Australian Road Rider Issue#132 - January 2017

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in the chair

Well, well, well. Here we are then. I’m sitting at my computer, half-dazed and a quarter delirious. You see, I’m tired from putting my first issue of ARR to bed and it’s all I can do to not simultaneously be performing cartwheels at the opportunity to head up this fine magazine. And, I stand on the shoulders of giants. Big thanks to the ever-capable Mick Matheson, who has put ARR at the very top of the tree when it comes to bike publishing in this country. For those who may have come in late, Mick has moved on to get stuck into his burgeoning video business and he’s pretty good at that too. Mick and I have known each other longer than either of us can remember. He’s a class act.…

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news for roadriders redesigning the paper clip

“The first part is the extension of the track, the $52 million to make sure that the track is what drivers and fans want” The Ipswich City Council has released official design renderings of its planned $220 million upgrade to Queensland Raceway. The upgrade will include an extension to the current road circuit as well as an added motocross track, speedway oval, a three-star hotel and various retail outlets. If the organisers are given the go-ahead, the first stage of the development would include adding a left-hand turn at the end of the front straight, as well as another seven corners throughout the track. The six-turn, 3.21km circuit has long been criticised for being uninteresting for both rider and spectator, so it’s hoped the planned extension will lift that stigma. “The first part…

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scooter computer

In an attempt to reclaim the satnav industry from the smartphone companies, TomTom has designed a scooter-specific GPS. Over a decade ago, TomTom created its first satnav for cars; it later released TomTom Rider for motorcyclists, and has now revealed the TomTom VIO, the world’s first smartphoneconnected GPS for scooter owners. Unlike other satnav units, the VIO can be used while wearing gloves and gives the rider access to various phone functions. Its waterproof display offers turn-by-turn navigation both on-screen and via a Bluetoothequipped helmet audio system. If a phone call comes in, the VIO will display the caller’s image, giving the rider the opportunity to answer using the headset. The unit includes a speed camera warning system where the display changes to red when the rider is travelling too fast. TomTom says…

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up on just one

Dougie Lampkin, the 12-time Trials World Champion, has become the first person to navigate the entire Isle of Man TT course on just one wheel. The Isle of Man TT course has been home to many motorcycle feats throughout the years, but until recently, no-one had ever managed to complete those 37.7 miles on the rear wheel alone. When the idea to mono the iconic track in the UK first arose, many claimed it was not possible, but trials champ Dougie Lampkin proved them wrong, live on Red Bull TV. Lampkin’s first attempt was postponed by 24 hours as 88km/h gale-force winds swept over the course. At 5pm, when he finally set off, wind was still a huge problem and the English rider struggled off the line. “It took a while to sort…

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record ride

Urs “Grizzly” Pedraita has set a new world record by circumnavigating five continents in 119 days and 21 hours. The Swiss endurance rider covered 76,277km — in a “riding time” of 72 days and 13 hours aboard his Victory Cross Country Tour. The record includes the “transfer time”, so the clock was not stopped while Grizzly slept, waited to cross a border or while his bike was transported between continents. “There is no place for time-stops in this kind of adventure,” explains Grizzly. “This victory belongs to the team and is dedicated to my brother and my guardian angel, Emelie, from Peru.” The journey began on March 11, 2016, at the Daytona International Speedway where Grizzly set off to Panama City, Panama. The first stint took six days and 14 hours for…

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forward thinking

BMW Group has debuted its new motorcycle concept, the Vision Next 100, which is said to be so artificially intelligent that it eliminates the need for the rider to wear protective gear altogether. The bike has a self-balancing system that keeps it upright both when standing and in motion. It also incorporates a “Digital Companion” system which offers riding advice and adjustment ideas to aid in the riding experience. Also included is “The Visor”, which is a pair of glasses that span the rider’s entire field of vision and is controlled by eye movements. These technologies return active feedback about road conditions to the rider while adjusting the configuration of the bike continuously by learning the rider’s habits and techniques. “The bike has the full range of connected data from its surroundings and…