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BMW Car April 2021

BMW Car Magazine is the world’s number 1 magazine for all things BMW, independently written for real enthusiasts. News of all the latest developments and future projects, as well as regular features on classic’s, make this magazine essential reading for fans of this prodigious marque. The pages of BMW Car Magazine will keep you fully up to date with all the latest releases from the BMW production line and give a unique insight into the cutting-edge technologies powering the cars. Expect in-depth commentary on all the latest features and specs of your favourite models as well as plenty of magical stories about the all-time classic beamers. It doesn't stop there though as BMW Car Magazine also takes you under the hood of the top tuning firms to give you unrivalled insight into their unique upgrade packages!

United Kingdom
Kelsey Publishing Group
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The E30 has become one of the most popular BMW models of all time. The second-generation 3 Series has gradually evolved from trusted daily driver to coveted classic over the last couple of decades or so – gone are the “good old days” around 15-20-years ago when you could pick up a decent example for utter peanuts, today most are cherished and used sparingly. Of course that’s not the absolute rule, and happily there are plenty of enthusiasts still using their E30s regularly, even on a daily basis, though I’d wager they are less in number than they once were. One of the hardcore collectors with a penchant for the model is Graham Rouse, we explore some (yes, there are more!) of his collection in this issue. Graham’s gaggle of E30s…

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m5 cs launched

BMW says that the new M5 CS is "searingly fast yet eminently usable" – a summery that seems applicable to most M cars, yet this one is particularly special. The most powerful production car in BMW history, the M5 CS is the ultimate version of the M5 and the first time we've been treated to a special edition of the model. As you might expect its performance is the headline here – the M5 CS offers supercar-levels of performance, 635hp to be exact, assisting it in cracking the 0-62mph benchmark in just 3.0-seconds before reaching an electronically limited top speed of 189mph. At the heart of the proposition comes a mighty 4.4-litre V8 M TwinPower Turbo developing its 635hp at 6,000rpm, peak torque of 553lb ft is produced between 1,800-5,950rpm. The…

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x2 m mesh edition revealed

BMW launched the X2 back in Spring 2018 and since that time it has successfully carved out a place for itself in the BMW model hierarchy. The new M Mesh Edition is likely to prove popular for it features exclusive additions and colour combinations, building on the M Sport X model. The most prominent enhancement on the new model is the M mesh kidney grille finished in high-gloss black. Like the grille on the X2 M35i it has a pronounced three-dimensional mesh inspired by BMW's competition cars. Exclusive inserts in the bumper trim also feature, so too prominent cladding on the side skirts and door, the wheel arch trim in a new signature colour Frozen Black-Brown. The Edition comes as standard with a unique 19” Bi-colour Aerodynamic alloy wheels with black…

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tuner pastor

“This car is my first love.” The wiles of this vividly red E30 M3 have entangled themselves deep inside James Fleming’s affections, and not just for the obvious reasons. Naturally we can assume that the way it looks and drives, and the fabulous specification are all vital factors in increasing the levels of affection to ever-higher planes, but the connection is far more granular and nuanced than mere lust. This car represents the realisation of dreams; a link to the past that creates a clear thread into the future. James, you see, has idealistic motoring intertwined within his very DNA. He started out working in the family business from a very young age, his father having run a successful Citroën and Chrysler Jeep franchise for twenty-five years, and James worked his…

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lap of luxury

Big BMWs appeal to a broad range of drivers, but as they age examples – once laden with cutting-edge technology – can scare off potential purchasers. In 2008 we ran a large feature on the E38 7 Series and started it off referencing another comprehensive feature from back in 2004. In both we waxed lyrical about how it was a good time to invest in the big Seven. When the model was replaced in 2002 the range-topping 750iL cost over £75,000, in 2004 depreciation had been a cruel mistress – one could be had for just £10,000. While in 2008 around £4000 – less if you got lucky – bought you a decent example. Such is the way older BMWs often appreciate in value, today you could have a nice…

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bob harper

I’m becoming increasingly worried about the onward march of old age. It’s not so much the actual number that worries me, I might be a higher mileage model and some of those miles in my early life were probably more rally stage than motorway cruise, but it’s the attitude that seems to comes with age. I don’t get excited about new supercars, I look forward to getting home and popping my slippers on and half the time my idea of a good evening is judged by how early I can get to bed for some decent shuteye. So it came as no surprise that the arrival of the new M5 CS left me a little cold. The younger me would have been all over the CS, especially as the super saloon…