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Bespoke the chic and the cool No. 18

Bespoke the chic and the cool, is a magazine dedicated to quality',to the authentic exclusivity,to the stories of people and companies behind the scenes of this world, so selective but at the same time fascinating. Not only Saville Row, The Madeleine or via Condotti but rather the research of things, products, stories around the world chosen  carefully, exclusively for our readers.

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editorial bespoke

Dear readers, it is such a pleasure for me to resume this habit. As Stephen King’s first collection of short stories said “Sometimes they come back”. I believe, however, that beautiful and valuable things never have an end. This is the case of Bespoke - the chic & cool. We’ve had a period of reflection in which I tried to understand in which direction I would like to go. The passions, the real ones never end and Bespoke has been my companion for a long time and now she will be my lover, my transgression. A magazine not so different from the past, in terms of concept, but updated now to be more transversal, contaminated and more immediate with images and texts in the wake of tradition and in the search for…

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just for man

SARTORIA VESTRUCCI - A great three pieces interpretation by Sartoria Vestrucci Florence a timeless classic prince of wales for the next fall winter collection. www.vestrucci.com TAGLIATORE - Extralight jacket completely unlined and unstructured, multi-colored regimental in cotton, double-breasted 6 buttons, peak lapel, tailored details, metal gold army-style buttons. Tagliatore introduces his concept of extralight for the Spring Summer 2020 season. www.tagliatore.com G.SLAM - The upper is in soft leather and the side ties in TPU guarantee the wrapping and support of the foot. The “dirtying” treatment on the upper and sole recalls the two playing fields of tennis: the red of the clay and the green of the Wimbledon grass. Lotto Leggenda is the G.SLAM. The shoe is a tribute to the history of Lotto in tennis and is inspired by a model of…

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singing to strangers

Jack Savoretti has been expressing himself in words since his teens. Then, only interested in poetry, he would escape to the thoughts in his head by spending most of his time writing. It wasn’t until at age 16, when his mother bought him a guitar and suggested that he try putting some of his words to music, that he began to play and was surprised at how much he enjoyed it. He also observed that, “many more people listen to you when you are singing than if you are reading a poem.” Since those early days he has gone on to support John Legend, perform on The Graham Norton Show and have his fourth album Written In Scars (2015) reach the Top Ten a full year after its release. The English-Italian singer…

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future is a classic three pieces

In response to the explosion of the digital world, society has entered a new era that requires suitable codes. Young tycoons just have not just rewritten economic models but also the male wardrobe, revolutionising the aesthetic rules of the businessman. The freedom of dress-down Friday now looks like an outdated concession. The entrepreneurs behind newcos have gone beyond the jacket-and-tie formula in favour of more intriguing designs. Within this perspective, Kiton has embarked on a unique approach, adding a more experimental section to its more formal collection. KNT, the acronym of Kiton New Textures, has been created in Italy by the twins Mariano and Walter De Matteis, the third generation of the family who are now about to present the third phase of the project. The brothers have “laid seige”…

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talon zipper

Telling the story of Talon is like recounting the story of mankind over the last 127 years. It all started in 1893 with the granting of U.S. Patent 504,038 to Whitcomb Judson for the invention of the ‘clasp locker’. The following year, Whitcomb set up Universal Fastener Company, with Colonel Lewis Walker and Harry Earle. They produced press advertisements showing how their fastener could be applied to ladies’ skirts and gentlemen’s trousers, even producing an ‘Instructions for use’ ad. The very idea that anyone could not know how to use a zip seems incomprehensible to us today. However, it just proves what a revolutionary invention the fastener was back then. Another ongoing issue was what this clever little invention should be called. This was obviously troubling the inventors, because in…

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authentic land rover

Since 1948 Land Rover has been manufacturing authentic 4x4s that represent true breadth of capability across the model range. Discovery, Discovery Sport, Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Evoque each define the world’s 4x4 sectors. Land Rover products are currently sold in approximately 180 global markets. The new Range Rover Evoque will retain its value better than any other car in its class according to leading industry body, cap hpi. Leading residual values coupled with efficient engines, generous equipment lists and long scheduled service intervals, mean that the new Evoque will cost owners less per month than almost all of its competitors. According to cap hpi, the new Range Rover Evoque will retain an average of 63% of its value across the «7.4% of their vehicle’s value returned…