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Australian Flying July-August 2019

Australian Flying is Australia's premier General Aviation magazine, dedicated to educating and entertaining those at the sharp end of aviation. Each issue of Australian Flying delivers hands on tips to better flying along with advice and reviews on the latest technologies, accessories and techniques on the market. Australian Flying also brings you the latest news and most current topical issues affecting the aviation industry. Australian Flying is staffed by an experienced and dedicated team of writers and pilots who share a common goal to inform and inspire better pilots.

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time to sharpen the edge

It should have been a harrowing experience for me, but it wasn't. I was one of eight pilots flying home over the ranges after a navigational exercise, when Melbourne Centre frequency lit up. One of our number was experiencing a stuttering, misfiring engine. The pilot reported his intention to land in a paddock as a precaution. The came the words that chilled many of us: dead-stick. The engine had failed completely. A good mate was going down and there was nothing any of us in the air could do about it. It was hard to concentrate on my primary task of flying my own aeroplane as I listened to the narrative on the airwaves. Two others in our group diverted to the scene, also helpless to do anything but communicate with…

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choose your head set to match your mission

PROFLIGHT AVIATION HEADSET With features tailored for lower noise environments and the unique needs of pilots who fly in airline flight decks and corporate jet aircraft, the ProFlight, which is the product of more than 30 years of technological development, features advanced Bose technology in an innovative new form factor. The ProFlight pairs the clarity you expect from Bose with three user selectable modes of noise cancellation. FAA TSO and EASA E/TSO-C139a certified. 4.9 ounces on-head weight. Helps enhance comfort over long periods of use. Three user selectable modes of noise cancellation. Allows user to select the mode that best suits the aircraft noise environment and personal preference. Tap control for talk-through communication. Double tapping either earbud allows for optimized voice communication outside of the intercom. A20 AVIATION HEADSET For higher noise environments, pilots may prefer the A20, engineered…

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“how many times do you hear of aircraft running into difficulties from industrial plumes?” Editor’s Pick Short and straight to the point, this reader is voicing what many in the industry are asking at the moment. It is worth remembering that although the likes of Airservices and CASA have an obligation to consult, that obligation does not extend to actually complying with the feedback. Note also, that feedback from the GA industry is rarely harmonious or unanimous. Where is Consultation getting Us? Hi, Steve. I shake my head in wonderment when I read that Airservices is going to try to put Class E over Class D towers … again. We tried this years ago and they didn’t go ahead with it. Last year it reared its ugly head again and the industry said they didn’t…

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airservices launches industry operations forums

Airservices Australia has established general aviation Industry Operations Forums to communicate better with stakeholders and discuss plans and initiatives for the future. The first meeting with aviation associations was held in Canberra in May, with further forums planned for later this year. The first meeting involved representatives from 11 groups including RAAus, the Australian Airports Association, the Regional Aviation Association of Australia (RAAA), Sydney Metro Airports, CASA, the Bureau of Meteorology and the Regional Airspace and Procedures Advisory Committees (RAPAC) among others. Although Airservices will not make the forum notes public, Australian Flying believes issues such as OneSKY, Class E over Class D and digital tower technology were discussed. According to Airservices’ Customer Engagement Manager Elissa Keenan, Airservices created the Industry Operations Forums to deepen engagement with stakeholders. “It’s really important for us to…

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taaaf policy calls for casa reform

The Australian Aviation Associations Forum (TAAAF) has called for substantial reform of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) through a major review of the Civil Aviation Act 1988. The call came in the 2019 TAAAF policy released in the lead-up to the 18 May Federal Election. The policy was signed by TAAAF chair and former CASA Chairman Jeff Boyd, and TAAAF executives Paul Tyrrell from the Australian Helicopter Industry Association and Michael Monck from Recreational Aviation Australia. “This policy is aimed directly at strengthening and improving the operational and strategic output of the regulator so that it is more effective and efficient while still remaining focussed on continual improvement in safety and risk management,” the policy states.“While there are many other issues relevant to aviation policy, the primary focus should remain on…

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