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covid travels

This year we should all get vaccinated against COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean overseas trips are on the cards yet. I’m expecting a big year of international travel in 2022, but not this year — so I’m thinking about the big trips we could do while staying relatively local. The Christmas/New Year border shutdowns highlighted how the pandemic can catch people out, with many stuck interstate and unable to get home in time to avoid a fortnight of hotel quarantine, despite often never being closer than 100km from known cases of COVID-19… but on the whole I think Australia’s response to the pandemic has been excellent. So unless you’re planning a long trip, I’d stay close to home — or at least within half a day of your home state, and some…

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design, art, desire

“The Motorcycle — Design, Art, Desire” is a stunning display of rare and valuable motorcycles curated by the team at Queensland’s Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA), led by Michael O’Sullivan, himself a collector of classic motorcycles. The 100 hand-picked examples making up the exhibition exemplify the motorcycle as an instrument of joy and demonstrate highpoints of technology, design and sheer desirability. “We have really significant machines, such as the Burt Munro Indian Streamliner that people will recall from the movie, as well as the land speed record-setting 1951 Vincent Black Lightning in completely original condition,” O’Sullivan told me. And when he said “record setting” he wasn’t kidding. The bike sold for more than A$1 million at auction recently, another Australian record for a bike. There’s a lot more at the exhibition than just…

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harley’s updates & the pan america

Harley-Davidson was rocked in 2020 by the pandemic, by tough sales conditions in its home country and a change to its CEO, so it was no surprise the 2021 model updates were delayed. Indeed, the new Adventure bike, the Pan America, wasn’t even announced simultaneously with the other changes, instead getting its own global reveal on February 22, after this issue goes to press. Check out for details on the Pan America. The other changes to the line-up include Street Bob getting the 114 Milwaukee Eight engine to go with its stripped-down bobber styling. There are three Specials in the touring line-up for 2021: the Road King Special, Road Glide Special and Street Glide Special. Special paint, Daymaker LED headlights and updated infotainment with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are available. There are…

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rajasthan rambling

If exploring independently, living dirt cheap and getting around on a fast, nimble Adventure bike ticks your box, then perhaps this trip (and article) may not be for you. If soaking up a vastly different culture, assaulting your senses, marvelling at stunning scenery blended together with a kind ride, some creature comforts, wonderful food, lots of laughs and on-point local support is more to your liking, then touring India in a group awaits you. Our travelling crew comprised a few good mates, all north of 50, each with a past interest in bikes. We harboured a nagging urge to do something a bit different on two wheels while we still could. India had long been calling us and in particular, Rajasthan, which is said to have more culture than all the rest…

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a special bagger

The open road beckoned. With a Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special in the garage, the idea to fill the panniers and Head Out on the Highway Looking for Adventure was filling my head. Not that I have any guns to fire or felt like exploding into space, but at least the stereo on the Street Glide could play “Born to be Wild” pretty loud. The Street Glide’s infotainment system can do more than just play the radio or connect to my phone, though; there’s built-in navigation and communications, too. The Street Glide S is Harley’s bagger with style with its “slammed” rear end, 19-inch front wheel, batwing fairing and shorty screen. If you want more retro, Harley has the Road King and Heritage Classic. If you want a more comfortable and practical touring…

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Harley’s proprietary Reflex Defensive Rider Systems (RDRS) is “a collection of technology designed to match motorcycle performance to available traction during acceleration, deceleration and braking. The systems are designed to aid the rider in controlling the vehicle while accelerating and braking in a straight line or while in a turn. A rider may find the systems most helpful when riding in adverse road conditions and in urgent situations. The systems are electronic and utilise the latest electronic brake controls and powertrain technology.” As fitted to the Street Glide S, there’s Cornering ABS — anti-lock braking which detects lean angle and prevents lock-up. It combines with the Electronic Linked Braking, which automatically applies pressure to both front and rear wheels whenever the rider applies either brake (it doesn’t operate during light braking…