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Australian Women’s Weekly NZ September 2021

The Australian Women's Weekly, NZ Edition, delivers hard-hitting news, gorgeous features, advice, inspirational stories and the best triple-tested recipes. It’s the ultimate magazine with something for everyone, while providing inspiration for women of all ages.

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editor’s letter

Sometimes when you put an issue of a magazine together, you create an extra sprinkling of magic almost by accident – and that’s what’s happened in this edition. A huge amount of time and effort goes into producing each and every one of our features. In the initial stages of editing, you’re looking at each piece on its own merits, as a single piece of content, and it’s not till the last couple of days before deadline that you see the whole book come to life. This time around, when I was reviewing all the insightful stories and intriguing pictures, I was struck with the fact that there is a bit of an underlying (and unplanned) theme running through the pages – the idea of transformation through challenges. From the power…

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this month i’m…

Expanding... my collection of ecostore Ultra Sensitive products. My 10-year-old son suffers from allergies, so anything I can do to help stop a flare-up is a good thing. These home and body formulations are fragrance-free and made for people who experience asthma, allergies or sensitive skin. They use plant and mineral-based ingredients to get the job done and can be found in the supermarket or ecostore.com. Prices start at just $2.95. Confessing… that, surprise, surprise, I’m not a natural blonde. I’ve had a very long-term relationship with hair colour and while I love the results, I don’t always like what the process is doing to my locks, so I’m going to give Revlon’s new Total Colour a go. It’s a clean, vegan formula that is free from ammonia, parabens, sulfates, silicones and phthalates…

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in brief olympic special

Tokyo GAMES Fern favourites! It will go down in history as one of New Zealand’s most successful Olympic Games ever. Despite the cloud of Covid controversy, our Kiwi team of 211 focused and committed athletes gave their all in Tokyo, and those who donned the silver fern will forever remember the experience. For some, dreams were finally realised, their medals an everlasting symbol of the sacrifice and drive required to reach the top. Undoubtedly the queen of the Games, Lisa Carrington’s medal haul in the kayaking made her Aotearoa’s most successful Olympian ever – a title she holds with generosity, grace and an unbreakable team spirit. We salute Lisa and some of her fellow female medal winners. Golden duo Lisa teamed up with Caitlin Regal for the K2 500m, powering to the finish line…

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finish this sentence …

The last time I cried was… Watching the Kiwi film The Justice of Bunny King – a profound and vital story I hope people flock to. The last text message I sent was… Congratulating my friend on giving birth to her new baby boy. The quote that always sticks with me is… What other people think of you is none of your business. People are surprised to learn that acting is… Much harder than it looks! If I wasn’t an actor, I’d be… A writer and have a whole lot of animals. Life is too short for… Alternative facts. My greatest achievement is… Co-founding The Actors’ Program, now a decade deep in generating a community of unique, empathetic and skilled creatives.…

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they said what?

“I don’t care if my breasts reach my belly button – I’m not wearing a bra any more.” Gillian Anderson abandons her undergarments during a live Q&A on Instagram. “I am writing this not as the prince I was born, but as the man I have become.” Prince Harry on his new memoir. “I’m not gonna be performing on any stages anytime soon with my dad handling what I wear, say, do or think.” Britney Spears announces she’s quitting music. Royals Six decades roll up after their she sleeves passed The the Duke same tests and Duchess as NASA of ’s original Cambridge Mercury enthusiastically 7 astronauts shared , Mary photos Wallace oftheir “Wally first ” Funk COVID has vaccinations finally made . “ it I’m to hugely space at grateful the age to of everyone…

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around the world

TURKEY Ghost Town 530 Disney-like castles sit abandoned in Turkey’s northwest after construction stopped on “The Burj Al Babas”. UNITED KINGDOM Prize-winning pile Eye Cave Beach in Dunbar, Scotland, played host to the European Stone Stacking Championships. The weekend-long event inspired all manner of wonderful and wacky creations, with professional sculptors, amateurs and families all taking part in the fun. UKRAINE Under the pump The Ukrainian Defence Minister has been forced to rethink his plans for the country’s Independence Day celebrations, which included female cadets walking in heels in the parade. The idea was met with harsh criticism, with government officials and members of the public labelling the decision as sexist, outlandish and dated. Australia Scammers Strange number calling you? Weird voicemail? You’re not alone. ACCC’s Scamwatch reported 6500 Australians have received phone calls from scammers trying to gain access to…