly journal taking its readers into the studios and minds of contemporary artists across Australasia and beyond. Industry professionals engage leading practitioners and emerging talent in conversations about their art, in their own words, while our exclusive photo shoots provide intimate access into artists’ personal and working lives. Readers gain knowledge of artists’ methods, preview works in progress and discover the life experiences that ignite artistic imaginations.

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THE AP TEAM EDITOR Kon Gouriotis artistprofile@nextmedia.com.au ART DIRECTOR Kim Gregory kgregory@nextmedia.com.au DEPUTY EDITOR Lucy Stranger lstranger@nextmedia.com.au SUB-EDITOR Jamie McIlwraith CONTRIBUTORS DR ASHLEY CRAWFORD is a Melbourne-based arts journalist; cargocollective.com/ashleycrawford BRIDGET MACLEOD is an arts writer and curator. She is the Gallery Officer at Shoalhaven City Art Centre, Nowra JUDITH PUGH is a regional NSW based writer. She is doing a doctorate on Commonwealth visual arts funding LOUISE MARTIN-CHEW is a PhD candidate at the University of Queensland; louisemartinchew.com ELLI WALSH is a Sydney-based arts writer LOUELLA HAYES is a Perth-based arts writer and gallery administrator OWEN CRAVEN is a Melbourne-based writer; he is a curator with Urban Art Projects MICHAEL YOUNG is a visual arts writer based in Australia SOPHIA CAI is a Melbourne-based curator and arts writer KIM GUTHRIE is a photographer, kimguthrieaustralia.com TED SNELL is Director of the Cultural Precinct at the University of Western Australia ANDREW TURLEY is a Sydney based author of A day-by-day guide to the Adelaide Ladies: 59…

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editor's note

“I BELIEVE AN ARTIST HAS TO GET a life rather than a career. They have to experience the wide variety of things that life can give you, all the changes that can happen.” William Robinson’s cover story interview with Louise Martin-Chew for this issue of Artist Profile is a fascinating read, full of apt observations and good advice, especially for anyone whose life is involved in the visual arts. There are particular artists whose achievements are important to an understanding of visual art. Robinson is undoubtedly one of those artists, and not to recognise him is to be unaware: there are few who can surpass his sensitivity. And at 81, he still has something to achieve. After being absorbed in media accounts of the 2006 “July War” between Israel and Lebanon, in…

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melbourne art fair v sydney art fair

EARLIER THIS YEAR, AS THE 2017 EDITION OF SYDNEY Contemporary (SC) art fair hit its straps, one visitor among the many attending the four-day event could be seen attentively navigating her way between the spacious booths. That was Maree Di Pasquale, the recently appointed CEO of the Melbourne Art Fair (MAF) who has been charged with resurrecting the biennial MAF, the last edition of which was cancelled in 2016 at short notice among accusations that it had become moribund and irrelevant. Many thought MAF’s condition terminal, but it will return to the art fair calendar on 2-5 August 2018 at Southbank Arts Precinct, just a few weeks before SC transitions from a biannual to an annual art fair. Both fairs will be vying to attract the same collectors, buyers and international…

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sanne koelemij

Canberra-based artist Sanne Koelemij creates collaged compositions that recalibrate the dialogue between colour, shape and material. Her shapes warp in kaleidoscopic patterns while depth and surface merge in tactile constellations camouflaged by plays of light and colour, creating a visual tension that is both disarming and alluring. “I became drawn to materials with interesting ‘deformities’ such as a shoe print pressed onto surfaces; like a fingerprint. This became addictive and I started collecting any type of texture I could find – I was ‘dumpster diving’ at this time! IN WHAT WAYS HAVE YOU BEEN EXPANDING YOUR practice since graduating from the ANU in Canberra? During art school I had so many thoughts and ideas; I was constantly distracting myself with the wealth of making. I was given the advice to focus on one…

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margaret loypula

Margaret Loy Pula paints experiences. Her sometimes austere and at other times vibrantly colourful paintings record the rhythms of her Anmatyerre culture through fine dots. The dots begin in the centre of her paintings, and move in a weblike spread, creating their own geometric shapes, spaces and sizes as bear witness to Pula’s stories. Earlier this year she was awarded the Arthur Guy Memorial Prize and in September she was the winner of the Tattersall’s Art Prize in Brisbane. Last month in her first exhibition at Marc Straus Gallery, New York, she was shown with the Viennese artist Hermann Nitsch. And this is where ARTIST PROFILE begins the conversation. WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION OF NEW YORK? It is a big city. It was a big city in the day time. My…

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william robinson

William Robinson has reached the greatest heights available to an Australian artist and is the only living Australian artist with a gallery dedicated to his work, the William Robinson Gallery at Old Government House in Brisbane. Reaching international acclaim, William Robinson: Genesis has just opened in Washington DC, and will travel to Paris in January 2018. He works across subjects from epic landscape paintings to characterful portraits and, increasingly in recent years where age restricts his ability to be in the landscape, still-life. In his 81st year, he remains committed to taking his paintings into new territory. “Not knowing how the picture is going to be resolved is a very important thing. I think you need to look suspiciously at your work. YOU COULDN’T PRACTISE FULL-TIME AS AN ARTIST until you were…