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Artist Profile Issue 44

Artist Profile is a leading quarterly journal taking its readers into the studios and minds of contemporary artists across Australasia and beyond. Industry professionals engage leading practitioners and emerging talent in conversations about their art, in their own words, while our exclusive photo shoots provide intimate access into artists’ personal and working lives. Readers gain knowledge of artists’ methods, preview works in progress and discover the life experiences that ignite artistic imaginations.

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THE ARTIST PROFILE TEAM PUBLISHER John Feitelson jfeitelson@artistprofile.com.au EDITOR Kon Gouriotis kgouriotis@artistprofile.com.au ART DIRECTOR Kim Gregory kgregory@artistprofile.com.au DEPUTY EDITOR Elli Walsh ewalsh@artistprofile.com.au PRINCIPAL WRITER John McDonald johnmcdonald@artistprofile.com.au INTERNATIONAL ARTS WRITER Lucy Stranger lstranger@artistprofile.com.au SUB-EDITOR Jamie McIlwraith artistprofile@artistprofile.com.au NATIONAL ADVERTISING MANAGER Jill Trochei jtrochei@artistprofile.com.au CONTRIBUTORS BRIDGET MACLEOD is an arts writer and curator based on the South Coast of NSW LOUISE MARTIN-CHEW is a PhD candidate at the University of Queensland; louisemartinchew.com DR ASHLEY CRAWFORD is a Melbourne-based arts journalist; cargocollective.com/ashleycrawford LOUELLA HAYES is a Perth-based arts writer KIM GUTHRIE is a photographer based in the Sunshine Coast, Qld; kimguthrieaustralia.com GISELLE STANBOROUGH is an artist and writer based in Sydney; gisellestanborough.com DR JUDITH PUGH is a regional NSW based arts and cultural writer JELLE VAN DEN BERG is an artist based in regional New South Wales DAVID ROWE is a cartoonist with the Australian Financial Review, based in Sydney DR SASHA GRISHIN works internationally as an art historian, art critic and curator, based in Canberra H. R.…

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editor's note

The response to Artist Profile over time has shown that getting behind artists and their art matters to you as it does to us. To ensure we’re evolving with you and the ever changing artistic landscape of Australasia, the magazine has embarked on some exciting changes. After ten years with nextmedia, Artist Profile has changed hands. John Feitelson and I have bought the magazine. A migrant to Australia and a property identity with interest in the creative arts, John brings a new entrepreneurial spirit to the project. As the publisher of Artist Profile, John is committed with me to expanding its DNA. Joining the editorial team as our principal writer is prominent art critic John McDonald. John will develop our critical writing on local and international exhibitions and film made by or…

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the tarnished prizes

NO NATION ON EARTH CAN MATCH AUSTRALIA’S enduring love of art prizes. It reflects our obsession with sport (which is something we can do as well as anybody), allied with the perennial Cultural Cringe (the sense that we suffer from a lack of Old Masters and ruined temples). The Cringe was named by A.A. Phillips in 1950 but it has been around since the early days of colonisation. The first concerted rebuttal arrived with P.R. Stephensen’s polemic, The Foundations of Culture in Australia (1936), which made a forceful case for the value of Aboriginal culture and landscape painting. This provided only limited reassurance for a country that liked to think of itself as a bastion of western civilisation, albeit on the wrong side of the planet. There remained the lingering fear that…

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oscar perry

When we visited Oscar Perry at his studio in a large warehouse complex in Brunswick, he was working on a new series of paintings to show at the Melbourne Art Fair in August. The studio itself is in a state of productive chaos, with unfinished paintings stacked against the walls and paint paraphernalia spread around. Oscar tells me that ‘people are shocked when they come into the studio, like it’s a crime scene or an episode of Hoarders’. Our conversation is rather like his creative process: long, meandering, a bit messy and full of tangents, obscure facts, and interesting stories. OSCAR, YOU TRAINED AS A PAINTER, AND FORMALLY your paintings seem to stem from a modernist, abstract expressionist lineage. What is your relationship to the traditions of modernist painting? Yeah, that stuff…

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ceara metlikovec

The recent winner of the Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing, Ceara Metlikovec creates seemingly minimalist drawings often inspired by very un-minimalist music, such as Radiohead. And if she doesn’t like the outcome, she burns it. If I could play music then create a drawing, I could transcribe the energy I was feeling. THE DRAWINGS FROM YOUR ONGOING INDIGO SERIES often assume a minimalist aesthetic. Are you leaving it up to the viewer to decide what they mean, or is there a fixed idea behind the works? For me, the idea was to create an opportunity for seeing something other than things from the everyday. I’m trying to curate what I’m producing so that it gives the viewer a window into something else; something that we’ve missed out on knowing or seeing, but that…

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fiona hall

Artist Profile visited Fiona Hall in Hobart as she was preparing a new work for the inaugural Bangkok Art Biennale later this year. Known for her multi-media installations featuring a variety of hand-honed materials, the artist is focusing her energies on the fraught subject of war, and how it has always been a part of the human condition. FIONA HALL IS STANDING IN A STUDIO FULL OF broken bottles that open out into a winter garden. The earth is stubbled with dormant bulbs and the water beyond looks cold. Her materials within this space are ordinary yet menacing. Shards of green and sepia glass have been painted with chalky oil paint to outline the shattered bones of skeletons and the glass lies on the floor in a formation that you swiftly…