Australian Road Rider Issue#138 - July 2017

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solo lid time

“I reckon it is also part of why motorcyclists make for such good company. We get time to think” Hi folks. Time alone in the helmet. I find it remarkably good for the hurried mind. You know the deal, where things just slow down for a bit. This happens for me on long road days. Where you are gonna be in that saddle for a long period, so you know that there is no point worrying about the noise of our daily lives. I know I have worked out some pretty important things while cutting out a big kay day. Invariably, at some point, the thoughts that roll across the screen of my consciousness turn to things that really matter. I’m a bit of a sook when away. I miss my kids.…

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taking it to the street

If you ever wanted to understand what the rising cafe-and-custom movement is all about, your best bet is to immerse yourself in just about any event organised by the team at Throttle Roll. Their biggest event, the Throttle Roll Street Party, was recently held in a blocked-offstreet just a few clicks south-west of Sydney. Though the bikes remain the centre of attention, it’s not just about them. The art, the people, the sound and the fashion are loudly represented. Chuck a steady stream of cold beer and live music in there and it’s little wonder that riders flock from across the country to attend the event. “We started Throttle Roll because there wasn’t really anything out there for the custom motorcycle community as a whole,” explains Mark Hawwa from Throttle Roll. “There…

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harley’s 100 in oz

“The 100 Years ride took in 2500km, stopping at seven locations hosting Harley-Davidson dealerships along the eastern seaboard” Harley-Davidson has marked the incredible milestone of 100 years in Australia with a ride from Brisbane to Melbourne, taking in several key dealerships en route. Joining was company legend and all-round nice bloke Bill Davidson, the great grandson of William A Davidson, who, along with brothers Arthur and Walter Davidson and William S Harley, founded the company way back in 1903. Indeed, 100 years ago Harley-Davidson opened its first dealership — Morgan & Wacker — in Australia, making it the oldest dealership on the planet. pretty impressive, given the distance from the mothership in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The 100 Years ride took in 2500km, stopping at seven locations hosting Harley-Davidson dealerships along the eastern seaboard. Riding…

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the world’s fastest velocette

The World’s Fastest Indian is the world?s best bike movie. It brought the heart and soul of motorcycling to a broad audience and made a household name of a little-known Kiwi battler who dared not only to dream, but to make it happen. It also inspired a lot of people to try their luck at land speed racing. Here in Australia, we do it once a year on Lake Gairdner in South Australia. If you want to go really fast, a boosted big-bore Japanese bike is the go. They make the holy grail of 200mph technically achievable, but it still takes skill and courage to ride that fast, especially mile after mile on an uncertain surface in one of the most surreal environments on earth. It’s an elite club that so…

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ride like hell

Anyone who hasn’t discovered the literary offerings of Paul Carter is missing a real treat. I have just finished his fourth book, titled Ride Like Hell and You’ll Get There … Detours into Mayhem. It’s a great yarn in which Carter details his efforts to set a world speed record for a bio diesel-powered motorcycle on the salt at Lake Gairdner. The project was a collaboration between Carter, Dr Colin Kestell and Adelaide University. Fuel was supplied by Linc Energy, an Australian company producing an experimental fuel called “Clean Diesel”. The bike itself was a purpose-built 4m-long behemoth made of steel, with a 60 horsepower Holden Astra diesel engine mated to a five-speed Harley Dyna gearbox. In essence it was a totally Aussie effort to knock off the unofficial record of…

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bhutan or bust

“If you wanna live your life with thrills, hard work and personal introspection, I can’t think of a better way to do it” WORLD ON WHEELS So, just who is this outfit? For more than 22 years, WoW has been delivering guided motorbike tours across destinations including Turkey, Bolivia, Peru, Nepal, Bhutan, India, Morocco, Iceland, Mexico, Guatemala, South Africa, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Albania and Bosnia. For more information go to: www.worldonwheels. tours Tell them Snag sent ya. Twenty-one days travelling Nepal, India and Bhutan on Enfields. That was the brief. Indeed, the deal was done prior to my taking up the editorship of this fine magazine. The ink was dry and the deal done. All I had to do was be available, turn up, do the tour and report on it. Of course,…