Australian Road Rider Issue 142

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island dreaming

Hi folks, I’ve just returned from a day’s ride at Phillip Island, courtesy of Phillip Island Ride Days. It was all there in the title really, but there you go. I’ve done a lot of laps there, but not so much in recent times. So, it was time to reacquaint myself with the island’s attractions. The occasion was the opportunity to give our long-term Triumph Street Cup a gallop on the hallowed blacktop (see the story next issue), down there in the boondocks of the Bass Coast. Now, you will hear a lot of talk about Phillip Island and its magnificent circuit. And, there’s a whole lot of truth around all that. The layout and surface are mind-boggling; simply perfect in terms of vista, camber, topography and speed. It’s an incredible…

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stacey heaney tops the podium at mt tarrengower

In her second time running, Stacey Heaney set a blistering 43.9-second time up the steep and windy track in Maldon. “It was pretty scary; I snapped my clutch cable on the way up and just had to hold on for the ride. I thought I’d blown it, but then I saw the time and was over the moon,” says Stacey. She rides a heavily modified 1971 Yamaha XS650, which was prepared by the XS Club of Australia. “I’m lucky enough to be the main race rider of this motorcycle. We’re basically the guinea pig for the club, so everything we do on this bike is recorded so other XS builders know what does and doesn’t work,” explains Stacey. “It’s a lot of trial and error, but eventually we get a good…

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road to recovery

Despite plenty of competition for riders at other events, some 100 bikes turned out for the Motorcycle Council of NSW (MCCNSW) Sunday ride from Berowra to Cessnock to kick off 2017’s Motorcycle Awareness Month. The three-hour, 170km ride was a gentle tour through forest and farmland via Calga and Wollombi with stops at familiar landmarks such as Jerry’s Cafe at Kulnura. Lovely as the ride was, there was a firm “safe riding” message and a spot of fundraising for MARI (Motorcycle Accident Rehabilitation Initiative). Oh, and a sausage sizzle. “Seeing the large group of motorcycles on the local roads helps the community to view motorcyclists as fun-loving people who enjoy life and care about road safety,” said Motorcycle Council of NSW treasurer, Steve Pearce, in the lead-up to the event. “We want drivers to…

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mile eater!

Honda’s big sports tourer, the ST1100 (known as the Pan European in other markets), first found its way Down Under in 1990, gaining slow showroom response at a new price of $13,990. The Australian bike marketplace has always viewed entirely new models with a little suspicion and the ST was no exception. After all, here was a bike that was falling smack bang into a sportsbike-mad retail atmosphere, weighing in at 288kg and using a longitudinally mounted V4 powerplant. Big and different. It wasn’t a pretty motorcycle, either, and a short demonstration ride was never going to sell the bike. Short of the full dresser-style category and the brand’s GoldWing, the market was a little new to the idea of purpose-built tourers that could be shoved along at the sort of…

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the ice run returns

If you’re looking for a biking adventure next year, how about riding 2000km over and around planet earth’s deepest lake? Lake Baikal in Russia is the oldest and deepest (it’s just over a mile to the bottom) lake in the world. With temperatures in the region dipping to a balmy -20°C, the lake spends most of the year frozen and the folks over at The Adventurists decided it was high time that a group of people rode across it on old motorbikes with sidecars attached. Naturally. The sixth Ice Run, taking place in March 2018, has just opened its doors for entrants — teams of two comprising one rider and one “navigator” in a sidecar, although you can swap over as much as you want. There’s no route set in stone,…

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start ya bastard

My father was fond of dispensing advice in bite-sized chunks. On marriage, he warned me not to neglect my homework. In my career, he told me to make my own luck and in life, to play a straight bat. He rarely elaborated, which made his wisdom both memorable and timeless. Another gem was to be careful what I wished for and this is especially apt as I get older. With the kids gone and the mortgage not far behind, turning wishes into reality is easier done than said. Whims can be accommodated if I don’t go silly. My Norton is a case in point. Despite being happily married to a wonderful Ducati for more than 20 years, I lusted after something on the side to spice things up, an old flame even.…