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Australian Women’s Weekly NZ July 2021

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editor’s letter

It was big, round, blue, plasticky and for the first few years of my life in suburban Lower Hutt, it was my happy place – hands up who remembers the Para pool! My parents built it in the backyard of our red brick and stucco home, and by the time I was a toddler, I could throw myself off the surrounding deck into the water, making it to the other side by propelling myself underwater. Mum and Dad believed one of the greatest life skills they could give me was the ability to swim, and you could say I took to it like the proverbial duck. I don’t ever remember finding swimming hard compared to my friends. While others complained about the chlorine and the cold at school swimming sports, I…

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this month i’m…

Planning A night out at the ballet. Alongside my failed swim career, I also dabbled in dance. I was bad. Really bad! But I love to watch those who are truly excellent. The Firebird with Paquita is the Royal New Zealand Ballet’s upcoming show and promises to be spectacular. It starts touring on July 29. Remembering The People’s Princess. July 1 would have been Princess Diana’s 60th birthday and in commemoration of this milestone, we’ve produced a collector’s edition that celebrates the remarkable person she was. Even though it’s been more than 20 years since her death, the love for her is still strong. (Available at all the usual outlets.)…

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finish this sentence …

If I could be on any other reality show, I’d be on… It’s a toss-up between Queer Eye and anything related to DIY. The last message I sent on my phone was… To my dad’s sister, my Aunt Ruth, to wish her and her wife a happy Pride Month back home in California. It’s nice not being the only “rainbow sheep” in the family! Life is too short for… Worrying about what other people think of you. Follow your bliss. There’s no guidebook, so it’s always fun to make up the rules as you go. If I wasn’t in business, I’d be a… Poet, filmmaker or writer of silly songs. The last time I cried was when… We went to see In the Heights. One of the scenes just blew me away, though I…

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a lifelong performer

Beloved Australian actress Lorrae Desmond has been remembered for her grace and enormous heart, following her death in May at age 91. Many fondly recall Lorrae as nurse Shirley Gilroy in 1980s series A Country Practice, but the Mittagongborn actress had already starred in many BBC series, and represented the UK at Eurovision, by the time she headed to Wandin Valley. Lorrae moved to Britain as a child, where she began her TV career. When she returned to Australia, Lorrae hosted her own variety show and became the first woman to win the equivalent of a Gold Logie Award.…

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around the world

FRANCE & UK Eye-catching art Trocadéro Square in Paris has been given a mind-bending makeover by French artist Jean Rene, who covered it with a colossal photograph to give the illusion that the Eiffel Tower is straddling a narrow ravine. Meanwhile, over in the UK, a 42m-tall hot-air balloon, titled Companion, has been drifting over Bristol since May. Created by artist KAWS, the balloon offers riders a unique view of the world. SPAIN School’s out … side Children in Murcia, Spain, attended their graduation ceremony at the beach after a year of remote learning. CHINA High drama It’s a nightmare scenario – and for one unlucky man it came true. A 260m-high, glass-bottomed bridge in China’s Jilin province collapsed after 150km/h winds shattered glass panes, leaving the terrified tourist stranded and clinging to the rails. United States Alien invasion Cue The…

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wild arrivals

A rare brown giant panda, an albino wallaby joey and a pair of cat pals have delighted us this month. In Turkey, a baby baboon named Nisan, who was taken under protection after being rejected by his mother, is thriving at Tarsus Nature Park. Meanwhile, in Russia, zoo visitors have flocked to see a snow-white albino wallaby joey named Alisa. And over in China, brown panda Qi Zai offers visitors a very cheeky welcome ……