Australian Motorcyclist October 2021

"The brainchild of two of Australia’s best known motorcycle journalists – Peter “The Bear” Thoeming and Stuart Woodbury. Together The Bear and Stuart provide you with all of the latest and greatest motorcycles and especially all of the best places to travel on your motorcycle. Each month you get our regular Pub of the Month column, along with our two free pullout maps – the only motorcycle magazine in Australia to provide such a unique feature. On sale around the middle of each month and of course you can guarantee your copy each month by subscribing! Make sure you are part of the AMM motorcycling community and enjoy your motorcycle even more."

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going retro

I WAS SITTING HERE IN lockdown and thinking of good times gone by and how everyone I talk to longs for those good times to return. I’m sure in time they will, however what will that world look like, in light of covid? More checkpoints to pass if we want to travel overseas is surely one thing that will become ‘the norm’. It might even be that we have some kind of ‘covid passport’ for that overseas travel, and possibly, even to travel in our own country. Perhaps even to get into our local café or restaurant for a sit down meal. I don’t know about you but the way the so-called leaders of each State or Territory carry on feels like going from New South Wales to Queensland or…

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lap it

On 10 September, 2021, a father and son team consisting of Millars Well Primary School Principal Weston Jackson and his super talented son the award winning actor, musician and all round top bloke Joel Jackson, will set off on The Lap; A Live Ride for Young Lives. An epic 45 day, 10,000km motorbike journey around the entirety of Western Australia in the name of raising funds and awareness for Telethon 2021. In a time when we’re separated by border closures and restrictions, this adventure seeks to be a uniting cause to bring us together in support of young West Australians and their families. With 35 events across the State, The Lap is set to inspire and unite our state-wide community through live music events, visits and fundraising events at Public Schools,…

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smokey and the dark horse

Shannons is giving motoring enthusiasts the chance to win two automotive icons – a 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am and a new Chief Dark Horse Indian Motorcycle! The prize includes 12-months Shannons Comprehensive Car and Bike Insurance and Shannons Roadside Assist. Plus $5000 cash for eligible Shannons Club Members. You could win up to a massive $110,000 in prizes! How to enter: 1. Get an eligible quote to score one entry. 2. Take out a new eligible Motor Policy for five entries. 3. And you can get ten entries if you take out a new eligible Home and Contents policy or have an existing Home and Contents policy. Made famous by the smash hit movie Smokey and the Bandit, the Trans Am on offer is a sympathetically restored left hand drive original. Featuring the iconic black…

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four of the best

AH, THE 1980S. THE DECADE OF, Back To The Future, Night Rider, wild hair, crazy colours and the digital calculator watch! As a motorcyclist and a huge fan of 1980s bikes the years that interest me the most are 1982 – 1984. Why? C’mon – the turbocharger era! When graphics were crazy digital look-a-like fonts and dash displays looked like the screen of your calculator (or the one calculator shared in your office). The Japanese went nuts over forced induction and although they produced some wild and memorable machines the era came and went as fast as you can say ‘fuel pressure regulator’. It was only a few years before said manufacturers out-gunned their own futuristic machines with naturally aspirated and less expensive models that were lighter and faster – plus better…

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white cliffs, nsw

YOU KNOW HOW REAL estate agents are always going on about “location, location, location”? Well, location matters in other ways than just your choice of the next palatial residence you wish to purchase. Or should that be, as in my case, “you wish you could purchase”? I had this brought home to me quite forcefully when I recently visited White Cliffs. As one of Australia’s best-known opal mining towns – the others being Lightning Ridge and Coober Pedy – you would expect it to be a fairly major tourist destination. Yes, I know, bloody tourists… but they keep many an Outback town alive when otherwise it might join the number of defunct ones. And White Cliffs has some tourist attractions, too. However, it isn’t until you compare it to the competition that…

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triumph street twin

QUESTIONS I GET (ALONG with “how do I get your job?”, answer “you don’t want it”) is “why do motorcycles have more and more electronics and other complications?” Actually, that’s not what they really ask. What they say is, “why do bikes have all this crap on them?” There are several reasons, including taking advantage of improving technology, but the one that concerns us here is “because then the manufacturers can charge more”. That is not as cynical as it sounds. Costs go up all the time, shareholders want better returns and you can’t just keep jacking up prices without a defensible reason. But there are only three ways of making more money: build bikes more cheaply, charge more per bike or sell more of the buggers. Triumph has moved production of…