Australian Motorcyclist March 2021

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mr cranky is back!

AS I WROTE MY editorial for the last issue I was halfway through rebuilding the GSX1100 engine. The head and barrel had been machined, new gaskets arrived and next on the list was to pull the bottom end apart, have a good look around, fix up a couple of things that weren’t to Shaun’s (D Moto Motorcycle Engineering) liking and put it back together. Next up was to machine the pistons as we found the Wiseco pistons in this 1260cc engine were the higher 13.5:1 versions – too much for a roadie. Shaun machined the tops of the pistons into a shape he said will make a better burning combustion chamber, then we needed to dummy assemble the pistons and barrel to measure the pistons’ height, and we gapped the new…

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OAM FOR THE BIG MAN Toby Price has received a medal of the Order of Australia in the General Division, being recognised for his national and international success. Price is over the moon and humbled with being given such high recognition. Now he just needs to get better from surgery and get back on the bike. Read our quick wrap up of Dakar 2021 in this issue. OH NO Top Mountain Car and Motorcycle Museum in Austria has sadly burnt to the ground. No one was hurt in the fire, but only a couple of bikes were saved with the rest being destroyed. With no fire system and being housed in a wooden building, far from emergency services, the bikes and cars really had no hope. 2022, ALREADY? Arriving into Australia in the second half…

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kawasaki versys 1000 s

LAST YEAR WE TESTED the Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE with all its electronic wizardry and fanfare. For 2021, Kawasaki has looked at the sales of its European counterparts, noting the non-electronic suspension S version was a big seller. So Kawasaki Motors Australia has decided to drop the SE for the moment and run with the S model, priced at $19,999 – I think this is a great idea for those wanting this type of ‘sport’ adventure motorcycle – virtually the same motorcycle at a lower price, what’s not to love! The Versys 1000 S offers all the great features of the 2020 Versys 1000 SE except KECS (Kawasaki Electronic Suspension System). I know Kawasaki (and other manufacturers) class this type of bike in the ‘Adventure’ category, but they really aren’t…

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KAWASAKIVERSYS 1000 S PRICE: $19,999 (ride away) WARRANTY: Two years, unlimited distance SERVICING INTERVALS: Every 12,000km or 12 months ENGINE: 1043cc liquid-cooled in-line four cylinder, 77x56mm bore/stroke, DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder POWER: 88.2kW @ 9000rpm TORQUE: 102Nm @ 7500rpm TRANSMISSION: 6-speed, wet multi-plate assist/slipper clutch, chain final drive SUSPENSION: Front, 43mm inverted fork, adjustable preload and rebound, travel 150mm. Rear, monoshock, adjustable preload and rebound, travel 152mm DIMENSIONS: Seat height 840mm, weight 255kg (wet), fuel capacity 21 litres, wheelbase 1520mm TYRES: Front, 120/70/ZR17. Rear, 180/55/ZR17 BRAKES: Front, twin 310mm discs with radial four-piston ABS calipers. Rear, 250mm disc, single-piston ABS caliper FUEL CONSUMPTION: 5.76 litres per 100km, premium unleaded THEORETICAL RANGE: 364km COLOURS: Pearl Storm Gray with Metallic Diablo Black and Metallic Flat Spark Black VERDICT: Versysly versatile…

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one stone / two birds

AS YOU STARE, DISAPPOINTED again, at your ‘return for investment’ figure bobbing close to zero, with the cash rate even lower, consider that there might be an alternative. This will not only give you a chance to smile while it’s parked in your garage (or loungeroom) but will also allow you to tap into the trend of rising prices for classic/rare/desirable motorcycles. I have been following this movement for many years and I suspect that it might yield some welcome retirement dollars. I base this conviction on two things. Firstly, it seems that a large part of our riding population has no trouble spending thirty large ones on popular models from Harley-Davidson and BMW GSs without even flinching. Let’s start with that amount as an appropriate ceiling for this discussion. Secondly, I’m…

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kempsey to armidale having fun while learning

I AM DEFINITELY NOT SUGGESTING that you aren’t up to a bit of gravel riding. No way. I’m sure you’re not only experienced, you’re also keen to tackle some less stable footing (tyre-ing?). But most riders have at least one friend who has not ridden on gravel although he might harbor a secret desire to do so, but has never been presented with the opportunity under what he would consider reasonable conditions. okay, , we go. The road from Kempsey to Armidale is just what the dirty doctor ordered. Much of it is tarred, at both ends, and the bit in between is as good a stretch of gravel as you’ll find in Australia. Unless you believe that dumping people into the deep end is the best way to teach them…