Australian Road Rider Issue#126 - July 2016

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is it time for leaner lams?

“The Street Twin would be perfect for novice riders but its 900cc engine capacity rules it out. That’s stupid” You can jump on just about any motorcycle as a complete novice and learn to ride well. We’ve already learned that restricting learners to 250cc machines is totally unnecessary. In fact, we realised that it was almost counter-productive once bike makers managed to get the best out of two-stroke engines. The question now is whether we need the 660cc limit that’s applied to learner-approved motorcycles. I think 660cc is utter rubbish. It’s an arbitrary figure picked mainly because it was a convenient line in the sand, separating humble 650 singles (and, not coincidentally, old British twins) from “dangerous” multi-cylinder bikes. Of course there were exceptions, but when Australia first mooted its Learner Approved…

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is it getting better?

Motorcycle theft rose just one per cent in 2015 to 8205, after dropping slightly the previous year. Short-term thefts, usually for joy rides, were down six per cent to 3556, while profit-motivated thefts, usually by organised gangs, rose a whopping eight per cent to 4649, according to National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council figures. While Western Australia still remains the worst state for thefts, with 2306 representing 28.1 per cent of all motorcycles stolen, it was down 7.5 per cent for the year. However, Victoria was up 18.7 per cent to 2135 and South Australia was up 18.4 per cent to 573. South-East Queensland remains the hotspot for motorcycle theft with Brisbane and the Gold Coast first and second and Logan City fourth. The most common brand stolen was Honda, which is…

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sheene the movie

“His racing style and partying lifestyle was credited with bringing motorcycle racing to a more mainstream audience.” The wild and crazy life of two-time world champion motorcycle racer Barry Sheene is being developed into a feature-length film by a joint British-Australian film production. Simply titled Sheene, it should be a funny, dramatic and exciting film depicting the funny, dramatic and exciting life of the racer. So far only a teaser video has been released on YouTube. Filming has not yet started, there is no timeline for the film’s release and no announcement has been made about who will play the lead character. Sheene is based on his biography Barry: The Story of Motorcycling Legend Barry Sheene, written by his teammate Steve Parrish and MotoGP commentator Nick Harris. IO Films Australia and Deep Spring…

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safe is slow

Austroads has published a major study into speeding which presumes that the public wants “safer speeds” that are lower speeds. The whole premise for the 161-page report seems to be that lower vehicle speeds means less risk. It recommends a wide range of campaign strategies including reducing speed limits, more signs showing your current speed, education campaigns and even changing the language of road safety messages such as referring to accidents as crashes. This change in terminology also reflects an experiment in Victoria to temporarily change the name of the town Speed to Speedkills. “Changing community perceptions about speeding is an important priority,” the study says. It claims the community wants safer speeds, but some parts of the community, such as motorcycle riders are “not yet” convinced. That’s about the only specific…

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political support for course

“Given the huge cost of serious casualty crashes, and the apparent importance of the ‘Golden Hour’, there could be a case for a subsidy for a course of this type.” Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party Senator Ricky Muir has thrown his support behind the First Aid for Motorcyclists course after attending one in Sale, Victoria. “There’s always a good case for either the federal or state governments to fund all sorts of prevention programs,” he says. “Given the huge cost of serious casualty crashes, and the apparent importance of the ‘Golden Hour’ (the care that is provided in the first hour after a serious injury), there could be a case for a subsidy for a course of this type. Where such a subsidy might actually come from is a different question.” The community-based motorcycle…

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electric moves

The world’s most popular two-wheeler, the Honda Cub, will soon have an electric version. Announcing plans to go into production of the EV-CUB within the next two years, Honda CEO, Takahiro Hachigo, said two of every three vehicles the company makes by 2030 will be electric, plug-in hybrid or have a fuel cell. The EV-CUB concept was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show last October. It has a detachable battery that can be recharged with a domestic wall socket. “We are planning to introduce the EV-CUB, a mass-production model developed based on the EV-CUB Concept electric motorcycle, to the Japanese market about two years from now and then subsequently in main ASEAN countries, which have been the largest market for the Honda Cub Series,” he said. “Building on the Cub models, which have…