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Boxing News 05 August 2021

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the right decision

LUKE CAMPBELL announcing his retirement with a smile on his face while describing what’s truly important in life, his family, is right up there with my favourite moments of the Olympic coverage so far. Retiring at exactly the right time is rare in our sport and Luke looks like he’ll be among the lucky ones. The boxing afterlife is tough to negotiate and even Campbell, long since financially secure, will have moments when he yearns to put on the gloves, hear the crowd roaring his name and step between those familiar old ropes again. Too many walk away from the sport and are persuaded to return or, more commonly, succumb to the voices in their own heads telling them they’ve still got it. Two recent cases in point are Oscar De La…

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‘i’ll bounce back’

NOW, after losing to Chatchai Butdee, one minute I’m thinking about turning over and it’s exciting. Then I remember what happened and what it was like, and you get a bit gutted and think to yourself - imagine if I’d done this, what if I’d boxed like this, what if I’d had just a tiny different mindframe walking in. If I’d boxed like I’d boxed against some kids in the 2019 Worlds it probably would be a different story. I don’t even usually box like that. It’s all how you perform on the day. I was in the best shape of my life. I was fit and strong. I was positive. There were no doubts in my mind. I had in my head, ‘I need to go at him.’ Those were…

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bring back the standing count

AFTER watching another refereeing decision come under scrutiny and criticism (Steve Gray’s stoppage in the Joe Joyce vs Carlos Takam bout), I believe it’s high time we reintroduced the standing count in the professional code. As an amateur (England Boxing) referee, I’m given an eight-second window of opportunity to step in and assess the responsiveness of the stricken boxer, without having to gamble on waiting for a knockdown or moving in too soon. Eight seconds is a luxury compared to the snap decisions required in the pros. Ultimately, it’s safer for the boxers too. Kev Bullus CREDIT TO HEARN AND DAZN PRINCIPLES went out of the window when late Saturday afternoon I gave in by adding DAZN to my existing Sky Sports and BT Sport subscriptions. Eddie Hearn is not always easy to like…

2 min
the panel

WHO DO YOU THINK LEIGH WOOD SHOULD FIGHT NEXT? Paul Edwards Amateur coach I think he should fight the winner of Jazza Dickens and Kid Galahad, why not? Great fight, and keep it in the country. Lisa Whiteside C’wealth Games gold medallist The winner of the upcoming bout with Jazza Dickens and Kid Galahad makes sense. They fight for the IBF strap soon and it would be a great all-British fight for the fans with their belts on the line. Thomas Stalker 2012 GB captain I would like to see Leigh Wood get a few handy bouts in to earn some more money and then go for a big fight against Leo Santa Cruz. Chris McKenna Sports reporter I think the winner of this week’s clash between Kid Galahad and Jazza Dickens would be a good fight for him. There’s history there…

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perfect ending

1. JULIO CESAR CHAVEZ VS MELDRICK TAYLOR The greatest of all last-round, come-from-behind knockout wins, Chavez was down on two of three ringside scorecards when he managed to suffocate and stop the fleet-footed Taylor with just two seconds to run in their 1990 thriller. 2. JAKE LAMOTTA VS LAURENT DAUTHUILLE II Dauthuille had beaten LaMotta once and seemed on his way to repeating the trick in September 1950, only for LaMotta, with 13 seconds remaining in the 15th round, to this time turn it all around and stop the Frenchman. 3. MIKE WEAVER VS JOHN TATE In one of the last ever 15-round heavyweight title fights, huge underdog Weaver, behind on all three scorecards going into the final round, knocked out Tate, the WBA heavyweight belt-holder, with less than a minute left of their 1980…

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the hellraiser

RANDALL “TEX” COBB would have been a great Olympian, fighting in one of those Cold War classics from the Seventies or Eighties. After the carnage in Tokyo when Ricardo Torres Jnr beat Cuba’s Dainier Pero, they should be made obligatory. Cobb would have relished a fight with Teofilo Stevenson or the great and neglected Soviet, Igor Vysotsky. It never happened and we had to accept the big Texan raising hell with a generation of very good heavyweights. And he was very good at raising hell. He beat Earnie Shavers and he built a stand-up routine from his 15-round fight against Larry Holmes at the Astrodome in Houston in 1982. He fought a very good Holmes, survived the distance, took a brutal beating and had the jokes to prove it. It was also Holmes…