Australian Road Rider Issue#140 - September 2017

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the department of youth

Funny how you never stop learning things thanks to the wonder of motorcycling. From cerebral ponderings to practical applications of mechanical knowledge and wandering into places and situations that would never happen otherwise, riding is a teacher of both the trivial and the defining. In around-about equal measure, I might add. I’m not quite sure just what it was that I learned pushing a fuelchallenged GPz750R 5km, mostly uphill, back in the ‘90s, but there’s probably something. I already knew how to swear and drink, so it surely wasn’t that. After you’ve been doing it for the best part of 3000 years, like me, you reckon you have a pretty good handhold on the whole motorcycle deal. For example, you know which bike styles blow your hair back, you get favourite…

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news for roadriders rivalry!

In 1998, a huge new personality lobbed on the 500cc stage in the form of big-talking and flashy 250cc star Max Biaggi. The Italian was dead-set on etching his name in the history books as one of the all-time greats right from the start. To do that, he was going to have to add a top-end class title to his four quarter-litre championships. Doohan and Biaggi couldn’t have been more different. Mick was serious, brooding, respectful of the right people, dedicated, while Biaggi liked it loud and proud. He was good, but he needed everyone to know it. All the time. He and Doohan were on a collision course that would define GP racing for a while — both on and off the track — but Biaggi certainly wasn’t all talk,…

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the best roads in australia

We recently ran a poll on Facebook asking for your favourite roads in Australia and we were overwhelmed with the response. It’s clear that we are blessed with hundreds of great stretches of bitumen here in Oz, so narrowing it down to just a few is no easy task. To keep it fair, we’ve tallied up the five roads that you guys mentioned the most OXLEY HIGHWAY Starting on the east coast of New South Wales, the Oxley Highway is a favourite with riders and drivers alike. It’s known for its complexity and constantly changing conditions, from long sweeping corners in the farmlands to tight and cambered twists in the mountains. From the beginning of the road in Port Macquarie, The Oxley Highway runs inland. As you begin to ascend into the Great…

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The last time I rode a sidecar was in 1984. It was a 1942 WLA Harley-Davidson with a homemade wedge-shaped body built from plywood, wide enough to fit the bride and our two-year-old who squealed the whole time she was in it. We all liked it so much I nearly bought it. It was for sale for not much money and the owner had generously lent it to me for the weekend to see if I liked it. With the arrival of children, I missed having my wife on the pillion seat so an outfit seemed the logical answer. It was also the first Harley I?d ever ridden but luckily it had been anglicised with a hand-operated clutch and foot-shift gearbox, so all I had to master was that pesky third…

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ticket to ride

Have you ever stopped to consider the real value of that little piece of plastic in your wallet? No, I don’t mean your credit card! I’m talking about your rider’s/driver’s licence. It’s something we tend to take for granted until it is under threat or taken away. Depending on your circumstances, it can be the most valuable piece of plastic you own. I have incurred the wrath of the law on a few occasions and had my licence suspended, but never for more than three months at a time. The impact on your life can be huge. Of course, any licence suspension means both your rider’s and driver’s licences are suspended, so the mobility we take for granted is totally taken away. In my case I was lucky enough to be…

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serial thriller

I’ve ridden and tested loads of Harley- Davidsons over the years. From cut-down Sporties to monstrous Ultras, I’ve thrown a leg over most of them. I’ve also always “got” them. The old adage suggesting that riding a Harley is, well, “different” is as true today as it ever was. There’s still that air of mystique, the atmosphere of cool and, it has to be said, some of the compromises that committing to a Hog demands. Oddly, most of the people who knock H-Ds have not ridden one. So I always say, “Ride one. After that come and talk to me.” But, and it’s a big but, I’ve never desired to own any particular one. I have never felt the overwhelming hankering that grabs many to have an H-D tucked away in the…