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Issue 4 2021

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felt fr frd ultimate dura-ace di2

PRICE: $12,999 / WEIGHT: 16.1 LB (58CM) FOLLOWING THE CURRENT trend of rounder, simpler carbon tubes with no visible aerodynamic styling, the FR FRD (Felt Racing Development) joins the likes of the classic-looking and understated Specialized Aethos and Open MIN.D. Even the 44cm Pro Vibe Carbon handlebar on our 58cm test bike is a departure from the narrow (and aero) bars more commonly found on high-performance bikes. Adding to the Felt’s simplicity is its lack of visible proprietary parts and its inclusion of traditional ones, including a 31.8mm handlebar, a round seat tube that fits in a 27.2mm seatpost, and a 1 1/8-inch steerer tube (note that our test bike has a tapered head tube). All of this makes for a wider variety of aftermarket parts choices and a more easily upgradable…

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3 top power pedals

GARMIN RALLY XC200 $1,200 / 451g/pair The Rally XC offers Garmin’s Pedaling Dynamics analysis, which provides next-level pedaling force information, in a dual-sided pedal for mountain bike, gravel, and city riding. FAVERO ASSIOMA DUO $673 / 303g/pair The Assioma Duo captures power data as well as many competing pedals, but costs half the price. I’ve been on a set for almost two years, and it’s been the most reliable and bug-free electronic gizmo in my garage. SPEEDPLAY POWRLINK ZERO TBA / 276g/pair (claimed) This summer—July, if everything goes right—Speedplay will bring power measurement to its dual-sided road-pedal system. Claimed weight pegs them as the lightest power-pedal option, and I anticipate that they will come with Wahoo’s user-friendly features. Courtesy Garmn; Couresy Favero; Courtesy Speedplay…

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find gravel roads near you

There’s one thing nearly all gravel riders want: more gravel. Though some of us in remote regions such as the Ozarks, Flint Hills, and Sun Valley may have hundreds of miles of gravel roads right out our front door, others may have to work a little harder to find dirt roads to ride. The good news is that as more riders choose paths less paved, there are more resources available to locate great gravel routes. Here’s where to look. GO TO GRAVELMAP// The site gravelmap.com launched in 2014 as a pet project, but it soon became a solid resource for stringing together gravel road routes. Just pop in an address or area where you want to ride, and a map view shows up with gravel roads highlighted in yellow. Of course, there are…

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decide whether to butter up—or not

Some cyclists wear chamois cream—an anti-chafing balm or lotion that you apply to your skin or to the pad—to further reduce friction and the risk of chafing. But do you really need to use it? Chamois cream was necessary back in the old days when chamois pads were actually made of high-quality leather rather than high-tech synthetic material. Today’s carefully engineered “shammies,” however, are designed to work without it. “I believe if you need to smear all kinds of lotion on you, there’s something wrong,” says Boulder, Colorado–based product consultant Jon Knoll, who helped develop apparel for Pearl Izumi and Specialized. “You probably have shorts that don’t fit your body properly. You shouldn’t need chamois cream to ride without friction or sores.” That said, if you’re going to be riding in wet conditions,…

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keep your tubes in good shape

That spare tube in your saddlebag could be a lifesaver if you get a flat tire on a long ride, but it would be a bummer to discover that the tube was no longer good. Make sure your bike’s inner tubes are in good shape when you need them by following these tips. DON’T STORE IN A SADDLEBAG TOO LONG// Tubes that sit for over one month can end up with weaknesses or cracks where the tubes are folded. They can also be damaged by jostling against other items while you ride. Unpack them occasionally to prevent cracking or splitting. When in doubt, inflate them to check for leaks. DO STASH THEM WITH VALVE CAPS ON// Those pesky little tops ensure the valve doesn’t poke a hole in the tube when you fold it…

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if there’s no justice when drivers kill kids on bikes, what hope do any of us have?

This is a story without a happy ending, really without any ending—a story that hangs in the balance. Because the questions it raises about whether everyone can ride in their communities without facing the terrors wrought by institutional apathy are the subject of endless, incomprehensible debate that devalues the lives of riders like Mario, and politicizes the anguish of their families. Mario loved bikes. That is beyond debate. He spent his afternoons riding with his friends near his home in Astoria, a New York City neighborhood on the western edge of Queens. Mario went on lots of rides, but this story pivots around the one on September 21, 2019. The streets of New York bathed in the last vestiges of summer weather. Mario and a friend hooked up with two buddies over…