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BMW Car March 2021

BMW Car Magazine is the world’s number 1 magazine for all things BMW, independently written for real enthusiasts. News of all the latest developments and future projects, as well as regular features on classic’s, make this magazine essential reading for fans of this prodigious marque. The pages of BMW Car Magazine will keep you fully up to date with all the latest releases from the BMW production line and give a unique insight into the cutting-edge technologies powering the cars. Expect in-depth commentary on all the latest features and specs of your favourite models as well as plenty of magical stories about the all-time classic beamers. It doesn't stop there though as BMW Car Magazine also takes you under the hood of the top tuning firms to give you unrivalled insight into their unique upgrade packages!

United Kingdom
Kelsey Publishing Group
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One thing seems certain in these extremely uncertain times in which we now live – classic and modern classic BMWs will remain sought-after and will therefore retain their values. Now, there will be those of you out there, owners of iconic BMWs, who care not a jot how the value of your vehicle is impacted by the current global situation for that is not the driving force behind your passion for it. And that’s all well and good. However, when values of any particular marque are strong, when its stock is high, there’s a knock-on effect that filters down through, bathing that marque –_be it BMW or otherwise –_in a prosperous warm glow which gives everyone and everything connected to it a boost, making it stronger overall and securing its…

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bmw ix undergoes final winter testing

A year before its market launch, the series development testing process for the BMW iX is firmly on schedule. The final design for the upcoming BMW iX was shown to the world at the 'NEXTGen 2020' event in Munich, now prototypes have been undergoing final winter testing north of Scandinavia. The endurance test, which is being held in extreme weather conditions beyond the Arctic Circle, serves, among other things, to fine tune the car's drive and suspension systems. Moreover, the electric motors, four-wheel drive system as well as charging technology, high-voltagebatteries and heat management are put through a demanding "acid test" in sub-zero temperatures. The tuning and test drives take the iX prototypes as far as Europe’s most northerly regions. On deserted roads in Finnish Lapland and onto the North Cape on…

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bmw launches company car loyalty scheme

Historically, company car drivers who order through their fleet manager or leasing company have limited opportunity for brand engagement, something that will change for drivers who sign up to Inside Edge – BMW's new pilot initiative for company car drivers. “Company car drivers chose BMW with the same expectations as retail customers, yet their experience with the brand is entirely different, just because of the way they procure their vehicle,” said Rob East, Head of Corporate Sales. “These drivers have reduced touch points with the brand from the time they order their car until it’s delivered to them; the idea behind Inside Edge is to change this and allow drivers to engage with us on their terms,” East said. Once enrolled to Inside Edge, drivers gain access to rewards and benefits across four…

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trax 2021 set for october

Despite challenging times, Kelsey Media's automotive events are full steam ahead for 2021 with exciting preparations already well underway. Taking the most recent lockdown restrictions into its thinking, Kelsey remains confident that outdoor events at a large venues – such as the fabulous Silverstone – will still go ahead in 2021. As a result of this, TRAX Silverstone, Britain’s biggest performance car show, is back at Silverstone circuit for 2021. This mixed marque performance car event will feature live track action on the Silverstone circuit, and provides the opportunity to unleash your inner racing driver with public track time. Along with all-day action on the track and show-stopping static car displays, there will be a massive Retail Village packed with car-related parts, accessories, clothing and much more, with a raft of…

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race bred

In automotive circles there are two words that never fail to pique the interest of the initiated: Homologation special. These were models that were built with one thing in mind – to meet the road-going regulations and production runs necessary to be eligible for racing. By their very nature this means most are pretty special machines indeed. They often feature lightweight bodyshells, potent powerplants and all manner of aerodynamically enhanced addenda making them infinite lycooler and way more aggressive than their more mundane road-only counterparts. Think Lancia Delta Integrale, Mistsubishi Evo or Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth. All wild machines and all highly coveted among those both in the know and with petrol flowingthrough their veins. But for us BMW fanatics, it’s a simple three-letter moniker that gets our pulses racing:…

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silver bullet

The world of car chase movies is extremely broad, and everybody has their favourites. You might prefer to see a trio of Minis scampering through Turin, a white Challenger blasting across the California desert, a strangely bodykitted Shelby Mustang making improbable jumps, or perhaps a pair of reprobate bluesmen thrashing the life out of a police-spec Dodge Monaco… But for most people, Ronin will be in the top-five at the very least. This car-chase-with-a-bit-of-plot-attached flick offers something for everyone with an eye forthe offbeat: the Citroën XM, Audi S8, Peugeot 406 and Mercedes-Benz 450 SEL aren’t cars you generally find hooning about on the silver screen, and for everyone at BMW Car naturally the clear winnerof the film is the E34 535i. That imposing pair of kidney grilles is just…