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the smart man’s cheat sheet

Eat this The whole egg • Egg whites might be high in protein and low in fat, but a recent study in Sports Medicine compared ingestion of whole eggs to egg whites on muscle synthesis rates. Whole eggs were found to be superior for post-exercise protein synthesis, which may be due to the combo of high-quality protein, fats, vitamins and minerals not found in the whites alone. A single egg contains less than 100 calories, but packs in 6g protein – making it an ideal addition to any meal. Take this DOMS-buster • A new way to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS): digestive enzyme supplementation. A recent study in the Journal of Nutrition Science Research found that a multi enzyme (containing alpha-amylase, protease, cellulase, lactase and lipase) resulted in significant improvement in pain and…

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full steam ahead

Does training make you hungrier and so you eat more than you should, or does it help to control your appetite? New research out of Drexel University, US, suggests that it’s the latter. Researchers found exercise to be a protective factor in a study where participants who were following a reduced-calorie diet also exercised. “Almost all weight-loss programs prescribe exercise because of its health benefits and because it burns calories,” says Rebecca Crochiere, lead author of the study. “Interestingly, our study suggests that exercise may also aid in adhering to a reduced-calorie diet, perhaps through improved regulation of appetite or eating behaviour.” The study found that when participants didn’t exercise, the risk of overeating in the following hours was 12%. But when they exercised for 60 minutes, the risk of overeating was cut…

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Get sweating Think saunas are relaxing? Sure, they might feel luxurious, but they’re also giving your body a workout. According to German researchers, your blood pressure doesn’t drop during a sauna visit - it rises, as well as your heart rate. This increase is even comparable to the effect of a short, moderate workout. Getting steamy can also help to keep you healthy – taking a sauna can halve your risk of picking up a nasty bug, according to an Austrian study. Over a six-month period, study subjects taking a sauna twice a week experienced significantly fewer incidences of common cold symptoms compared with a control group who didn’t get hot under the collar. Saunas have also been found to help reduce your risk of stroke and dementia. Local gym doesn’t…

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phones down

Texting is linked to compromised pedestrian safety, with higher rates of “near misses” and failure to look left and right before crossing a road than either listening to music or talking on the phone. So says a pooled analysis of the available evidence, published online in the journal Injury Prevention. Worldwide, around 270,000 pedestrians die every year, accounting for around a fifth of all road traffic deaths. And here in Oz, pedestrian road deaths are increasing even while the total road toll is going down.…

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No doze? One in three Aussies will suffer from insomnia at some point in their lives, and if you’re one of them, a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition might offer you some insight. The study, which was looking at post-menopausal women, found that those who consumed a diet high in refined carbs – particularly added sugars – were more likely to develop insomnia. Meanwhile, those whose diet included higher amounts of vegies, fibre and whole fruit (not juice) were less likely to develop insomnia. “Insomnia is often treated with cognitive behavioural therapy or medications, but these can be expensive or carry side effects,” says the study’s senior author Dr James Gangwisch. “By identifying other factors that lead to insomnia, we may find straightforward and low-cost interventions with fewer…

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Dating game Still looking for love? You’re far from alone. According to Relationships Australia, around 4.5 million Aussies use dating apps or sites every year, and according to YouGov Australia, a third of all Aussies have searched for love online. Further, 53% of us know at least one couple who met online. But if you’re not having any luck on Tinder or OKCupid, you could try this tactic: a 30-year-old bloke from the UK has forked out £425 ($822) for a 3m high and 6m wide billboard advertising for a girlfriend. Mark, from Sheffield, told The Mirror that he had been contacted by more than 100 people, and is currently raising funds for more billboards to go up around the country. Sure beats swiping right. The fuzz • Beards are kind of in…