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BMW Car November 2021

BMW Car Magazine is the world’s number 1 magazine for all things BMW, independently written for real enthusiasts. News of all the latest developments and future projects, as well as regular features on classic’s, make this magazine essential reading for fans of this prodigious marque. The pages of BMW Car Magazine will keep you fully up to date with all the latest releases from the BMW production line and give a unique insight into the cutting-edge technologies powering the cars. Expect in-depth commentary on all the latest features and specs of your favourite models as well as plenty of magical stories about the all-time classic beamers. It doesn't stop there though as BMW Car Magazine also takes you under the hood of the top tuning firms to give you unrivalled insight into their unique upgrade packages!

United Kingdom
Kelsey Publishing Group
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It is quite hard to believe that the F30 generation 3 Series has been with us for 10-years now, that’s largely thanks to how fresh it still looks today. In this issue we bring you one of our Ultimate Guides to this handsome 3 Series which – depending on the model you opt for – is now available for a song, p10. Now, given how its release date has been moved on numerous occasions since lockdown what I’m about to write next might leave me with egg firmly planted on face, but here goes… With a bit of luck the latest instalment of the James Bond franchise – No Time To Die – is in cinemas around the time that you are reading this. To celebrate we revisit one of 007’s…

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bmw launches new ix3

The new BMW iX3 has landed and, perhaps unsurprisingly, it takes its new design cues from its electric relations – the iX and i4. The exterior design refresh has seen the introduction of the M Sport Package as standard in the UK, the kidney grille is now larger than before and has a single-piece frame which comes in Pearl-effect Chrome with a blue accent, the inner surfaces have a mesh-like structure. The headlight contours are now slimmer (by 10mm), helping to give the new iX3 a sharper look. The lower air intake, which comes with ten-stage active air flap control to cool the drive system components and brakes, has grown in size. Changes to the front and rear bumpers and diffusers are joined by a slim light graphic and new…

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bmw cargo bike and e-scooter concepts

BMW has unveiled two interesting design concepts for city centre travel. The electrified bicycle Concept Dynamic Cargo, and the e-scooter Concept Clever Commute, are both micromobility vehicles designed for future, electric, living. The Cargo is a compact, three-wheeled, bike concept with variable loading platforms for transporting loads and/or children. The main front frame is connected to the rear via a pivot axle which tilts in corners. The rear section remains stable through corners without tilting towards the road. This combines with an electrified powertrain – activated as soon as the rider starts to pedal – which drives the two rear wheels. The rear wheels also provide the basis for a versatile, pick-up-style transport platform which can be fitted with a selection of modular attachments. There's also the facility for adding a…

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points programme rewards hybrid drivers

BMW plug-in hybrid owners can now benefit from BMW Points in the UK. Offered to 330e, 530e, 545e, 745e, X3 30e (produced from August 2021) and X5 45e drivers with BMW Operating System 7.0, the programme offers free charging in exchange for driving electric miles. Drivers can earn two points for each mile driven electrically, four for each mile driven electrically in a designated eDrive zone. BMW Points users are also awarded 20 bonus points every time their vehicle is charged for a minimum of fifteen minutes. Plus, a monthly reward of 500 points for each user who charges their vehicle twenty times a month for a minimum of fifteen minutes each time. Once drivers have collected 3,200 points, they will be rewarded with £10 of charging credit to be used across…

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ultimate guide: f30 3 series

It seems barely possible that the F30 generation of 3 Series is celebrating its first decade this year, but it’s almost ten years to the day since the sixth version of the iconic executive saloon first saw the light of day when it was revealed at the Munich plant back in 2011. The arrival of a new 3 Series is always an important time for BMW and helps define how the entire BMW range is viewed by both the press and the buying public. When the F30 was launched the 3 Series saloon accounted for one fifth of all BMWs sold so it was a model that BMW really couldn’t afford to get wrong. As you’d expect there was quite the fanfare to accompany the launch of the new car and…

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tomorrow never dies

If you were to play the word-association game with “James Bond” and “car”, the first thing to come out of a person’s mouth would most likely be ‘Aston Martin’, or maybe ‘underwater Lotus’. They would probably imagine the silver DB5 from Goldfinger, complete with ejector seat and front-mounted machine guns, or they may picture the sleek white Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me diving off the edge of a jetty and gracefully transforming into a propeller-powered submarine. No matter what, the consensus is clear: Bond cars are sleek, sexy, almost always two-door coupés, and represent the highest automotive aspirations of just about every filmgoer and car enthusiast. Enter BMW. Despite a strong reputation for luxury vehicles with faultless sporting credentials, the German marque has long received short thrift from even…