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Before & After Kitchens and Baths


"In Before & After Kitchens and Baths, we share our favorite makeovers for every style and every budget level. From scary Befores to amazing Afters, our gallery of photos inspires homeowners to bring their own remodeling dreams to life and includes expert tips to guide the process, including how to:  * Shop for appliances, surfaces, and fixtures * Plan a budget—whether you're saving or splurging * Turn ho-hum rooms into stunning spaces"

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your dream kitchen and bath are within reach

Do you daydream about taking a hammer to your old cabinets or a viewblocking wall? Do your fantasies involve ripping up crackled linoleum in the bathroom or having a showerhead that doesn’t drip? For remodeling goals lofty or little, we have dozens of before-and-after ideas to help you realize the kitchen or bath of your dreams. Start this weekend with budget-friendly, color-rich updates (“Degrees of Color,” page 6). Or plan to update every surface and fixture as interior designer Kelly Kole did in her stunning blue-and-white bath (above and on page 70). And whatever the size of your project, take a peek at how to avoid nine common remodeling pitfalls (page 20). The more you know, the smoother everything goes! PERFECT YOUR PANTRY Improve the look and function of your pantry with an…

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degrees of color color

1. WINDOW A simple Roman shade doesn’t overwhelm. A small-print blue pattern energizes the space. 2. TOWELS To enrich your color scheme, include pale or tinted versions of your starring color. Here, a lighter ocean-blue pairs well with peacock. 3. FLOOR Swap rugs to give your floor a boost of color. The broad berrycolored band of our dhurrie rug matches the hue in the shower curtain. 4. LIGHTING Attaching trim or ribbon is a quick ploy to sneak color onto a lampshade. 5. WALL Evoke the look of tiled wainscoting using paint and a stencil. Choose a whiteon- gray combo for whispery contrast. 6. STORAGE A paisley paper, adhered with doublesidedtape, revs up the bookcase. Gift wrap, wallpaper, and selfadhesive shelf liner are other ways to deliver changeable color. 7. BASKETS Dress up a basic woven basket with a wide band of fabric.…

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pantry power

great idea! Place canned goods on risers so you can easily see what’s in the back row. STEP 1: EMPTY IT OUT Remove everything from the pantry, including the shelves if they’re repositionable. This gives you a truly blank slate to start fresh. STEP 2: SORT GOODS Pitch expired, stale, and unappetizing items. Then group what’s left into categories that make sense for your family. STEP 3: MAKE A PLAN Write out what’s in each category. Then take quick measurements and sketch how it will all fit together in the space you have. STEP 4: FOLLOW THE PLAN Purchase air-tight clear canisters, tiered shelves, lazy Susans, and wide baskets to hold your sorted items. Labels help maintain organization. HARDWORKING DOORS Elevate the look of dry-erase boards and corkboards, left, hung on the pantry door with picture frames. Keep grocery lists, coupons,…

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install luxury vinyl

BEFORE YOU BEGIN Let vinyl plank flooring sit in the room for at least 48 hours. The flooring will adjust (by expanding or contracting) to the temperature and humidity, eliminating buckling later. Use a pry bar to remove the existing baseboard, setting pieces aside. Plan the layout. Determine which way to orient the planks. For the best appearance, run the planks parallel to the longest, straightest wall. MATERIALS • Broom or vacuum • Level • Leveling compound • Vinyl planks • Transition strips, if necessary • Safety glasses • Drill • Measuring tape • Oscillating saw • Jigsaw • Shear cutter, table saw, or chop saw •¼-inch spacers • Square • Utility knife • Rubber mallet • Pull bar • Tapping block Step 1 PREP THE FLOOR Gather materials, opposite. Prep the floor by sweeping or vacuuming up all dust and particles. Using a level, determine if the floor is mostly even. If…

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pretty & petite

Open Season Tearing down walls in a New York City apartment yields a kitchen made for entertaining. 1 WALLS CAME DOWN Designer Melissa Lee’s first move was to remove the walls separating the kitchen, living room, and two tiny bedrooms. This created one loftlike room with kitchen, dining, and living areas. 2 HISTORICAL APPEAL A white subway tile backsplash, simple cabinetry, and an industrial-style pendant light over the island draw on the neighborhood’s early-1900s history. To further the vintage feel, Lee installed gray-tinted Russian oak floors throughout— in three plank widths—and added simple cornices and moldings. 3 HUB TIME A new island features quartzsurfacing countertops, which mimic the look of marble without the maintenance. The island also increases prep space and storage, and it provides casual seating. Common Ground Mixing new and existing features helps a small space live…

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bigger isn’t better

Classic Beauty Preserving 1920s tile and a built-in storage unit was the goal of this bath’s refreshed traditional style. 1 WALLS THAT WOW The blue floor tiles inspired a sophisticated navy-andgray damask-print wallpaper, while white beaded-board wainscoting restored the room’s architectural detail. 2 STORAGE MAKEOVER Reeded-glass panels were added to the original cabinet doors to lighten the look of the built-in unit. 3 STYLISH SOLUTION A pedestal sink fits the vintage style but lacks storage. A glass shelf and recessed medicine cabinet stow small essentials. 4 WATER SAVINGS Replacing a decades-old toilet with a high-efficiency model saves on monthly water bills. Rewrite History Clean lines and handsome materials modernize the look of a guest bath in a 1929 home in Washington, D.C. 1 REFINED STYLE Thoughtful details—including fine-furniture finishes and bold modern elements—elevate this bath to high-style status. 2 VISUAL IMPACT Elongated wall tiles and…