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Australasian Dirt Bike Magazine Issue 491

For 37 years, Australasian Dirt Bike magazine has been the definitive source of information for off-road motorcyclists – from beginners wondering where to ride and what gear to wear, to seasoned riders getting their monthly fix of racing action and bike hot-up advice. The stories cater to junior riders, ’weekend warrior’ trail riders, full-blown racer-heads and the technically-minded. Bike tests, riding tips, equipment guides, race reports and rider profiles are all delivered with full-colour professional photography.

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what a month

SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED IN FOUR WEEKS IT FEELS LIKE A YEAR THE LAST FOUR weeks have been mental. We’ve finally emerged from lockdown and it feels like we have a new lease of life. Riding is back on, racing is on the screens but, best of all, we can go to the pub for an ice-cold schooner. Part of the reason we ride at ADB is to enjoy everything small country towns have to offer and experience their warm, inviting watering holes. One such venue (although it’s not really a small country town) for the ADB team is the mighty Doylo, on the NSW Central Coast. The day before our first ride I couldn’t sleep. Partly because of the epic trails and conditions I knew we were about to experience after…

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adb’s first e-catalogue

IT SEEMED ONE of the most popular jobs while in lockdown was to dust-off that old dirtbike and get it ready for riding when restrictions lifted. We thought this fad would die off as soon as restrictions lifted but we’ve been inundated by readers who have found a passion in rebuilding, refreshing or restoring their bike and have been asking us what accessory brands we prefer. So we thought we’d put together a catalogue of all the parts and gear that we prefer to use when rebuilding or riding to make it easier for you. Stay tuned to our digital and social channels for our free and incredible e-catalogue of cool gear.…

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fresh metal

COVID-19 WREAKED havoc on all the major European manufacturers at a critical time in the production cycle leading up to MY21 releases. Most factories stopped work due to the restrictions and supply chain interruptions and only resumed weeks before they were expected to launch next year’s bikes. As this issue of ADB was going to print, Sherco, Beta, Husky and KTM launched their MY21 machines. The French made the most significant changes to their two-stroke and four-stroke engines while KTM and Beta announced only minor tweaks.…

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blue highlights

TWO-STROKE – New graphics – New rear brake return spring to improve pedal return and stop leadfoots cooking their brake pads – New crankshaft (125SE) – Counter-balancer to reduce vibration and rider fatigue (250/300SE) – New gearbox and selector mechanism with new ratios. Gearbox assembly lighter by 600g (250/300SE) – Total engine weight reduction of 1.2kg (250/300SE) – New secondary shaft and gearbox output (125/250/300SE) – New cylinder head with lower compression (250/300SE) – Updated ignition maps and new ignition coil control unit Two power maps with significant power difference (4kW) FOUR-STROKE – Connecting rod big-end now a plain-bearing design aimed at improving engine life (250/300SEF) – New conrod is claimed to reduce low-speed stalling – Tilt sensor shuts down engine in the event of a fall, not ideal for Romaniacs but we guess you won’t be doing that on a…

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THE EXC RANGE is headlined by minor updates to the suspension, engine and graphics across four-stroke and two-stroke models. KTM says it worked on optimising the current platform, which they also said last year, with further mods to the WP suspension components and settings, as well as engine tweaks and new graphics. The biggest change is the addition of a preload adjuster on the Xplor fork, previously only available as a PowerPart but standard on Husqvarna models. This allows for quick and easy preload adjustment without the need for tools, and we’re guessing it won’t be on the Austrian’s GasGas range. The KTM 150EXC engine has been given a new piston, which is cast instead of forged. Not much is new in the four-stroke department, with the exception of a reworked shift locker…

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BETA MOTORCYCLES MY21 RR range is claimed to have “numerous evolutions” despite the factory being caught in the heart of the pandemic in Italy. Changes across the range are mostly tuning updates, with the ZF fork being tweaked again. The Betas have also received small tweaks to the steering head, composite subframe, shock, seat and electricals. The bikes are due to arrive in August, with the best news being that prices are unchanged, starting with the RR125 at $11,495. The KYB-equipped Racing models are yet to be revealed.…