Australian Road Rider Issue#128 - Septmeber 2016

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flown, and being free

“The new thing wasn’t the act of using the phone on a bike, it was being at home on the other end of the line while my daughter talked from the bike” A new aspect of modern technology made a huge impact on me the other day when I was speaking with my daughter. “I’m on the bike,” she said with a slightly accelerated, high-pitched voice. “Jeff bought a Bluetooth intercom.” In the background, I could hear the howl of Jeff’s MT-09 in second, third then fourth gears with the throttle open. “We’re going pretty fast now,” Ariel said unnecessarily. “Can you hear me?” “Yeah, but you’ll have to talk a little slower,” I said. She does that when she gets excited, speaking too quickly, and now she slowed down but didn’t…

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selling out

MARK Honda has broken its March sales record to leap back over Harley-Davidson and retain its position as the top-selling road bike company in Australia in the first quarter of 2016. Heavy discount offers on learner motorcycles and a large delivery of “postie bikes” to Australia Post in the first quarter lifted Honda to 20.5 per cent or 2377 of the 11,576 road motorcycles sold. It was just 91 ahead of Harley-Davidson with 2286 or 19.7 per cent and Yamaha at 1778 or 15.4 per cent. The most significant growth in road bike sales was recorded by Ducati, up 31.1 per cent to 468 and Yamaha up 20.5 per cent to 1778. Roadbikes continue to dominate the market, rising 2.8 per cent to be 46 per cent (11,576) of the total motorcycles,…

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honda plans blind spot alert

The age of electronic rider assistance seems to be approaching at an ever-increasing rate, with the world’s biggest motorcycle manufacturer, Honda, applying for a blind spot alert patent. BMW was the first motorcycle manufacturer to offer blind spot alert technology in two-wheel vehicles and Bosch is working on blind spot alerts for motorcycles and now Honda seems to be following suit. The Japanese company has filed a patent for a system that uses cameras and radar to detect vehicles in the rider’s blind spot. It will have a visual display in the instruments or in a separate housing on the triple clamp that shows where the obstructed vehicle is and tactile warnings. If the rider pushes the indicator to turn in that direction, they will find the indicator switch difficult to move, which…

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women ride across america

This July more than 100 women riders will commemorate an historic 1916 motorcycle journey across the United States by the Van Buren sisters, Adeline and Augusta. The commemorative event will start in Brooklyn on 3 July and should finish in San Francisco on 23 July following in the Indian tyre tracks of the Van Buren sisters, says event organiser Alisa Clickenger. “With US entry into WWI looming, the Van Buren sisters wanted to demonstrate that women had what it took to be dispatch riders in the army, and their transcontinental journey on a pair of motorcycles made US history. “This was quite an accomplishment for two courageous women at a time when few roads were paved, post-Victorian attitudes were in full flare and women did not yet have the right to vote,” she…

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vale prince, the motorcycle fan

The sad news that Prince died at the age of 57 reminds us that the talented songwriter, performer and musician was also a motorcyclist. His biggest selling album, Purple Rain, featured Prince astride a chopped and modified 1981 Honda CB400A “Hondamatic” He was often seen riding the bike around the streets of Minneapolis. It was a two-speed automatic so he didn’t need to exercise his finger-fretting hand with a clutch. The bike was one of three featured in the 1984 Purple Rain movie in which Prince did most of the riding. It was customised with a large Windjammer fairing, mini-ape handlebars and a pink velour seat. Don’t laugh at the size of the bike — Prince may have been big on talent, but he was short in stature at 5ft 2in (157.4cm).…

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babe raid bash

More than 1000 Australian women riders smashed two world records in one hit at the Dubbo Babe Raid in April for the largest gathering of female riders and the largest all-female motorcycle parade. Organiser Debb Dagger said the records were “awesome”, with 1002 women taking part in the parade on Saturday April 9, 2016. “I’m, exhausted,” says Debb. “We had a full turn-up and more than the pre-registrations. The streets were lined all the way for 3km through the outskirts of Dubbo as well with loads of flags and some riders all dressed up. It really was a sight for the locals. It was an amazing effort and I’m so proud of every single woman who attended.” Debb says there were also a lot of men who came along to support their…