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the smart man’s cheat sheet

Know this If the shoe fits • 79% of runners could be wearing the wrong shoes, according to independent research commissioned on behalf of ASICS. A further 70% of surveyed participants didn’t know if they were a pronating, neutral or under-pronating runner, and only one third admitted to actually knowing the difference between a stability running shoe and a neutral running shoe. Do this Console yourself • A five-year exercise trial of previously sedentary adults found those using the Nintendo Wii were exercising 30 minutes more per week at the end of the study than those who’d been using a treadmill. Reductions in cholesterol were also twice as large in the Wii group versus standard participants. “Gamification” was cited as the reason for the increased engagement. Drink this Shake for endurance • You know protein is paramount for…

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getting high

Free-falling from up to 27m combined with impressive acrobatic displays? That’s the essence of Red Bull cliff diving – a sport that’s certainly not for the faint of heart. Since 2009, the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series has provided a platform – literally – for divers to showcase their aesthetic style with dives of incredible complexity. Here, Michal Navratil of the Czech Republic performs during the first day of competition at the seventh and final stop of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series in Bilbao, Spain in September of this year.…

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let them eat meat

A study from Canada has found cutting back on red and processed meat has little impact on health. A panel of scientists reviewed the available evidence and have recommended that most people should continue to eat their current levels of meat. In their analysis, the researchers didn’t find an important association between meat consumption and the risk of heart disease, diabetes or cancer, and found only a very small reduction in risk among those who had three fewer servings of red or processed meat per week. The team are aware that this is contrary to many current nutritional guidelines. But they stand by it: “This is not just another study on meat, but a series of high-quality systematic reviews resulting in recommendations we think are far more transparent, robust and reliable,” says…

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One or the other Scientists have been examining the fast and slow-twitch muscles used respectively for explosive and endurance activities. A chemical released during strength training has now been found by a team in Switzerland to actively convert muscles away from their endurance capacity to better perform short, intense movements. Previously, it was not understood that one type of training would be detrimental to another. The researchers say their findings have implications on how older athletes can adapt their training to maintain muscle mass. Game day gains • Researchers from Leeds University, UK, have found that armchair footy fans can raise their heart rate as much as 64% during an intense match. Sedentary fans experience a heart rate equivalent to going for a brisk walk when watching their team play on TV – described…

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inner strength

The type of diet you follow and your fitness program can affect your gut. A study looked at differences between bodybuilders and endurance runners. High-protein diets typical of lifters had much lower levels of beneficial bacteria. They also found athletes involved in aerobic and resistance sports eating a high-protein, low-carb, low-fibre diet had less short chain fatty acid-producing bacteria known for their anti-inflammatory benefits. The take-home: even if you’re upping your protein, don’t neglect fibre.…

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One of a kind What do you look for in a partner? Smokin’ good looks? Loads of dosh? It turns out one of the top qualities people look for in a long-term partner is kindness. A study in the Journal of Personality of more than 2700 uni students from Eastern and Western countries across the globe found that, while traits like physical attractiveness and money were important, the one that was given the highest priority was kindness. After kindness, men focused more on physical attractiveness, while women focused more on good financial prospects. Of lesser importance were qualities such as creativity and (no surprises here) chastity. The good fight • Research has shown that happy couples bicker over the same things as unhappy ones: kids, money, in-laws, sex. But a study in Family…