Australian Road Rider Issue 147

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hardcore techno

“It’s like coffee when you haven’t had one for a few days. Like the kiss of that sweet thing you remember from all those years ago, but don’t talk about” Hi folks. Now I could be holding myself up for ridicule here (there’s a change of pace), but I may well deserve it. Truth is, I’m not sure myself. You see, there is a raging argument among my mates and I regarding all the tech that is available for riders these days. And its usage. One train of thought is that it takes away from the minimalism of motorcycling. You, the road, your wits, no digital interruptions. Yep, all that is kinda romantic for me too. A solid argument and, if well put — which is a bit of a stretch if…

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whatz new

PIRELLI DIABLO ROSSO CORSA II With the DIABLO ROSSO™ CORSA II, Pirelli presents its first Pirelli multi-compound tyre that uses two compounds applied in three zones on the front tyre and three compounds applied at five zones on the rear, transferring racetrack performance into street versatility to create the ideal combination for today’s modern high-performance motorcycles. • Sizes — Front 120/70ZR17 • Sizes — Rear 160/60ZR17 — 180/55ZR17 — 180/60ZR17 — 190/50ZR17 — 190/55ZR17 — 200/55ZR17 The quids: Front from $239, rear from $329 Contact: SHARK RACE-R PRO LORENZO DIABLO HELMET Ficeda Accessories is pleased to introduce the Race-R Pro Lorenzo Diablo Replica, first debuted at the 2017 Austrian GP by Jorge Lorenzo! A limited-edition production of this uniquely styled “Devil Spirit” helmet, along with a host of exclusive additional accessories, is sure to cement this Race-R…

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muscle up

“This one is the hero of the range. Big performance numbers, top quality componentry and thrilling grunt. It's madly fast and furious. Simple as that. Yeehaa...” MT10SP The new MT10SP reigns at the top of the MT family tree like an apex predator. This special version of the MT10 is equipped with Öhlins Electronic Racing Suspension for the highest degree of control – as well as an exclusive full-colour TFT meter panel and special racing colours based on the YZF-R1M. SPECIFICATIONS ENGINE: 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valve DISPLACEMENT: 998cc TRANSMISSION: Six-speed, slipper clutch, quick shifter, chain final drive KERB WEIGHT: 210kg (wet) PRICE: $21,499 “That's a nice price huh? This one makes lot of sense. Enough fun factor to satisfy the sports pilot, with a dose of dollar-saving smarts to boot. I reckon the engine is its sweetest attribute.…

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ancient history

The chance to catch up with old mates is always a good excuse for a ride, especially an ambitious 1500km in two days interrupted only by a feed and a night on the turps. But was the old body still up to it? And what about my old bike? My destination was the annual Chumps Rally, an informal gathering of motorcycle journos and friends held this year at Delegate in the high country along the NSW-Victorian border. I attended my first Chumps, at nearby Jingellic, in 1986. I’ve been in and out of the game ever since and have made some life-long friends. The event has ebbed and waned with the ever-changing fortunes of motorcycle magazines. Times are challenging for print media right now and this year’s Chumps Rally included wake drinks…

10 min
blown away

I'm not Tom Cruise and this isn't a GPz900, but that doesn't make the above headline any less relevant, and given how riding this thing is pretty much like being strapped to a jet engine anyway, it seems more than appropriate. To say I was excited by the prospect of riding the H2 SX SE would be putting it very mildly indeed, especially as the H2R (its sportier stablemate) has such a fearsome reputation. If you haven't watched Kenan Sofuoglu setting a 26-second, zero to 400km/h production bike world record, YouTube it right now. I've been lucky enough to ride some very fast and powerful motorcycles in my time, but this would have to be the maddest thing I've ever slung a leg over. In fact, this bike ticked a few firsts…

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wanna go the full maverick?

A big thanks to Mark Pracy at Jetride for the loan of his L39 Albatross jet fighter for these pictures. Not only is he a bloody nice bloke, but he's a bit of a dude, being both an aerobatic instructor and a regular competitor at the Reno Air races in America, where he's podiumed in the Jet Gold class on numerous occasions. If you fancy a flight with him, Jetride is located in Cessnock, NSW, and there are different experiences to be had depending on your wallet and possibly your bladder control. For more info go to or call 1300 554 876.…