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Men's Fitness is your personal trainer, dietician, life coach and training partner in one package. It's about fitness of the mind and body. Covering fitness, health, nutrition, participation in sport, relationships, travel and men's fashion, the magazine drives its readers to be fitter, stronger, healthier and ultimately, happier.

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the smart man’s cheat sheet

Do this Think fast • Working out before work is a necessity for many, but its benefits extend beyond simply fitting everything in. When your body is in a fasted state (before breakfast), insulin levels are low and fat stores are the primary source of energy. A recent study involving men showed those who exercised before eating burned double the amount of fat as those who exercised after breakfast. It also improved insulin sensitivity, which may make it easier to maintain your weight. Drink this Currant trend • Blackcurrant juice has joined tart cherry juice as your go-to post-workout drink. Blackcurrants are naturally rich in anthocyanins with anti-inflammatory benefits. Clinical trials have found blackcurrant powder, juice and extract increase performance in endurance exercise. Blackcurrant juice has also been shown to lower lactate levels, improving recovery…

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early warning

Proactively planning to manage temptations may be more effective than simply responding to temptation when it arises, making you more likely to achieve goals like weight loss, says new research from the University of Wyoming, US. “People rely on several self-control strategies,” the researchers write. “The use of these can be planned ahead of time, before a temptation is directly experienced. Planning self-control ahead of time may be critically involved in achieving long-term goals.” The researchers studied uni students to assess the effectiveness of five self-control strategies: Situation selection Avoiding situations where temptation is present. Situation modification Altering your situation to minimise temptation. Distraction Diverting your attention away from a temptation. Reappraisal Changing the way you think about a temptation to make it seem less appealing. Response inhibition Exerting effort to shun the temptation when confronted with it. The researchers found that the…

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Life cycle Leave the car at home and make your way to work on foot or by bike. Why? Apart from saving you money, a study led by the University of Leeds, UK, found that walking and cycling to work were associated with fewer heart attacks across 43 million adults in England. The researchers acknowledged that the big risk factors for heart disease are a lack of exercise, being overweight, smoking and diabetes. After adjusting for these, they found that active commuting was linked with additional health benefits. For women who walked to work, there was a 1.7% reduction in heart attacks the following year. For men who cycled to work, there was a 1.7% reduction. Magic minute • High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is most effective for improving fitness when performed at 60-second…

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action stations!

The largest ever study to use genetics as a measurement for physical activity to look at its effect on prostate cancer has revealed that being more active reduces the risk of prostate cancer. The study, in the International Journal of Epidemiology, found that people with the variation in their DNA that makes them more likely to be active had a 51% reduced risk of prostate cancer than people who didn’t have this variation. Importantly, the findings relate to overall physical activity, not just intense exercise.…

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All is quiet... A high-fat meal can silence communication between the intestine and the rest of the body, says research from Duke University, US. Researchers examined cells that normally tell the brain and the rest of the body what’s going on inside the gut after a meal, and they discovered that a high-fat meal completely shuts down that communication for a few hours. The cells they were looking at are the enteroendocrine cells in the gut, which play a key role in signalling the body about the alimentary canal. They produce at least 15 different hormones to send signals to the rest of the body about gut movement, feelings of fullness, digestion, nutrient absorption, insulin sensitivity and energy storage. But after a high-fat meal, they fall asleep on the job –…

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herbal remedy

Sleep is essential to both performance and progress. Not getting enough of it affects your efforts to build muscle and lose fat – not to mention your general health and happiness. If you’re struggling to get enough shuteye, the Indian herb ashwagandha has been found to be highly effective at inducing sleep. Just one dose of 300mg extract twice daily has been shown to reduce both the time taken to drift off and the quality of sleep. On the back of such findings, sales in the US grew a whopping 165.9% last year.…