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Editor-in-chief @TopGearEditor editor@bbctopgearmagazine.com The quality of the car chase in any Bond movie is at the core of how much I enjoy the film. And, naturally, the enjoyment of the chase is driven by the choice of Bond’s motors; 007, having started his fictional life in a Bentley, has a back catalogue of mostly exceptional taste. For many, Connery in the DB5 is a combination so utterly peerless it remains unrivalled… and it was no surprise that the franchise revisited it in Skyfall. The narrative of welcoming an old friend back into the fold was repeated in SPECTRE and is set to continue in No Time To Die – testament to the strength and depth of the iconography. Dropping into the driving seat of a pristine DB5 during our photoshoot was a bucket-list moment…

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saving the hot hatch

WHO KNEW? It’s the first hot Leon ever not to be offered with a manual. In the Nineties, that would’ve been as alien as Apple CarPlay… A hot hatch should be all things to all people. Sporty, practical, safe, affordable, chuckable… and economical? Traditionally, that’s where a hot hatchback’s biggest compromise elbows its way in. But what if your hot hatch was also a plug-in hybrid? Silent electro-running for the school gates, turbocharged fury for when school’s out. Enter the new Cupra Leon eHybrid. The best of all worlds, and best for the world, surely? Seat’s sporty racing offshoot hasn’t invented this idea. The old Mk7 Golf had a GTE version, and VW’s already confirmed it’ll be back for the Golf VIII. Seat’s old Leon Cupra didn’t get a look-in at the PHEV…

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clay regazzoni wearing a bucket hat

Let’s be honest. With a name like Clay Regazzoni, you’ve a fair shot of making anything cool. Even the item of clothing YNBACA had always believed was known as the ‘Liam Gallagher Circa 1996 Bonnet’, but discovers is officially called a ‘bucket hat’. This is no mean feat. Many have attempted to sport the bucket hat with insouciance. Almost all have failed. Then again, Regazzoni was no regular hat wearer. This was the man who spent the Seventies piloting monster F1 cars flat out, mostly for Ferrari, developing a) a reputation for unparalleled bravery, b) an admirable aversion to the traditional racing driver physique, and c) an even more admirable moustache. This was the man Enzo Ferrari described as “a bon viveur, dancer, footballer, tennis player and, when he had nothing better…

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coffee break

TO:KY:OO An awesome crowdfunded photographic book by Liam Wong. It’s “an exploration of nocturnal Tokyo” that skews reality in each image. For fans of Blade Runner and the great Syd Mead. Available from Amazon et al Six Nations egg chasing Who will win the annual egg and spoon race? Will it be England? Will it be Scotland? Will it be Wales? Will it be Ireland? Will it be France? It won’t be Italy Sex Education: Season 2 Hilarious, dramatic AND you learn stuff about… you know. On Netflix now Different Strokes The ever-changing sound of American band The Strokes is back. Trickling tracks from their new album The New Abnormal. Fully released in April Office Bond-off! All this talk of Bond, James Bond, has had us discussing who our fave is. Dalton scored pretty low – but coming out…

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oof… suits you, sir

Two years ago, Aston launched the new Vantage. Now, Gaydon’s got the jaws of life out and lopped off its roof, replacing it with one made of fabric. And retractable. In fact, the powered Z-fold mechanism is the fastest cloth roof in the game, capable of lowering itself in 6.7 seconds and raising in 6.8 seconds at up to 31mph. To be honest, we didn’t know anyone was keeping tabs. Because of a shallow design, this new retractable roof still leaves plenty of room in the rear for whatever you want to throw back there… 200 litres of stuff. Which, we’re told, is enough to stow a full-sized golf bag and accessories. Mechanically, it’s business as usual. The Roadster features the same AMG-sourced 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 (but recalibrated by Aston) to…

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alpine sportsx appeal

WHO KNEW Has there ever been a car not improved by putting skis on the roof? Roger Moore, look what you started Welcome to the best thing we’ve seen so far this year – a higher-riding, wider Alpine A110 inspired by the rally cars of the company’s past. Shame about the name. Unfortunately, the SportsX is not a third A110 derivative, to be sold alongside the standard car and stiffer, lower, more focused A110S. It’s what the company calls a styling exercise – a car cooked up by presumably bored engineers and designers that “explores a new facet of sportiness”. Sexy sportiness, presumably. Based on the base-spec A110 Pure (which is actually all the A110 you really need), the body and track are 80mm wider than standard – meaning the SportsX isn’t that much…