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Better Homes and Gardens Australia October 2020

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Sprucing up our spaces will be at the top of the agenda. Outdoors, we’ll be readying them for the upcoming seasons of entertaining. Personally, I have a regular date with my window cleaner (also known as my high-pressure cleaner). For some unknown reason, if my windows are clean, I feel all is OK with the world. All you keen gardeners may want to head to the nursery for your spring fix. There are exciting new varieties of polyanthus, better suited to our Australian climate. In your garden, these colourful dainty delights will steal your heart (page 50). That is, if you're not already swooning over the sweet scent of jasmine clambering up a trellis, your pergola or fence (page 42). Then again, if you fancy a spectacular ' tree-hugger or two,…

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springtime snippets

pure and simple Branches without showy flowers can have a quiet beauty all their own. Placing an oak branch, left, in a vase draws attention to the delicate drama of its uncurling leaves. For contrast, pair it with dangling catkins — elongated flower clusters — from a birch or hazelnut for a soft, draping effect. grand gesture Create a gorgeous tribute to spring with magnolias, crabapple, tulips, hellebores, woodsy birch catkins and cherry blossom branches in a large open bowl. Rather than distributing the various flower varieties throughout, arrange them in clusters. Although similar in colour, there's enough contrast to ensure that no flower or branch goes overlooked. Better tip: arrange the tulips when the petals are tight. As they open, they'll swan dive forward to reveal their centres. the gang's all here For a cohesive…

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making the cut

TRIM WITH INTENT Use the opportunity to improve the shape and structure of your plants by removing crossing or weak branches. Always cut where two branches connect. If you’d like to minimise the number of branches you remove from the tree, clip one long branch and snip it into smaller sections. KEEP CLIPPERS CLEAN Prevent the potential spread of diseases by dipping bypass pruners (which won’t crush stems) into a bucket of isopropyl alcohol (available from chemists or the hardware store) between plants. Alternatively, use a 10 per cent solution of bleach. BE BUTTERFLY AND BEE FRIENDLY Many types of flowers provide important nectar for early-season pollinators, so leave some behind for the bees and butterflies. This is especially true for pussy willows. MIND YOUR MANNERS If you covet your neighbour’s flowering branches, or want to clip…

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a bashful blush

2 SPARE MY BLUSHES! Decorate with a restful palette of blush pink. It’s a pretty foil for wonderful overblown florals in toning shades, as seen here on the luxurious velvet curtains. The plush carpet and upholstered bedhead offer a heightened sense of sumptuous luxury. 3 CLEVER CLOSET Adopt a coordinated approach when decorating with florals. Design houses often create both fabrics and wallpapers from the one design. Here’s a perfect example — this diffused floral pattern has been digitally printed on velvet and vinyl for multiple uses. Romo Herbaria Malva vinyl wallpaper (wardrobe) or velvet fabric (curtains), marcofabrics.com.au. 4 SHADE WORKS Show off your flamboyant side with an eclectic choice of lamp. Here, a pineapple lamp base fits in when teamed with a floral lampshade. 5 DRAPED IN BLOOM Go for the full experience with matching curtains,…

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primrose & perfect

8 SPRING FORWARD Like a breezy breath of fresh air, spring yellow interiors are instantly uplifting. For a cool and elegant look, layer tones of yellow, then add hints of grey and black. Touches of crisp white will add definition. Pattern is a must — florals for a pretty finish and geometrics for a contemporary scheme. 9 A BIT ON THE SIDE Choose pared-back blond furniture in soft, neutral fabrics to balance the boldness of the wall colour. But look closely at this armchair and you’ll see the side panels of the seat and backrest reflect the colourway of the wall and soft furnishings. It’s these little decorator details that will elevate your interiors from the everyday. 10 COLOUR THEORY Wondering what colours you can successfully team with primrose? The usual suspects include white and…

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toy with turquoise

14 PULL UP A CHAIR Love bold decorative statements, but going all out with florals is not exactly your cup of tea? Try this idea — amid a sea of striking solids and neutrals, dining chairs covered in modern and oversized wild flora are the right amount for a room to come to joyous life. 15 COME ON IN You can celebrate the resurgence of bold and dramatic floral prints by showing them off in a neutral, pared-back setting. The result in this hallway is an eye-catching first impression you will find easy to live with. 16 PLAY MATCHMAKER The key to working with florals is restraint! At most, settle for three patterns and follow the 60/30/10 rule — your fave pattern 60 per cent, 30 per cent of a second and 10 per cent…